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  • A mom struggling to keep her house and children in order by succumbing to a job that can pay the bills. After her husband died- Nancy Botwin makes a living selling Drug induced pastries and yes... Weed!

    In the family-friendly town of Agrestic, California, recently-widowed Nancy Botwin is finding it hard to make ends meet until she starts her own door-to-door pot dealing business. Fortunately for her, there is a high demand (pun intended) for her product in this neighborhood of dysfunctional suburbanites.

    BRIEF HISTORY:The 10-episode series multi-plays on Showtime Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm ET/PT. STARS: * Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin * Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes * Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson * Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin * Tonye Patano as Heylia James * Romany Malco as Conrad Shepard * Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin * Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin * Andy Milder as Dean Hodes * Renee Victor as Lupita
  • I like this show because its about a looking decent mother selling marijuana to try to make ends meet.

    I really love this show weeds. I like the cast and Nancy really plays a good role, because she looks so innocent and yet shes a weed dealer. The town looks really nice and just to think that everyone is an undercover weed dealer.
    I like the part of Nancy and the DEA, because he also knows she\'s s weed dealer and he\'s in it, because he loves her. I really enjoy watching this show..its really great. I never seen a show like this before.

    I\'ve watched, taped and rented every episode since the show started. After watching tonite\'s episode, next week\'s show will be it for the season!! What??? Already??? Why ???? Will the show return & if so when??? I\'m very, very disappointed. I didn\'t realize the \"SEASON\" was so short!!

    This show is a joy to watch (experience)that I\'ve seen in many years - the cast, story lines & music are absolutely amazing. The \"Ticky tacky\" tune is very familiar to me, probably from grade school. The music at the end is right on.

    Thank you all for a TERRIFIC & very entertaining half-hour, don\'t know how you get so much in such a short period of time.

    Rest up, you deserve a vacation!! Looking forward to your next season. Keep up this OUTSTANDING series, my husband & I will miss you.

    THANX Showtime for presenting top quality programing.

    Jane & Jack
  • About a mother that sells weed in order to take care of her two sons.

    I think this is the best tv show, that ive watched this and 'dead like me' they took that off the air so now 'weeds' is my favorite tv show.i think its awsome that it portraits a single mother whos husband passed away and shes has to make quick and easy, money for her family to servive.
  • A show about a mother of two who starts dealing drugs (weed) to make endes meet after her husband dies. Sounds like serious stuff I know but it will have you laughing your head off every episode.

    This show is a gjem in our tv world where number of shows goes up and the quality goes down. It's basically about Nancy Botwin and her family - 1 husband + 1 unemployed fun uncle. We follow Nancy as she starts as a small time dealer and gradually expands her buisness. As the stakes get higher so does the laughter thanks to some brilliant acting and not to mention that the dialog's on fire. The caracters are interesting and the episodes are full of both expected and very unexpected twists.

    This is a show I really recomend to everyone who enjoyes clever humor and everything that follows when you smoke hybrid weed....it only gets better and better.......
  • I swear this is the town I live in.

    Okay, I live in Santa Clarita California and that is where they film Weeds. IF I was to bet my life on it, the writer most likely lives out here as well. They are so dead on with the burb of a major metropolis and how the people that reside in the high profile areas are. It would not shock me at all if they were buying their pot from a soccer mom and screwing the tennis pro. The show is hilarious and I am happy to say that I am a fan of Weeds. Great acting and great storyline.
  • This show is about a suburban mother who becomes a dealer after her husband dies to make ends meet.

    This has to be the funniest show I have ever seen. It is somewhat obscene, but you have got to laugh when someone comes up with a slogan for 'fat clothig' that goes "The bigger, the better, the Huskaroo sweater!" The characters are hilarious and well rounded, and there is a great mix of them too. There is so much odd stuff going on that it will keep you laughing the entire half hour its on. Please note that there is a man in this show going to Rabbinical School to escape going to Iraq, so people who are somehow offended by this probably shouldn't watch!
  • WOOW!

