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  • Comedy about a suburban mother turned marijuana dealer.

    This show is one of the best shows around it's clever, mysterious, and just awesome. I love seeing what "shananigins" (thats not how you spell it but...) I've only seen up to season 2 episode 9 but i can tell you it's funny as ever. The way that the show shows each characters problems it amazing, like how Shane deals with his fathers death and how the sex crazed uncle trys to help the family out but in the ends falls to do so, awesome. It's The OC meets 8 simple rules meets intervention it's awesome. If i was bored out of my mind i would definetly watch this to get rid of my boredom problems.
  • Nancy Botwin is facing sudden widowhood and bankruptcy after her husband had a heart attack. Now she's become the neighborhood pot dealer. But we all know word gets around, so her friends and family will experience the highs and lows of suburbia/weed.

    This show is one of my favorites and it just gets better and better. The acting is excellent and its blend of comedy and dramas make this show irresistible. The show is able to come up with plots that keeps you on the edge of your seat needing to know more and fast. I love the writing and basically all of the characters that make such an impressive and believable ensemble. Really I love the two completely different sides of life you can see, from quiet, peaceful suburbia to the dangerous and illegal world of weed dealing. Watch this hilarious show!
  • a show about drugs

    This series is a single-camera comedy about a single mother who makes ends meet by selling marijuana in the fictional suburb of Agrestic, California. The series exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the of this gated community. Mary Louise Parker stars as the suburban mom who resorts to selling weed to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies. Jenji Kohan will executive produces and writes the series.

    Airing Information:

    First Season:

    Preview of pilot aired on Sunday, August 7, 2005 on Showtime at 10 PM EST with repeats on the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10PM EST.

    From then on episodes aired first on Mondays at 10PM EST with repeats on Mondays right after the episode premiere and on Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:00PM EST and approxiamately 10:30PM EST and Sunday at 10:30PM EST.

    Second Season:

    The season premiere will air on Monday, August 14, 2006 on Showtime.

    Third Season:

    The season premiere will air on Monday, August 13, 2007 on Showtime at 10 PM EST.

    Production Information:

    Produced by Lions Gate Television in association with Titled Productions. Weeds has received a 10-episode commitment for it's first season. It was renewed after Weeds received a Golden Globe Nomination and the two leading ladies received nominations also. The 13 episodes of the second season were filmed. Theme Song:

    "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds

    Awards and Nominations:

    63rd Annual Golden Globes in 2006

    1. Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy: Weeds (Showtime - Lions Gate Television, Inc.)


    2. Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy:

    Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy Botwin)


    3. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

    Elizabeth Perkins (Celia Hodes)


    i never watched it but my friends love it wonder why.
  • In a time when most programing on the TV is bland and commercial Weeds is a breath of fresh air.

    The shows subject matter is daring and handled in a very serious and mature manner. Subjects like underage sex, abortion, drugs, and cancer are all featured in the 3 seasons that have so far been aired. It is also a very political show that has no problems giving the middle finger to the war in Irag, crooked politicians, religious fanaticism, and fake people. The characters are all for the most part excellently written and acted. Nealon is pure comic genius in his best performance since the SNL days. The fact that the show can do roll on the ground funny and serious is astounding. In a time when reality TV is very popular and there is little on other than reruns of good OLD shows this is a breath of fresh air.
  • Weeds is a well shot and acted comedy about a surburban house wife and her exploits as a mother and a weed dealer, all in all a top show one i would recomend highly ( no pun intended lol )

    I love Weeds, i have just watched all 3 seasons in a 18 hour Weeds marathon and now i feel like a seasoned pot head lol.
    One thing i noticed is that it pulls no punches when it comes to the adult content, i'm not complaining infact its refreshing to see shows that arnt afraid to swear and show a bit of flesh, as long as it fits the story line then i'm all for nudity lol.
    The characters are all likeable some more than others but my faves would be Nancy, Andy, Doug, Conrad, Hellia and Celia.
    Like Drugs Weeds is well addictive you find yourself itching for your next fix of Nancy and co lol
  • Makes a grey day turn brightly white. I love this show, keeps my brain functioning.

