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    This show is soooooo funny and hilarious. I love that one moment your laughing so hard, and the next your laughing even harder. Even if you do not agree with the drug/weed connotations, you have to watch for the comedic aspects of the show. This show is real, it shows that when you get to a point of desperate, you might break your values and stick to your familys staying afloat first, but in a funny way. My husband and myself are on the floor rolling every time we watch this show. Can't wait for season three to come this fall. I hope everyone will check out this great comedy, it's on DVD now if you do not have showtime.
  • It's funny!!!!!

    This show is funny. Listen, what do we like about the show? It gets better every season, it's very entertaining, it has good characters. Personally, I like Heylia. She is the funniest character on the show. Her sarcasm: it's GREAT! Andy. What a knee-slapper. His inappropriate interaction with his nephews. One in particualr is my personal favorite, when he talks to Shane about spanking the monkey. This show is a great example of American culture. It accurately represents the struggles of a single mother. Although I do not quite understand the attraction between the deaf girl and Silas, the show is an overall delight.
  • truley inspiring & hilarious

    i love how the main caracter is in the show, how she smiles when she's upset & just her general manner i guess. she's a very good actress. i also like how there's tons of little backstories that keep it interesting. i think it's good how at the begining of each episode it catches you up on the big stuff incase you missed the last one. i've only seen the first season on dvd since i don't have cable, but i'm deffinitly going to buy the second season when it comes out too. and i find it inspiring since i'm a baker in two ways as well.... lol
  • This show is about a mom who has to sell marijuana to get her family by. This show has some of the craziest plot twists.

    This show is impressive. It can be a little out there, with all the DEA husband nonsense. But this show is very impressive. I cannot wait for season 3. Where is it gonna go? Cilas in jail. Just mind blowing. Doug and Celia that blew my mind. It's all about the money. The weed is spectacularly mind blowing. Doug is so funny. Shane is a little messed up kid. Deaf girl on Dewey St., the abortion was pushing my moral limits but no show is perfect. This one is quite close to perfect. I love all of the other moral issues.
  • Weeds is the story of the Baroness of Budd - a surburbanite who is widowed and resorts to selling Weed to make ends meet.

    Hilarious and well thought out, the characters in this show are three dimensional and, despite the unrealistic nature of the situations devised, you learn to really care for them!

    And I realise that it's an odd thing to review, but the soundtrack, like that of shows like Cold Case, is worthy of note all on its own. The title track, 'Little Boxes' is just quirky and odd enough on its own to draw you in. In the second series, it is covered by a varity or artists including Eric Clapton!

    And it's kinda nice that although the topic is weed, the show isn't moralistic or judgemental...
  • I tell you why - because its AwesomE!!!!!

    Its funny, it has good scripts and most of all - it has uncle Andy!!! Now seriusly, Andy and Doug is ThE most funny characters there is. I L0VE Justin Kirk, he is a great actor [its not easy to play stoned that well] and I just think his good at it..
    Kevin Nealon is hillarios***. He plays a perfect Doug.

    And - of curse - Mary Louise Parker, I saw her playing lots of differnt roles, and in each and every one of them she was putting her heart in. I could actoally relate to the role she was playing.

    This show may not be the best at setting examples for life, or aducationally, But it sure is Fun to watch!
    So, right, Nancy is a Drug-dealer; and so what if she is? it brings us this awesome show - than who are we to say its wrong? ;) [you do know I'm kidding, right? I do not approve of drugs or dealing them, but it is a great show..]
  • Interesting comdey/drama.

    WEEDS is the anti-Christ type show for the people lobbying for wholesome story lines. The title only begins to tell all the things about this program that would have it on a Jerry Falwell morals hit list. Maybe that is why I like the show so much.

    Mary-Louise Parker leads a great cast with superb veteran performers such as Elizabeth Perkins and Kevin Nealon. The premise of the show is Nancy Botwin (Parker) has to figure out how to keep together her family in an upscale Calif. neighborhood after he early 40's husband, whom we never meet, dies of a heart attack while out running around with his youngest son. This boy now has issues and doesn't quite fit in with his peers. Her older son is discovering his hormones are raging and the brother-in-law has come to visit and he is a horrible influence on the boys, the housekeeper, and Nancy despite her attempts to keep him in check. Despite it all she really loves her brother-in-law as he is her family reminder of the husband she loved and lost.