    Okay, All i can say is wow!! i just finished watching season 1 and i absolutely loved it! Its a shame though its only 10 episodes. Can't wait to start watching the second season. At first I really did not expect this series to be that good. But it has exceeded my expectations, and i found my self at times watching 3 or 4 episodes in a row because this show is so good. This show is a rising star! and Nancy is one hot mamma! i wish i had a dealer as hot as her:) the amount of nudity in this series was enjoyable. GREAT SHOW!! KEEP IT UP!
  • love this show

    All I have to say is that this show is great one of the best I have seen in a long time by far. the plot is great a mom whose husband dies and has to raise the kids on her own in a vary rich commuinty.There is no way she could be able to get a job to afford the house land rover etc so she starts to sells weed. Then creates her own great little crew to help her out and a vary fun neighbor that is always sticking her head in peoples business. Something definitely worth watching
  • a druggie show not really about drugs...

    What a dysfunctional city these people live in…Nancy a single mom of two who starts dealing pot to support her family. Silas, her oldest son who tried to get his girlfriend pregnant so she wouldn’t leave, he also doesn’t want to go to school and sell pot for mom. Shane, messed up from his father’s death and no dealing with it well. Andy, Nancy’s brother who has so many things wrong with him I can’t list them her. Peter, the DEA agent who knows Nancy is dealing but still likes her. He and Nancy get married do he can never be forced to testify against her. Conrad, Nancy’s partner, the one who made the mother plant that they are growing from. Doug, pot-smoking accountant and ex-council man, has nothing in life but pot. Celia, crazy neighbor and new councilman, everyone hates her including her husband and kids. Heylia, the person that Nancy originally bought from but has now separated from. This show has funny moments and sad moments. It is a blast.
  • My mommy sells weed...

    This show proves that people will and do cheer on people that do bad things. Selling Weed is most likely the last thing a mother would do to support their family...but you almost feel watching this show it’s the only thing that Nancy could do. I love Nancy, she to me is the most interesting Character on the show. There is so much to her. She almost seems sad all the time but also like she is completely happy with what she is doing. I like the very low key sexual desire between Nancy and Conrad. Its almost not there at most points but then they have a moment...the writes don't make it a big thing but it's there. Another thing I like about the show they don’t make any apologies for what Nancy does with little lessons about selling weed and show that bad things will happen when you do. They just show a woman that is pretty good at selling weed…end of story.
  • This show represents an intelligent viewpoint of people who do not play by the rules entirely. The dramas and tribulations of what Nancy is faced with per day and the methods on which she has to overcome them one by one.

    Long time waiting for a tv show that is clever, illegal, funny and quite honestly addictive. jenji kohan thank god that somebody decided to take a fairly controversial topic and explore and present it in such a fashion where it delivers some level of understanding that is not everybody who uses pot is bad!!! Mother and Drug distributor Nancy thoughts as a failing mother with two sons carries the overtones as she desperately tries to get her life in order using a disorderly approach: don't know how but it is still wildly funny and entertaining! I always judge a show by the soundtrack which is a fascinating often a bizarre collection of songs you would most likely never hear unless brought to you by the good people at Weeds. GO WEEDS GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Weeds is something new. It's not the usual comedy you are used to.

    Weeds is a dark comedy. A very well presented dark comedy. It's about a woman, Nancy, who loses her husband(he dies in heart attack) and leaves a whole family behind, so Nancy has to start working to keep up their lifestyle. However, finding a job that pays well is alyways hard so Nancy decides to be a drug dealer.

    Thats hell of a plot I think. Unique. And luckily, the show is only a very little about 'dealing'. Most of the time its about conflicts, problems, and all the things you have to face when you start dealing as a mother.

    The show is polished to near perfection. Fluid plot, twists, alot of fun. But there are some weaker points. For example, the deaf girl. In one episode she fully understands the other people, the next episode she doesnt understand crap. Or: Ceila's dying, but she doesnt even call her daughter who she sent to MExico? How cruel, or just the writers forgot about it..?

