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  • I love it! A brilliantly crafted show showing that Showtime has what it takes to compete with the big networks.

    "Weeds" is about Nancy Botwin a widowed mom who turns to dealing "pot" to fund her lavish lifestyle after her husband dies. Mary Louise Parker's performance as Nancy is truly breathtaking and Elizabeth Perkins role as cancer-striken Celia Hodes is a piece of art.
    It is a dark-comedy set in the fictional town of Agrestic in the suburbs of Los Angeles.
    The shows storyline is about Nancy trying to open up her weed-selling businees helped by her weeds dealers son Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco), her accountant Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) and her lawyer Dean Hodes(Andy Milder),wife of Celia, while coping wither her two sons Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould). Half-way throught the show her brother-in-law Andy (Justin Kirk) turns up and causes a lot of mayhem for Nancy.
  • "I plan on watching this show till it gets cancelled or I die."

    When I first saw Weeds I was amazed. I could not beleive that there was a show that could be so addictive. It has great writing that makes it a great crime and comedy show. My favorite episode is the 8th where Nancy meets Peter, Doug and Andy trie to kill a mouse, and Lupita discovers Nancy's secret. Episodes like that are why I watch this show.

    Whether it's Coke falling from airplanes or two 8 year old lesbbians making out it seeems that no matter what happens in this show it is constantly funny and constantly interesting.

    I plan on watching this show till it gets cancelled or I die.

  • Yes!!!

    I have been trying to find a new awesome show ever since i watched all the sex and the city episodes. I love weeds even more. By far the greatest show i have seen. i am so excited for the new season to start. if you haven\'t watched it, start. You\'ll get hooked.
  • This is really worth your time

    I got hooked on Weeds since the first scene. I can recomend this show whole heartedly to anyone who is looking for some witt, character and black humor in their tv choices. I just LOVE it. Can't waite for it to start again this summer. It is like Desperate Housewives meets Arrested Development with a twist. Especially the main chaacters and story lines are very well played and developed.
  • Nancy is a suburban mother whose lives with her two kids and sells marijuana to other people in the community so she can afford for the needs of her family. She has taken on this business since her husband died and now has to do it for full time.

    I just recently got started on this show and from the episode I have seen this is a very funy show. I'll admit they have some weird things in the show. Like in an episode I saw a hug crate of coca-cola fell out of a airplane and into one of their houses. That seems a little faffetched to me because I just can't see that happening. Also another funny thing I saw in an episode was a t-shirt said "Chris died for your sins" that was funny. I couldn't control my laughter after I saw that.

    Over all this is avery funny and good show I gave it an overall rating of 9.9 and I took .1 away because it isn't my favorite show, but none the less it is still very good.
  • I actually dont watch t.v. as much, but when i saw an episode i was hooked like boy george eating a popsicle.

    this show is an instant favorite im shocked that its on showtime. well that damn pop up said my review needs to be fifty words long and im in a hurry so show rulez blah blah love it and cant wait for next season. hello hi yo man am i on fifty yet let me check.
  • The show is about a suburban widow with two kids. She starts selling weed to her picture perfect neighborhood and manage her household at the same time.

    I have to admit Mary Louise Parker is hottttttt. She is really hottt. Weeds isn't a show that you can't live without, but its still a good way to kill time. Has its moments. Once your into the 3-4th episodes you become accustomed to its weird humor and aticipate the the next episode.
  • once you get to know the characters a bit it gets better

    Well, the title of the show, as I am sure, must have attracted many viewers ;) Unfortunately it is not as much pot related, not the full blown stoner stories experience, as expected.

    But with every episode it picks up a bit. You have to get to know the characters a little in order to survive the slowness of this show and of course just as it picks up and gets more exciting and faster, the first season is already over ;P

    Nevertheless I am looking forward to season 2, it has managed to entertain me and since I certainly still am attracted to the show by its title, I will keep watching it ;)
  • Original e de um humor que inteligentíssimo

    É realmente uma pena que Weeds tenha apenas meia hora de exibição. A originalidade dos roteiros é fantástica. Para quem está acostumado a ver aqueles traficantes gangsta na tv é sempre bom ver um outro lado, condizente com a realidade da classe média. Os personagens são engraçadíssimos sem serem caricatos. Não vejo a hora de ver mais.
  • A single mother tries to make it on her own, after her husband dies suddenly. She has a house in suburbia, is a soccer mom, on the pta, is close with the neighbors...and sells pot. Just an innocent endeavor, until she can make ends meet, or gets caught.