    It is comedy to the point when I can feel my lungs in my throat, and suspense to the point when I'm screaming aloud, lying on the floor, pale & sweaty.
    It is hard to predict what's about to happen sometimes (as when it is sometimes not), and the cast is awesome, sensational. Everyone has their own confusing place in the seemingly idyllic and complex world of Agrestic.
    I died a little inside when I was told that it was the season finale. I will explode if the next season will not air anytime soon here in Sweden. Keep the marvellous stuff coming.
  • Just like the title says, It's about how a guy tells his kids the story of how he met their mother, but we get to watch it happen.

    Ever since I saw the first episode a couple of years ago I was hooked. The show had qualities similar to Seinfeld, my personal comedy favorite. As I continue to watch the series I wasn't disappointed. I love how they would interlace future episode with earlier episode, so it doesn't feel like each episode is unrelated. It has the feel of a great storyteller and I think the comedy is really ingenious. Love neil patrick harris in this comedy and I'm sure you will too. There are two beautiful girls, Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders. Great Cast, Great Script, Great Chemistry, a classic in the making. What are you waiting for go watch the first episode if you haven't and see for yourself.
  • Quirky, dark and brilliant

    In a similar manner to other brilliant TV shows like Veronica Mars, Weeds is based in and around an idyllic suburban town with not just one, but many, many dark secrets. Mary-Louise Parker is perfect as the weed-dealing widow, but the best characters are the humorous, horny and twisted Andy and Doug, the former Parker's husband's brother, the latter her ethically questionable lawyer. In the realm of the darkly comedic, this show may never be surpassed. This is one of those rare shows when the pilot may be the best episode, but not a single episode has ever been less than great. In summary, brilliant, dark and with a dramatic edge, Weeds is must-watch TV for those with Showtime.
  • Next week we'll be watching the last epsoide for the third season.

    Weeds , Great comedy every season we learn more about dope dealing , now when its dealing by a single mother who lives in a good neghiber hood , Nancy build her own group : Silas her son joined to the group lately and he work with Conrad on the growing plants , Doug his the money advicer , Dean his the lawyer , Andy sells the weed also Tara deal on the street .

    Hope for a fourth season for this great comedy the seconed season was the best , Nancy should give up the main charactor for Sialas .
  • I love the show! I also love Mary Louise Parker as an actress. I love her clothes too. I also love her new leather bag! I would love to know who the designer is and where I could possibly get.

    Pot is such a natural weed, that the government has made such a big deal about. it can help so many people in pain and with heath problems, but it is illegal. So the show with a housewife selling it to the town is a very funny story line.
    I do not care for Mary Cate as an actress. Everyone else has been great.
    I think so many people can relate to Nancy trying to make it on her own. The characters in the town are so real, the writing and acting is wonderful! Please keep it up! Thank you. I love the entertainment!
  • Nicely done boys and girls, nicely done.

    Who thought a comedy/drama would make with the plot being something like a housewife selling drugs to make ends meet. I think the question is, who WOULDN't have thought? I think this is a terrific idea for a show and I am estatic that it's been so well writen and performed. Great show, great lines, great characters. The only downfall of it is that's not on basic cable, so I can't watch it untill it's on itunes or whatever. But, that just means that they can curse and have "intercourse" as much as they want....that was kinda odd. Anyway, great show, give it a shot.
  • What a movie? What a story? What a persons? When you start watching "Weeds" u just look at the screen and asking your self isn't it crazy... but true! It's posible!

    In some reason the things happend in the movie are so near to me. I feel it right sometime i am in presure becouse i think someone will cought this Mary, and like every movie i belive this could not happend! Poor me.. this is "weeds" everything possible i love this movie.. just becouse of this - it's seems you know what will happend but after a while you don't know anything about this Agrestic and all the strange things happend there! Let's see the Mary's lover.. this police man.. i think it could happend everything to their relationship.. but never guessed he will be killed! This happend - now she is in big trouble.. i am just waiting for the next episode :)
    Start watching WEEDS now.. and relax... :-P
  • This show is like a bad habit, disgusting but addicting.