    Anyway, little mistakes, clishes are in every show, so in this too. I think this show is worth watching. The first few episodes you might find jerky, and not enjoyable, probably disturbing because of strong sexual content, but its worth watching because it gets better , much better.

    If you want some dark comedy, this is what you're looking for. Its not a family show, due to sexual content, and hell yea, every one is a miserable piece of sh*t pothead in the show :D Sorry I couldnt miss that. Be warned: Rude language in the show. They use F and S words more than anything else.
  • Beautiful Show

    b e a u t i f u l show t o watch f o r a l a u g h. sdofiahjowehovijas how long this review is no?
    so fun and funny and weedy?sad fkxzc bake your ckae
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    good show indeed yet?
    1999 words
  • Nancy is a widow, a mom, and a dealer. After her husband's death Nancy starts selling weed to the adult potheads of Agrestic, California. This dark comedy involves you in the problems of the upper middle class families of this fictional California suburb.

    Well acted, well written stories. The show only runs for 30 minutes and has 10 episodes per season, but the story moves fast enough to cover alot of ground in every episode. The show is funny, smart, and sexy. The show takes on adult issues and since it's on Showtime can go places a similar show on Broadcast TV could never go. The depiction of Potheads is both funny and informative (if you never seen a stoner before). Hitting on some tough issues with a tongue in cheek approach, the show keeps a light and happy feeling. So roll one up, relax and prepare to laugh.
  • Ok! This is like the best TV-show that have ever been ered.

    I'm so verry pleased that this show continued another season. Not just because the actors and the writers are great, but also beacause this kind of show is really needed in television! So, if you don't like 7th Heaven, you should realy see if this maybe is your kind of enterteiment... If you like dramacomedy... This is the ONE!
  • breath of fresh aire...

    I love this show! I am really glad someone sprouted a semi decent pair and made a show on this particular topic. Maybe, juuust maybe,the show will go in a direction that will help folks realize how outdated the current "weed" laws are. So many uses so little time... and its funny. The cast is wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing this series unfold.
  • This show is a breath of fresh air to all the ‘mind numbing one-line vomiting’ sitcoms. If I should sum this up with just one sentence I would call weeds: ”Desperate Housewives on Drugs”

    This show is really captivating and I can’t look away. I’ve seen all the episodes available in one long weeds-marathon and I’m holding my breath for the next episodes. And some may think that it is morally wrong to do a show about this, but I don’t feel driven to dry drugs at all by this show, no I just think that it’s a really good theme for the series, as lots of humours things can happen. I mean, Nancy could have picked up a career as a hitman as well and that’s even more illegal than drugs but that wouldn’t be as funny.
  • What the f*ck was I thinking?

    I found who sings the song that \"what the f*ck was I thinking\" ...I fell in love with that song and did a major search to find it!
    Its called f*ck was I
    the singers name is Jenny Owen Youngs...she is this cute little girl with an amazing voice...you can sample her songs on her my space page or just go and but her cd like I did from her website...only $13.
    hope this helps
  • Sit back and get high on "Weeds". Its so good you might even get the munchies afterwards.

    I couldn’t wait until the season premiere and I wasn’t disappointed. Picks up right where season 1 left off. What a great song, “WTF was I thinking”. I think it should definitely be nominated for a Grammy! Nancy seems to be digging herself quite the hole and we’re all happy to follow her right down into it. The cast is great. Andy Botwin (played by Justin Kirk) just may go down as one of the funniest characters ever on TV. I’m still laughing at his story regarding his sexual conquest with the “girl with a baby arm”. Elizabeth Perkins is great as Celia. She’s sort of a suburban version of Samantha from Sex in the City but not a carbon copy. Celia is a darker character but still funny. Even little Shane Botwin is hilarious. If you haven’t seen this show and looking for something out of the norm then “Weeds” is for you. Check it out.
  • !!!!DUDE!!!!