    What she does to keep the roof over her house is to sell weed...pot...marijuana. She gets the stuff from a thoroughly outrageous and hysterical black family on the poor side of town. She sells in the community of Agrestic, where she lives, and she sells to her lawyer/neighbor, a guy on the city council (Nealon), and anyone else that will take, which in this community seems to be almost everyone.

    Great part for Parker as she is the consummate actress. She is always a bit understated, never overacts, has a great sly smile, does dry comedy very well, and delivers her lines convincingly. Nealon is great as the burnout councilman/accountant who can't seem to be high enough of the day yet covers his bases so as not to be discovered. But I think it is Perkins who just might steal this show. She plays a very bright yet vapid wife and mother of two girls. She is an overbearing parent who chastises and spy's on her 15 yr. old and harasses her youngest because of the poor girl's weight. Her shallow nature is shown as a defense mechanism for a woman whose own mother (Conchetta Tomei) is even more overbearing than her daughter and toward her husband whom she verbally spars with when they are together.

    From the opening song, a reprise of the great Pete Seger song "Little Boxes", to the weekly dilemmas for the characters of coping in suburbia the show scores. Usually HBO has the standard for cable comedy series but this one is as good as any.
  • I just love love love this show! Seriosly, who ever thought of this is brilliant!

    Weeds is certainly one of a kind, from the summary you can tell that it's not your usual show. My initial reaction when i first read the summary was that, it had the WEIRDEST plot and based from that description, this show could never be something that would turn out great. But boy was i wrong! It had me hooked from the first episode. It will always leave you wanting to know what would happen next! And you never do know what is going to happen. Definitely original! And the second season's finale has the best cliff-hanger that I ever watched! The only problem is that, the third season is taking too long, they shouldn't take breaks from seasons this long!
  • 'Weeds' puts you in a smokin' mood.

    The show features one of the most unique and intriguing plots to be shown on TV. A widow, fairly expected to maintain decency, tries to survive financially through one of the oddest ideas of selling weed. She learns how to prosper in this kind of business by going through tough, funny and complicated situations which are greatly enhanced by her neighbors, friends and family. The comic nature of the characters creates a light atmosphere to a show that has a plot with potential to be heavily dramatic since it is about desperation. The main character constantly struggles through the thought of her husband's death as she is left alone to find a way to continue giving her kids a normal life. This is as interesting as any show can get.
  • "...And the people in the houses all went to the university where they were put in boxes and they're all made of ticky-tacky and they came out all the same..."

    For those out there that love shows on HBO and "Desperate Housewives"-like shows will enjoy this little Showtime series entitled "Weeds". The show is flawless in every way and delivers both comedy and dramatic plots which I just love. Plus the ensemble cast is fantastic. Mary Louise Parker fresh off her recurring role as Amy Gardener on the Aaron Sorkin drama, "The West Wing" now stars in her own show as Nancy Botwin, a suburban mom who is left widowed after her husband Judah (the cursed Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has had characters that have died on other shows he has recurred on, *hint hint* Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy. ) Without a salary coming in every week, what else is a mother do to provide money for her children? Sell weed of course. Other characters include the woman I hate to love Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins), who is my favorite character on the show because of her sassy and domineering attitude. Andy, Judah's freeloading brother who comes back in town shortly after Judah's death to live with Nancy and the kids. Lupita, Nancy's long-time Latin housekeeper who really doesn't do any cleaning. Doug Wilson, the town councilman and CPA for Nancy who is also one of her regular pot clients. Heylia, Nancy's dealer who has a very matronly personality and will tell you if you're out of line or take what you have if you owe her-- I mean she is running a business. Heylia's partner in crime, Conrad, who has a ongoing flirtation with Nancy in addition to looking out for her. Also are Silas and Shane, Nancy's sons. Silas is a sex-crazed 15 year old and dated (later impregnating) the neighborhood deaf girl. Shane is somewhat of a misfit who is often ostracized for being different from his other classmates, although he does exhibit some strange behaviors.