    Weeds is the first show which kept me watching even though I didn't like the main character. It's ridiculous in a great way. The plot can be a bit cliché and over-dramatized, but that is part of the fun. Every week is a shock, there are so many hilarious twists and turns. Each character has major flaws, yet you pull for each of them. Every person in the cast does an excellent job. Andy is by far my favorite character. He is the most complex and thoughtful of the Botwins. Nancy is pretty self-centered in my opinion. At times the show gets a little graphic for my tastes, but I've come to accept it. I may not watch every episode the day in comes out, but I do watch every episode.
  • Weeds is a great tv show,with lot's of action.

    Weeds is one of these shows where i think the main character is the let down.Not because she's bad at acting,but because her character seems to screw everthing up all the time.I watched the first series and got hoocked,as every episode seems to have alot going on.If you have'nt seen Weeds before it's basically a single suburban mum that sell's grass to make ends meet.But when she start's to see money coming in,she get's gready which leads to some great episodes.If you have'nt seen weeds before give it a go it's funny,action packed and has a well chosen cast that makes the great show what it is.
  • Pound for pound the greatest light-hearted drama series of all time.

    Pound for pound the greatest light-hearted drama series of all time. Why do I feel this way? Every regular character of this show connects with the viewer. You find yourself rooting for everyone at some point, from Celia rebounding every time she is down, to the kids on the show achieving small measures of success despite obstacles, the folks in Agrestic pull at you. The rampant sex is great. Every match you can imagine in the storyline seems to happen at the right time. The plot? Superb. Thirty air-tight minutes every episode that leave you thirsting for the next episode, and now, the next season. Twists and cliff-hangers lead to a high-charged environment without the graphic violence of cable shows like the Sopranos. Try it for 2 episode and you will never leave it.
  • This has got to be the most interesting, intriguing, fresh, funny, and likeable shows of all time.

    I stumbled upon weeds at first on the Directv 101 preview of showtime that they do every now and then. Granted it was a random episode near the end of the second season, but i was still hooked. I wanted to know EVERYTHING that happened. The show is completely fresh and I had my eyes glued to the screen until the episode was over. It wasn't enough, so I went out and bought seasons one and two and subscribed to showtime. I have now seen every episode to date and feel like i'm a part of the show every time I watch it. I hope it continues for years to come, because it's one of the few original shows on television anymore.
  • a funny show about dealing in the suburbs.

    For months I have been hearing people talk about the show Weeds but I have never seen the show. All the good things that everyone was saying about this show made me go out and by the first season on DVD. I watched all of the first season in one night and the same goes for the second season. I thought that all the storyline are great and the creators of the show Weeds put together a great cast when they choose the actors. I like all the different characters and what each of them brings to the show. I hope that Weeds is renewed for more seasons and hopefully they could make the seasons longer because that it is one thing about the show i do not like that the seasons are only 12 episodes long.
  • A bit crazy, but really funny

    I wasn't sure I'd like this show at first, but it's really grown on me (no pun intended). Mary Louise Parker has an incredible charm that makes the show work. In addition, the brilliant Justin Kirk keeps the funny going, even when he's getting his ass kicked. In the new season, Kevin Nealon having a dick off with his friend after too many drugs was hilarious. I keep waiting for what they're going to do next.
    On the other side, I appreciate the dark side the show has taken. It was only a matter of time before Nancy met the hard reality of the drug business. And Zoey Deschanel was great as a wastoid that was corrupting Nancy's youngest. I can't wait to see what's next.
  • A great household favoritefor us.

    A great household favorite that gets better every season. We are big Weeds fans here in our home. For us this is a great show that helps people understand that even though people have money doesnt mean that they dont have feeling too. Rich people have problems and issues with life just like all of us. It also shows that parents will do anything to help their kids. Parenting to the extreme. It is a great character line up and the writers do a great job of thickening the plot each week. It is a wonderful show that gets better every season.
  • Recently saw it for the first time...

    This show is just so funny!!! I recently saw it for the first time and in the past month i've seen EVERY episode they have aired. The cast is just superb!!! All of them are just perfect for the role they have. Also, the writting is very smart. I don't believe there is another show like this in tv, or ever will. Sure, there may be in the future shows that are similiar, but this one was the first. Elizabeth Perkins has the luck of probably playing one of the best tv characters ever. Perkins, as Celia Hodes is just HISTERICAL!
  • This is just one hell of a show. I just love it, the cast, the acting, the plot. It only gets thicker, better and funnier from one season to the other. The last season is EXACTLY why i watch this show! BRILLIANT!