    First of all, I love Mary Louise Parker, and basically, the whole supporting cast as well. This comedy-drama is one of the freshest shows on t.v. The lengths this woman goes through to keep her head above water, and stayy out of hot water at the same time are boundless. There is a pot-smoking city councilman played by Kevin Nealon, that is a loyal customer, and her"connects" keep her on a business level, but with a minimal amount of caring advice from the main momma. Her youngest son has definate issues, dealing with the loss of his dad, and acts out in violent ways, but his mom is usually too busy getting her hustle on tho notice, so someone points it out to her. Usually, it is her pot-smoking brother-in-law, who moved in uninvited, and has yet to leave, or contribute. Her best friend/worst enemy neighbor girlfriend has just battled cancer, while she deals with her chubby daughter that she tries to ration, and her cheating husband. I cant go any further, I will spoil it all, but I hope you are intrigued enough to check itout, and see what you think, worth the watch.
  • Showtime has created another good series!

    I love showtime for bringing the American version of Queer as Folk to the airs (although it was really only GREAT for the first season, the other seasons went a little downhill...) also for bringing the great new drama series The L Word! Now Showtime has doen it again, they've brought an original series to the air that has interesting storylines that suck you in. The series follows a housewife whose husband recently passed away and is forced to deal pot in and around her suburban neighborhood... Season 1's cliff hanger was a good one! I can't wait for season 2!
  • BIG thank you from France

    I wait this show during a long time When can i see it on french television.this program is fantastic and really new. congratulation for the team.your programme is 1 amour je l'adore je l aime j espere que vous comprennez le français merci pour cette serie extraordinaire et incroyablement innovente
  • A very original comedy

    What can be said about weeds that isn't in it's title. It's edgy. It's fresh. It's funny. And best of all, it has great writing by a newer writer. Coupled with good delivery and acting, we have ourselves a threat at the golden globes this year and in more to come.
  • Wow!!

    i never thought that a show about weeds would be this intresting. a mother of two who just became a single mom strugling to keep it all together..i was hoping that the season would be longer than 10 episodes..i just can't wait for the next season!! this is turning out to be like the Godfather..but in it's own unique way..i's a keeper!!
  • Perfect!

    Simplesmente hilária, a ironia do "American Lifestyle", com muita criatividade, ótimos atores e produtores.
    Desde a abertura, as músicas muito bem editadas e contando com excelente interpretação de Mary-Louise, Elizabeth Perkins e Justin Kirk, estes principalmente em grande atuação.
    Passando atualmente no Canal GNT no Brasil, vale a pena assistir e dar muita risada!!!
  • buy low sell high !

    buy low sell high !
    it says it all one of the funniest shows i have ever seen.... i wasnt sure how will i feel about it before i saw it but i just love it ! great show great cast, you will be stupid not to watch it !
    this is the best new show for me
  • the show is about a middle age mom trying to make a living by selling weed.

    the show has a sense of humour it is not something that you watch or hear about of everyday. the show is something that comes under a catrgory of LAUGH-OUT-LOUD!!
    overall i think the show is really good and really funny.
    hope you enjoy the show as much as i do.
  • What a great show! Just finished watching the last episode...

    It would be awful if they would not air the second season!
    This show is interesting because everything happens in a place that from outside seems to be perfect with no crimes, no drugs, no alcohol and other stuff...(Great title song, very appropriate for the show). But in reality it is a little bit diferent. This show tells us a great story about a single mom who just needs fast money at the beginning, but later realizes she is great in her job.
    What is original in it? Everytime a movie or a tv series is about drugs, it is never about such a healthy-wealthy-neighborhood.
    Every episode is diferent, they keep getting better, and the last one is logically the best.
    So people, if you have not seen this show yet, then better do it!
  • Why oh Why?

    Why oh why would I watch a show like This? This show is so horrible, and beyond that I don't know how they got away with it.

    Alot of shows do the whole "Drug thing", but they make it more of a secret thing like that '70s Show. For the longest time they just hinted at it, and you never saw the drugs. This show shows it, talks about it, and puts it up on a pedistool.

    Where are the morrals of this show, what are they trying to say. And why would anyone pay for a show like this.

    Another thing is this world is going down anyways, and the last thing that we need is this parrading around and making us look bad.

    I say we never watch this show, ever again....at least I won't.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • a woman's husband dies, leaving her with the kids, the house, the maid and bills. to ease the transition for her children and maintain her lifestyle, she turns to selling well, weed.

    this show JUST started in the UK and seriously, i am sick and tired of great shows getting cancelled. this is a solid show and im glad to see that it seems to be doing well. there is a great cast... i mean, a variety of people and what ties them together is that they are trying to get through life. i know, i know its about some drug dealing mother and you might say, why doesnt like the social services come and take her kids away but im telling you that it isnt like that. this show is extremely moral, and funny and even heart breaking at moments. watch it.