    Each week, Weeds explores life in suburbia much like Desperate Housewives but much more raunchier and actually better. But hello, this is the world of premium cable where the writers can explore much more broader and controversial issues without having network and advertising executives breathing down their necks. And of course what cable show wouldn't be complete without the occasional profanities, sex, violence and major drug use. I like that Weeds has that sitcom feel that its only about 27 minutes in length but feels like a mini-drama to me. I get so into the show that I lose complete track of time when I watching. By the time it really begins getting interesting, the credits appear. Every season seems to get better and hopefully an extended season 3 will even be better.

    HBO watch out, between Dexter, The Tudors and this show, Showtime is slowly becoming the network to watch due to its decisions to greenlight quality and entertaining programs for adults to watch. Thank you! Season 3 cannot come sooner!
  • Weeds is a show about a recently widowed mother of two kids. Who is trying to make it in the fictional town called Aggrestic. To get by she starts selling pot. Nothing major atleast at first. Then things start to get out of hand.

    Weeds is one of my favorite shows! This is a comedy/drama about a widowed woman with two kids trying to get by in a fictional town called Aggrestic. I hope they are working on season 3 now. Nancy is played by Mary Louis Parker..great casting for this role! She falls into this role beautifully. The writers make you find a connection with Nancy., they make you side with her and her situation and you feel like what she is doing isn't as bad as it seems. She has some friends Conrad is one of her closer friends, he helps her with her business. Doug (Kevin Nealon) he has a great part. Pretty much all his lines are funny. Then there is the b****, Celia. She is going thru her own stuff right now, what with running to take Dougs seat as the governer of Aggrestic, on top of being diagnosed with Cancer, she has alot on her plate right now. Nancy's oldest son Silas is in his rebel teenage years. He knows what his mom is doing and he wants in on it. Her brother in-law, Andy has moved into the house as well. He is a funny character but he gets into to trouble for stupid things. The show is about all the trouble that Nancy gets into while she is selling pot out of her house. For example she marrys a DEA agent..thinking that it's going to help her situation. He seems nice at first but like any marriage he changes and becomes a threat to Nancy and her family and friends. This is a great show!! I really hope that they are working on a new season. That used to be the one thing that made Mondays a good day.
  • housewife whos husband dies turns smalltime weed dealer, and then bigtime weed dealer with the help of her friends/customers. she still has to deal with her home life, and finds it extremely taxing, and often feels she still cant make it.

    if you havent seen this wonderful show, then you are living under a rock, or dont have cable/sattelite. this is a must see for anyone who likes weed, or comedy/drama. the show centers around mary louise-parker and her family plus a few of her dealer friends and customers.there are plenty of funny parts(thank you kevin nealon), in which you wonder how these people dont get caught. the more dramatic parts come when louise-parker has to deal with family and friends, who at the time have no idea shes becoming the biggest dealer in the city. the last episode left me wondering............so i hope the third season starts off where season 2 left off.............I CANT WAIT
  • Showtime surpised me with Weeds and now im addicted

    Nancy Botwin is your basic housewife. She has two sons, a nice house in the suburbs, and a wonderful husband to support her. Her perfect life suddenly falls apart when her husband passes away. With no way to support her family and not wanting to lose the life her children are used to she turns to an old family friend for help. So she takes up selling weed. The name of the show alone made me want to check it out. Glad I did. Weeds takes the delicate subject of marijuana and spins it in a way that anyone can enjoy it. Every episode leaves you with a wonderful little cliffhanger that you would expect from any showtime show. You'll really feel for ancy when something bad happens. She gets herself into some pretty bad situations but they usually work out. Season two left us with nancy at gunpoint being robbed for her stash and she had no weed to give beacause her son felt like joining the family buisness whether she like it or not. I have know idea what she could do to get out of this but it always works out and i love constantly guessing. I cant wait for season 3 and i cant wait to see how nancy is doing. Check this show out its an amazing show with all the drama you would expect from a widowed mother of 2 just add all the drama that comes with drug dealing and you have weeds
  • Why end on a bad note???????????????

    i believe that the first season of weeds was AMAZING!!!