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  • A show that is more than just dealing in the buburbia and more about people and the challenges and strugles they go thru with ups and downs this show can both make you gasp and laughf

    This is a showthat I would call insted of a dark comedy,i would call it a drama comedy. Full of intrigue on what is going to happen next to this characters that almost fill for,and the road they have taken of becoming bigger than just a low key grug dealer to geting cought up with a fbi agent and then with one of the bigest gansters . I got to see the leack of the first four episodes and the best is yet to come. and cant wait to see how the relationship between Conrad and Nancy end up or start up.
  • The best damn comedy on television.

    Weeds is another show set in the suburbs but with a twist. Nancy Botwin is your average soccer mom that sells weed. Yes, weed. Weeds is a personal favorite for me. Something about the characters,story,atomsphere,everything just intrests me. There is not one character that I don't like, not one subplot that doesn't interests me. And Mary Louise Parker is the best actress EVER!!! I love that each episode advances the plot and there has not been one filler yet. The characters are so three demsional, you never know what they're going to do next. The third season can't come soon enough. Weeds was so good I even considered taking a life of crime and drug dealing. But don't worry I didn't.
  • Find out what the buzz is about!

    While we don't subscribe to Showtime, I am so happy that we have the opportunity to catch this show on DVD. It's a wonderful spin on drugs, drug dealers, and how little people really know about each other.

    The actors are absolutely wonderful and Mary Louise Parker is strangely perfect in the role of suburban mom turned Gunther in the lovely neighborhood of Agrestic.

    The cast is by far the gem of this show. While the story is fun and engrossing, it's the stars that really make it worth the watch (and for me, worth the wait for the seasonal DVDs).

    Totally worth watching!
  • A soccer mom sells pot in the fictional suburban development Agrestic.

    This ingenious show is well written and full of good jokes. After the first episode, I was hooked and went on to watch all the other 21 on demand. I saw the most recent one and I wasn't too thrilled, but usually the episodes are very good. This original tale of a soccer mom selling pot is very funny and is one of my favorites. Two of my favorite episodes are the one with the masturbation lesson and the second season's finale. It has an amazing cliffhanger. If you see one episode you will be hooked. Showtime continues to push the limits with great shows, explicit sexuality, and language. What will they think of next?
  • Weeds is a fantastic parody of suburban life, a look at American's life in "fear," and a touching family drama. All wrapped up tightly in a rolling paper and lit up.

    Showtime's Weeds is exactly what happens when great ideas come around that are too good for network TV. A classic example of a show that couldn't work anywhere except for pay cable stations, Weeds is a finely cultivated product that doesn't push it unnecessarily because it has a loose leash.

    The show could easily feature more drug use, more sex, and more miscellaneous adult topics, but chooses instead to strengthen its core with excellent acting, strong writing, and excellent pacing. Mary-Louise Parker lead the cast as Nancy Botwin, a widowed mom with a family to feed and house to pay off. She turns to selling pot, and the adventure takes off. Weeds is at its strongest when it satirizes various cultures entwined in the suburban pot trade. Stereotypes are joyfully made fun of in equal servings, so much so that in the end all the viewer sees is each character's character. Kevin Nealon is excellent as Doug, Elizabeth Perkins is marvelous as Celia, Romany Malco is awesome as Conrad, and of course Parker IS Nancy Botwin. But for me, the real treat is watching Justin Kirk as Uncle Andy, the lecherous lazy cook who brings something new to the classic stoner role. Add to that his unusual ex-girlfriend played by the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel, and you've got yourself a cast, my friend.
    Season 3 begins in a week, and season 2's cliffhanger finale was as fine an ending as I've seen in any show. Weeds is one of my favorite shows for the most obvious reason--it's damn entertaining and simply a joy to watch.
  • Nancy Botwin lives in the quiet Aryan town of Agrestic with her two children Silas and Shane. As a recent widow, Nancy has found a new profession; selling weed to the local addicts of Agrestic.