    The basis of the show, along with the shows dialogue is hilarious. If you like dark humor and quick wit, this show is for you. Everyone that lives in Agrestic, a supposed "perfect little town" is so ironically messed up. Watching their lives became ever so "addicting" and I couldn't get enough of this pot-smoking town. Can't wait for season 2!!
  • ahh finally, a show stoners in suburbia can appreciate


    It all started with something that was never shown - the death of Nancy's husband - and from that the show starts. Broke, living in the hell that is suburbia, with two kids and a maid to pay for, the widow starts making green by selling the pot. But all is not as great in the world of drug dealing as the tabloids would have you believe, there's territories to hold, quotas to fill and teenagers to raise as well as bickering suppliers.
    Ok lets start with obvious, this will always be Desperate Housewives little brother, but it is in no means an inferior show, in fact I think it's better, way, way better, no ridiculous plotlines involving murderers and fugitives for one thing. The most funny moments involve the men being morons and the women dealing with their stupidity, being a guy you'd think I'd find that sexist, unfortunately its true, so I don't know, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. It’s a really good show, combining comedy and drama, showing people dealing with lives, loves, kids and the glorious weeds.
  • How can Desperate Housewives get so much praise and this show be ignored?

    This show has an amazing concept, its well acted by nearly every charcter and has a truckload of originality. Great show! A single mum in suburbia turns to selling pot in order to keep the lifestyle she had become used to before her husbands death. This is not the average predictable farce either, the plot flows smoothly from change to change and is anything from hilariously funny to quirky and weird. Please watch and you will be hooked guarunteed, there is such a range of characters and different 'enviroments' that you will click with someone from the start. Enjoy!
  • The show Weeds, is about a widow dealing with the recent death of her husband and raising two children...with a little secret. She deals to the neighbors of her town, Agrestic. Midway through the season, she is bothered by her brother in law, Andy, who ca

    Okay, this show was amazing. The season finale had me laughing, and I was completely shocked about the whole thing. I was dragging with the series for the last 2 episodes, but the season finale had me wanting more! I think I speak for everyone that even glimpsed the series. Showtime you cancelled shows for this one, bring it back! We are begging you!!!!
  • This excellent show makes Desperate Housewives pale in comparison.

    Well, there is a controversial touch to this tv-show, I admit that. And maybe I do not always agree with its' liberal attitude towards drugs/weed. But hey, somewhere down the track Weeds got to me. As something new, fresh and, yeah, real. Mary Louise Parker and Elisabeth Perkins are fabulous. The dialougue is witty, competent and intelligent. Sex, drugs and bad language in a combination that somehow does not feel redundant. I love this show.
  • A "funny at times" drama series rather than an all out comedy which seems, following the conclusion of the first season, to be telling a damn good story - I will keep watching...

    The premise of Weeds is one that many would deem unsuitable for television; a mother as a drug dealer? Ouch, I initially thought, I could see British audiences destorying this one; and yet, in it's viewing slot on Sky One it seems to be doing extremely well. Having watched the rest of the season I can see why.

    The writing is excellent; rarely laugh out loud comedy, just remarks that will make you raise your eyebrows. Jokes abound enough to mix well with the story without taking away from the seriousness of much of the plot. As in life, tiny little moments to make you smile; even in troubled times.

    Similarly, if you're looking for extreme shock tactics, look elsewhere. There are just enough surprises (the season closing scene for example) to make you sit up in your seat, just when you had begun to relax.

    There is an element, be it the strong script; the nicely crafted characters; or something, just something else, which makes Weeds compelling viewing. If anyone can figure out what exactly it is, I would be interested to hear. In the meantime, I wait in anticipation for what must surely be an inevitable second season.
  • Description in one word: REAL

    Cast, story line, even the theme song are all great. I was VERY surprised at the quality of the show. I was hooked after just one episode. Instead of the typical pot smoking stoners I was expecting I was treated to actual entertainment full of laughs!
    I Hope it continues!
  • I'm interested to see how this develops...

    I throughly enjoyed the first season of Weeds. I do really want to see it keep up and not lose momentum. I felt as though, it started strong, and there were things that didn't flow well towards the end of the season. It was pretty good, but not the best.
  • Imagine desperate housewives meet Snoop Dogg.

    When i first heard about this show i thought it was going to be another cheesey stoner show that portrays some goofy messed up lazy person to lethargic to even scratch their heads. However i was pleasantly surprised.
    The show is very witty and well written. as you follow the life of a recently widdowed young Aggrestic house wife who sells pot to make ends meet, a formula that could of gone so wrong, not only does the scenario seem quite plausabe thanks to the writing, you also start to sympathise with the lead character and each character has a quality that the viewer can easily relate to. This show's greatest aspect is the lack of any cheese that is resent in a large amount of TV programmes that are out at the moment, a must view!
  • Entertaining look at suburban life, though the eyes of a a single mom, who also deals weed.

    A single mom, who deals weed to survive, after the death of her husband. Sounds strange, but it actually works. A black comedy with heart, a mother trying to keep her family safe, while also trying to make money, find love, and look after her brother in-law.

    Includes a great cast, who know how to perform. Looking forward to the second season
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