    Wow is all I can say for this show. I started to watch this because of Kevin Nealon, since he was one of my favorite cast members on Saturday Night Live so I knew it had to be funny. Then I watched, dude a show about some housewive dealing weed is every mans dream(not really). This show is hilarious, "Whats between the balls and the penis." "ThThis show is great but with my luck the "Man" will bring the show down since it's advertising Weed. I say Fight the Power.
  • Nothing else can express this show except HERBtastic!

    This funny and HERBtastic show can entertain the smokers and non smokers all over the world. A great cast of characters can be said for how good this show is, especialle Heylia James and Nancy Botwin, or wat I call the weed team. I realle can't wait for the next season. not knowing what new cast of characaters can come just brings excitement to the show. I have to say this show is the best thing happening in this world since marijuana. I hope Showtime doesn't cancel it like they did Dead Like Me. I give it a Perfect 10.
  • Weeds is very funny and very sad, when it is done well. Unfortunately, as the season goes on there are fewer brilliant plotlines and more silly ones, but that doesn't mean the brilliant ones disappear altogether.

    What I love about this show is how sad and touching it can be while being funny at the same time. Especially the first few episodes, the funny/sad balance is almost perfect, since every crazy or absurd thing that happens to Nancy is just a reminder of the constant missing presence of her dead husband. This was not supposed to be her life. These things were not supposed to happen to her. And it's funny. And sad. And brilliant.

    As the season goes on, the number of brilliant plots decreases a little and there are more plots that are just plain silly or cringe-inducing, like pretty much everything involving Nancy's brother-in-law Andy, who in my opinion drags the show down a LOT, though I should clarify that I think the fault is all in the characterization and writing and not in the way the character is acted. The plots with Celia gets better to make up for it, as do the plots with Nancy's son Silas. Still, by the final episode of the season there seems to be about a 1:2 ratio of brilliant plotlines to unimpressive ones.

    I am very much looking forward to the next season, and I hope that they return to their roots a little and keep the show relateable and compelling instead of emptily goofy.
  • Finally, a reason to switch from HBO to Showtime!

    It has been years since HBO has delivered something of substance similar to The Sopranos or Sex and the City. Now I will say that Entourage is a great show, but Weeds is FABULOUS!! I just finished watching season 1 on DVD and season 2 begins Monday, August 14th; I can officially state that it is time to switch cable subscriptions.

    Weeds gives us a glimpse into crazy upper class suburban life, that no other show has ever given us. No there aren't people dying or burning houses down, as in Desparate Housewives, but this is by far a superior show. We actually get to see relationships built, family dynamics, and EXCELLENT actors!!

    Weed may not be your thing, but this show is about more than marijuana, give it a try....you'll be happy you did.
  • Nancy Botwin's husband has recently passed away and due to financial chaos, her life is now flying by in the morally hazy world of dealing marijuana. But her finances aren’t the only thing under pressure,thier kids are now feeling the strain of no father.

    Wow!! I just finished watching the first season in its entirity, and all I can say is; Where have I been? This show is wonderful.
    Nancy, under extreme circumstances, makes the decisions she needs to in order to feed her family, and keep up her lifestyle. She is really good at what she does though; cool and collected; she handles extremely nerve racking situations with ease (except the day of "popping her first shooting cherry") I am looking forward to season two so I can see how she handles being the "boss". Judah, Nancy's dead husband, was survived also by his two sons; Shane and Silas.
    Silas being the older brother has coped with his father's death much better than Shane. Silas is going through typical teenage problems including girls. His recreational drug use is limited to marijuana and a single experiment with extacy. All in all Silas seems to have a good head on his shoulder. Nancy and Silas had a great scene when Silas pretty much tells his mother that she isn't going to control him because he knows that she is dealing marijuana.
    Shane on the other hand his a ten year old boy, lost without his dad who also doubled as his best friend. Heartbreaking scenes in the first couple episodes of Shane watching home videos of him and his dad. Shane has repeatedly shown that he is a confused kid and is just looking for a friend.
    Andy Botwin, Shane's uncle and Judah's brother, is introduced as the brother in law that more of burden than a blessing. Always in trouble, always stones, and usually innappropriate, Andy takes on the role of comedic relief. Andy does take on the role Shane's friend and in the final episode of season one assumes a role in the "family business".
    Speaking of the final episode of season 1, I loved the Godfather like feel to the new business; even the soundtrack sounding straight from the Godfather. The twist at the end of the episode, to tease us until next season, was a little predictable but adds a huge krink in Nancy's operation. But I am also looking forward to seeing Shane's character develope and grow, he is such an interesting character.
  • Weeds The new \"Cheech and Chong\"