    Absolutely fabulous is the right description for this show. The incredible funny Elizabeth Perkins makes a great addition to the cast as Celia, the holier-than-thou and sexier-than-thou trophy wife who has too much time on her hands and a little too much funk that makes her a great antagonistic character for everyone to love to hate. In addition to Nancy's hateful but loyal Dealer Heylia, the rest of the Agrestic community continues to impress her and her lack of information on her neighbors and children. Conrad's platonic affection towards Nancy just accentuates that forbidden black/white love couple imagery as they continue to deal and break apart from one another without resolving any of their issues. The best song about Weeds was also composed in the show and that makes it all the more fun. It is an aboslutely funny show that demands attention and viewership or buyership of the DVDs. Puff it, enjoy it, and pass it... That's the MILF WEED.
  • Toatally origional. Nothing like it ever to hit TV before.

    This show is nothing less than amazing. There's never been anything else like it on tv before. I have a huge amount of respect for the creators of the show for breaking down new boundaries. The show is genious, about a suburban widow that sells drugs to support her family. There are so many great characters on the show, I can't even think of one that I don't like. Uncle Andy is probably one of my favs, as well as Conrad and Nancy of course. Great ensemble, one of the best I've seen in a while. With the third season coming up, I can't wait to see what happens. The season two finale was amazing and left you on your toes. I just hope that Silas is okay.
  • Weeds is my #1 Favorite show!!

    Weeds is an awesomely hilarious show!! If you havent seen it, go buy it! I cant wait for the 3rd season. It is a comedy / drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It takes TV to a whole new level. Louise plays Nancy so well. Cecily is my personal favorite character. The entire cast is an awesome group. It is fictional but it shows us the view into a suburb with people who have problems just like everybody, but crazier ;) I could watch the episodes over and over. But it is not something for the kids.
  • Weeds is an awesome original series by Showtime. To date we have seen 2 seasons of the fabulous show Weeds. They are currently in production of the 3rd season.

    Nancy Botwin, played by Mary-Louise Parker, is a stay at home mom who is recently widowed. She has 2 sons Silias Botwin, played by Hunter Parrish and Shane Botwin, played by Alexander Gould. Nancy's brother in law Andy Botwin, played by Justin Kirk, comes to live with her as well. In an effort to keep her family together and pay the bills Nancy turns to selling marijuana. She quickly discoverers the profits that can be made from this line of work. She decides to turn it a full time business. Nancy's suppliers Heylia James, played by Tonye Patano, and Conrad Shepard, played by Romany Malco, become good friends of hers. Heylia is a tough cookie but underneath she does have a soft spot for whitey, as she calls Nancy. With the little bit of money that she is left by her husband she decides to open a bakery. Nancy seeks out the help of her accountant, Doug Wilson, who is played by Kevin Neason. Doug just also happens to be on of her clients and on city council. The bakery is set up as a front for her pot selling business. Sell legitimate cookies out the front and pot laced goodies out the back. Nancy's best friend is Celia Hodes, played by Elizabeth Perkins. Amazingly Celia has no idea about Nancy's side business of selling drugs. She honestly thinks Nancy is running a legitimate bakery. The cliff hanger for season one was Nancy's sham bakery is on fire. By season two Nancy takes the insurance money received from the loss of her bakery and decides to dive deeper into her business. She realizes that to make good money at it you must be growing it as well. Nancy has gone into business with Doug, her brother in-law Andy, Conrad, and a few other oddball characters. They rent a house and set up shop with one of Conrads' own breads of marijuana. Nancy end up married to a DEA agent named Peter Scottsman, played by Martin Donovan. He knows all about her business but falls head over heals for her. He marries her to prove he will not turn her in. Not wanting to upset her children she does not reveal to them that she is married. They choose not to live together and only casually date. All throughout the second season there is plot twist and turns. Each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat. By the end of the second season you are not sure who has been killed or who is about to be. We are all waiting for the premier of the 3rd season due out in August 2007. Weed's is a awesome show with fantastic writers. I highly recommend this show. It does have a MA rating due to the drug content and sometimes sexually racy dialog.
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