    Most definately one of the best shows i have watched in a while...a completely new and original story line it was unique.

    I think that Season 2 started off well, Nancy hooking up with the DEA agent gave it a great spin - it kept me on the edge of my seat, wandering is he setting her up...is she going to get caught etc etc.

    the spin of them getting married, to me was a drastic measure..however it continued to entice.

    The last episode of season two was TERRIBLE!!!

    Celia Hodes relationship with Doug and her husband finding out was so cliche...

    the end of the episode, with the DEA agent getting executed...absolutly terrible.

    the writers has such a great spin on things when they begun, and they ended this season being bland and boring!

    I can't see where Season 3 is going to go..hopefully it will reinstate the uniqueness of the first season as well as the quirkyness which kept me clued to my TV screen!!!
  • Surburbia weeds in the fun :P

    Seriously, Showcase did it twice for me.. Weeds and Dexter.

    Now, Weeds is fun. It's not about the drugs obviously, but about the deceit and the secrets. Mix in the fact that everyday life must go on.

    Smart Cast, fun storyline and it's Showcase, so, the characters aren't restricted in their language while the other TV networks.

    Keep it up, hope there are most seasons to come! :)
  • A single widowed mom is living in the suberbs trying to sapport the family, and decides to become a drug dealer. She has two sons one of which is a mischeivious teen who is getting into drugs himself. The younger one is just starting to figure out himself

    Dude... this show is so funny, it is a new way of seing drugs. Usually drugs are seen in a black "hood" area, but this is different, it is based in the suberbs. I belive that this is good it shows the veiwers that it is not just in the african american communities where drugs are but in the suberbs are too. But it also has a humerousness to it. The storylines in the show are very intresting I dont know were they would com upwith them... The DEA being the boyfriend definatly bring in a shock factore to it.
  • i cant help it. this show is absolutely funny.

    i love this show. i know that its about pot, but once you start watching you cant stop. kevin nealon is in this show and i just adore him. he shows his true comedic nature in this show, more so than snl. i love the whole storyline as well. who does that. there husband dies so they make a living selling. thats crazy but cool. then the whole married to the dea agent. that was just plain fun to watch. i cant wait to see third season. im waiting in suspense to see what happens with her son. i really dislike that kids character. had it been my child he would have gotten his behind whipped into shape. i would never allow my child to talk to me the way he does nancy. and i give props to the deceast dad. he also plays the father in supernatural. he just has that fatherly look to him you know. all in all if you want to have a good time ;) watch this show. its so funny and crazy youll want to watch more.
  • WHY OH WHY?! It takes too long for these episodes to air!

    This is the most provocative show about raising a family in America's suburbs and trying to survive as a single mother.

    Mary-Louise Parker plays a drug dealing mom set against the backdrop of planned urban sprawl. This is the quintessential independent career woman. Faced with limited job opportunities and the pressures of maintaining her image and lifestyle, the way she draws the viewer into empathizing with morally debase business plans is outstanding. Jenji Kohan(show creator) is a role model for creative women seeking to lend their own voice and opinion to the usual lack luster U.S. television. She's proof that an original point of view results in a beautifully constructed t.v. show. And let's not forget the AMAZING supporting cast. Each of them is phenomenal and I hope to see each actor and actress in more t.v. shows and movies in the future. Thank you Showtime!!!
  • Original and Hilarious! A must see.

    Weeds is one of the most original and funny shows around.
    It portrays the suburban dream for what it really is - sterile, secluded and completely pretentious: the people who have it all but have nothing. All the people who think they are so unique and special, yet so similar in their little boxes - what a great theme song!....
    Great writing: as much as the characters are cartoonish, they all have a deeper side to them which makes is impossible not to identify with them even when they are being vicious, immoral, rude and/or simply stupid.... They are a bunch of racist, selfish, greedy, dopey, materialistic people, yet there's no way you're not going to like them. What a delight. Great cast - all of them really, even the most minor characters. Will tune in the minute 3rd seaon is on.
  • I cannot get enough of this show. I would watch weeds if it came on every day.