    Sara Jessica Parker, is leading the charge of the latest Freedom of Speech venue were Weed is not a bad thing. I watched the entire first season no less than three times per episode. The most realistic portrayal of Pot culture in the suburbs today. I can relate to the fear and almost loss of control of ones life when selling pot becomes ones lifestyle. Sara does a great job in showing the ups and downs in the life of a working mom trying to make ends meet by selling weed. I do feel that some more shows on the medicinal value of pot for people that have Multiple Sclerosis and other qualifying illnesses that most States that have current Pot Laws allowing medicinal POT.
  • Season 1 review

    I really like this season. It was a great refreshing summer show. The acting on the show (even from the kids) is great with the actors finding all the little nuiances that have made the writing great.

    The writing in original and true. I always feel that the dialoge and plot are believable and real.

    The other aspects of the show (lighting, props, sets, costumes, etc) work well with the wonderful stories and acting and help everything fall into place.

    Why not a 10? I give a show its rating based on the series. I don't know where the second season will go, and although it is a great show, it's no Buffy and has some room for improvement.
  • wow

    When I first saw Weeds I was amazed. I could not beleive that there was a show that could be so addictive. It has great writing that makes it a great crime and comedy show. My favorite episode is the 8th where Nancy meets Peter, Doug and Andy trie to kill a mouse, and Lupita discovers Nancy's secret. Episodes like that are why I watch this show.

    Whether it's Coke falling from airplanes or two 8 year old lesbbians making out it seeems that no matter what happens in this show it is constantly funny and constantly interesting.wow cool yep
  • The original comedy mixed with drama is the perfect touch for a really good television show.

    With my early rental of the first season DVD of Weeds, my past few days were set. The television show is about a single mom (single due to her husband dying which is rveealed early in the show), who has to raise to sons, while gathering money for the family and her house maid by selling weed.

    Mary-Louise Parker stars in the show as Nancy Botwin, the single mother with way too many troubles in her life. The dramatic city of Agrestic, California is a crazy place and Nancy seems to be getting the worst of it. Her first son is getting into the sexual life with girls, and her second son is getting suspended from school way too often for her liking. On top of it, the gossip going between the mothers of the town is insane, and she gets involved in her friend's troubles, and she's trying to keep her family under a roof by selling weed, all the while trying to get over the death of her husband.

    One unusual characteristic is that everyone in Agrestic has a dirty mind. The ten year old boys, including Shane, Nancy's son, always get in fights while mouthing off at each other, giving a little humorous feel to the fictional city.

    Nacy often visits her friend Celia Hodes (played by Elizabeth Perkins), who has two daughters herself, and a troubling husband who was caught cheating on tape. Nancy also visits her marijuana dealer, Heylia James quite often. These two have very funny conversations at times, often interupted by Conrad Shepard (played by Romany Malco [40 Year Old Virgin]).

    The show is very dramatic at times, as there are many troubles Nancy goes through, such as poverty, stopping her son to have sex, and even near-death experiences. However, to lighten the mood there are some really funny lines that different characters say every episode, which makes for the perfect comedy / drama TV show.
  • Defenitly not a family show!

    Defenitly not a family show! This show has NEVER been done before. EVER! Kind of like the Sopranos but better. I like this show yes it may get a little inappropite sometimes but its still good. I love how the review says "Makes end meat selling marijuana" when you sell marijuana I thought you would make alot of money (not that id ever do it).
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