    Nancy is great and the whole cast is awesome. Kevin N. is absolutely hilarious and it sucks for the brother in law who always gets the shaft. Just smart as they come. I dont care who has anything to say about this. I think its awesome! Season 3 is going to be serious. I hope they dont mess it up but I know everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen or has happened that we have not all seen. I look forward to seeing another convention as well. Unbeleivable. Little Boxes is sang different everytime but my favorite would be the French version!
  • THE single greatest!

    I am truly in love with this show. When the previews for it aired here in Australia, I was seriously contemplating blowing it off and not bothering at all... My mum however, got me to watch the first two episodes (the stupid network played them in blocks of two, halving the season time). I was enthralled. Then my boyfriend came home with the first two seasons on DVD. We watched the entire first season in a matter of days though we are now pacing ourselves through the second season as we know the next season won't be out til later this year. Everynow and again I just feel like gorging myself and sitting down and watching them all. I love the funny little quips and quirks that are in the show and how you might not get some of the funny bits until the second or third time through. You have to watch really, really closely. I will be shocked and horrified if it ever gets cancelled as it is so fresh compared to most other things on television these days. It doesn't care if it's rude, abrasive, offensive or obscene. I love it!!
  • After her husband's unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Parker) embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer. As it seems like everyone secretly wants what she's selling.

    If a show is dark, funny, subversive, and controversial, you know its on HBO or SHOWTIME, the only channels bold enough to have produced shows that network TV would run away from. Weeds is exactly one of those shows. A comedy about a young suburbanite mother with two kids who turns to dealing pot after her husband dies, Weeds flies directly in the face of the conventional comedy. That's what makes it such a good show. Weeds has already been picked up for a second season, so this show will be around for a while!

    Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise Parker) has a normal life as a housewife in the LA suburb of Agrestic. She has a nice husband and two wonderful kids and a slacker brother-in-law named Andy(Justin Kirk). When her husband dies suddenly, Nancy needs a way to come up with a steady income so she can support her family. So she turns to dealing pot, and becomes the pied piper to the pot smoking denizens of Agrestic, including her accountant, Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon). So how can you be a full time dealer and mother without getting busted, without your brother-in-law horning in on the action, and how can you lecture your kids when you break the law to support them? This show explores the humor in these predicaments as well as the drama in the 10-episode First Season.

    The acting in Weeds is superb. Parker was wonderful in West Wing and is even better here, and Elizabeth Perkins makes a great comeback with her role as Nancy's frenemy Celia Hodes. Kevin Nealon is hysterical as Doug, reminding people how good a comedian he really is when not starring in bad material. Like other Showtime hits, this show not only explores Nancy's life and loves, but develops dramatic arcs for the lives of the other main characters, giving the show much more depth and range.
  • So I stumbled across this show by mistake....and now I'm hooked!

    One night there was nothing interesting on TV, so I decided to channel surf. Flicking through, and I find this attractive woman (Mary Louise Parker) yappin' away, and I decide to keep watching. I had no idea what the hell this show was, but I watched for the next 45 mins (double episode) and it's now fair to say I'm hooked.

    I've since caught up on past episodes, and after seeing all of Seasons 1 and 2, I can now say this is one of my new favourite shows.

    At first, a lot of the dialogue and plot reminded me of something I'd see on Desperate Housewives. I guess the best part of this show is that the main plot is quite unique. It's not everyday now we watch dramas about a Widow selling Weed from her purse to pay the bills. There are other aspects of the show that also add to the entertainment, and for me, the biggest addition was good ol' Uncle Andy. The crap he talked about, and stories he told, and way he acted in general - he is hilarious. The characters are definately what make the show. The plot is great, but it can only go so far. Characters like Doug and Heylia will have you in tears nearly every episode. Doug is as dopey and slow as they come, and Heylia always tells it like it is, and won't take crap from anyone. Some of the scenes between her, Nancy, and Conrad are absolute classic.

    I'm really hanging out for Season 3 now. Season 1 and 2 were brilliant, but I really don't hope they keep us waiting until August for new episodes.
  • Brave show that I really enjoy.

    Some of the storylines are a bit weird but the concept of the show is really good and brave. I never though there would be a show about weed on television. EVER!

    I am still getting use to the characters but find them funny in their individual ways. Celia and Doug being favorites so far.

    Being only a 1/2 hour show I think it is a bit short and would love for the episodes to be longer. You just start getting into it and it is finished. I find the episodes a bit rushed and sometimes can be hard to follow and keep track of what is going on.
  • one of the most humourous shows around! Things are never normal!

    This new series is a single-camera comedy about a single mother who makes ends meet by selling marijuana in the fictional suburb of Agrestic, California. The series exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the of this gated community. Mary Louise Parker stars as the suburban mom who resorts to selling weed to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies.
  • Intriguing interesting show, 10 thumbs up!

    Weeds is a very intereting, funny, entertaining show. The way the show is written is like watching people in reality. It\'s a down to earth show that shows you the inside workings of how people would behave in a situation like that. The intereaction between characters and the way they talk is exactly how normal people would talk in real life. Its exact opposite of shows like soap operas where you know they are acting. The show makes you want to watch the next episode just to see how they get themselves out of the situation they are in. I hooked on the show. Cant wait to see what happens next.Hurry up season 3!!!!!!
  • Ohh my Frkn God!

    This is the most original show there is out there and the most ballsy and gutsy show! Yeah it has controversy sorrounding it but the writting is just awesome. It just gets better every week, every episode topps the last one. Who would of thought a show about a milf making money by selling weed would have been this great!!But what makes this show the best is the cast. I just cant picture this show being what it is with someone else playing nancy or celia. All we can just hope for is that the writting and ideas keep getting better (along with the ratings) so we can have more and more of this phenomenon!!
  • Weeds 2 is just great. Nothing more interesting about people's behaviour after getting high, and realizing the awkward circumstances they are in after the hype wears out.

    The character Mrs Botwin is very intriuging, and the storyline played out her character well. Mary louise parker rides on the character. A few points of improvement though, the character of Hetylie could have been further developed, I believe more comical situations can come out the character, and the sidelines of Nancy's son, Silas, nothing new, strike that. Lastly, Celia Hodes is hilarious, keep storylines on her up.
  • Desperate Housewives meets Six Feet Under, Weeds is marijuana wrapped in sex dipped in suburbia good!

    I was turned onto this show by my brother who recommended it to me after I mentioned a Desperate Housewives episode in passing. So I rented season one from Blockbuster and I must say from the first episode, I was very impressed. The storyline is unique and fresh and the characters are solid and well-developed, even THIS early on.

    What could be more farcical than a suburban mom selling drugs? Practically nothing. This fantastic dark comedy pokes fun at suburbia, where everyone and everything "all look just the same." There are plenty of other undercurrents of political and social commentaries, as well as a unique premise, fantastic acting, and wonderful writing.

    I give the writers of this series a high five! Keep up the good work and you could have a long-running series.
  • Suburban housewife starts selling pot in order to make ends meet and support her two kids after her husband suddenly dies.

    Weeds is seriously one of the best shows on TV. It's also one of the funniest TV shows ever. When I started watching Weeds, I had only seen Mary Louise Parker in the movie Saved and Elizabeth Perkins in a couple of movies when I was a kid. Other than that, I was completely unfamilar with the rest of the actors on the show. Both of their performances are absolutely phenominal in Weeds. Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins have the tallent to give the already wonderful writing for Weeds a little something extra and make the show go above and beyond in terms of qaulity. Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins aren't the only actors on Weeds who give great performances though. The entire cast does a really great job. Hopefully Weeds will remain on TV for a long time to come.
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