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  • I love this show, if you have not seen it yet, WATCH IT

    This show is hilarious and amazing, i have gotten all of my friends interested in this show, and every single one of them now watches it religiously. All I can say is just give it a chance and enjoy yourself, don't take it too seriously or you won't enjoy it just like life.
  • One of the biggest waste of time and money.

    This show's first episode had very very bad jokes. On top of that, the timing is not right to even make a bad joke slightly funny.

    The show is basically a composite of Gillmore Girls, Desperate House wives, and what Showtime thinks is funny and cool. Maybe it is for some people who are easily amused, but this show really is bad. The jokes are just not funny, they are poorly executed, and the stories are very boring. The general overal writing seems to lack a lot of creativity. I feel showtime could have done a lot better. I think the only interesting characters, the dealer \"eye-balling ounces\" and her friends, are severly hindered by the writer\'s general lack of talent.
  • Season 1: 10 weeks of great TV.

    No, it's not a comedy. There's nothing really hilarious going on outside of some fairly colorful dialogue that the wonderful characters spew out. The shows sense of humor will make you smile rather than laugh, which is more than alright by me.

    No, it's not really a full-on drama either. In between the shades of humor, the situations and dialogue illustrate that these are people with some real problems that they have to contend with. If you're a fan of something like Entourage and are a fan of most prime time single-camera network shows, this is really worth checking out.

    The 2 genres meet somewhere around 40/60 to create a fairly witty, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not, and really emotive look at the life of Nancy Botwin and the circle she's found herself in.

    The characters are where the show really shines, ranging from the Desperate Housewife-like Celia(Played with some nice ferocity by Elizabeth Perkins, who I'm calling for at least an Emmy or Golden Globe Nomination for.), the comic relief screw up Brother-In Law, a smart pot loving accountant, and Nancy's somewhat unlikely tough as nails dealer.

    I'll definately be picking Season 1 whenever it decides to hit DVD. Here's hoping that ratings for this season were good enough for Showtime to invest in Season 2.
  • Fun for the family!

    A pot-peddling mother who doesn't smoke the stuff herself. That's got to tell you a lot right there.

    Coming from Canada, it's hard not to view the US as such a hypocritical and dysfunctional country where tolerance takes the backseat (in a SUV) to some moral high-ground (read: gated suburbia).

    But then along comes this gem of show which reminds me it *is* safe to cross the 49th parallel!

  • It started out as whacky and continued well into the 7 or 8 episode. I've yet to see episode 10 but it has been slippin' so fingers crossed.

    It started out as whacky and continued well into the 7 or 8 episode. I've yet to see episode 10 but it has been slippin' so fingers crossed.

    I like the collaterial stories and they have helped keep the show going. I'm not knockin' it you understnd. Just it started out so strong.
  • Warning: Weeds can be addictive!

    With a simple format, clever dialogs and funny situations, this catching series shows the life of a widow who becomes a drug dealer to support her family and keep their life style.

    Living in an upper middle-class residential, the less than suspicious Nancy guarantees the each-day-bread selling drugs to her bored neighbours. A glamorous way to show the business but showing the true violence that is part of it.

    The well known actresses Elizabeth Perkins (Celia) and Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy) give this drama/comedy the best moments of the series. A surprising and sensible acting from the young Justin Kirk (Shane) guarantees the sweet and tender moments.

    Not the dark humour from Desperate Housewives or the non-sense comedy of Arrested Development, but interesting enough to keep you doped!
  • Only reason I watch is i have a vested interest, never would have watched this show at all, if had premiered in the fall.

    I've seen all the episodes, but not that good a show, thing it had going for it was it got the jump on cable by premering before network television lineup. No desperate housewives.

    Had just legal for instance premeired during the summer, it would have been picked up for a full season. Just Legal, not a great show, just making a point, that Weeds isn\\\'t.
  • The new original series that cooks us up some "Special Brownies" and delivers them right to our TV’s

    Weeds * cough, cough*

    This new show is striking me and the U.S.A that there finally is a interesting series on Showtime. Unlike "Desperate House Wife’s" the show can swear, smoke, and a bunch of other goodies. Weeds right now conquers the adult entertainment channels like HBO, ESPN, and even FOX, yes FOX! I don't think there is any show besides the Simpson’s that is meant for children.

    Weeds is highly original and can entertain the happiest of souls. Now that Sex and the City has ended it might now hook and steel the HBO viewers since Deadwood is not coming on for another year.

    When Nancy Botwin lives a perfect life in her home town of Agrestic, she finds her mourning over the loss of her husband. She is now left with bills to pay, financial problems, mortgages, and other craziness that you might think her husband would have already dealt with, he didn't even leave her with a trust fund, that’s screwed up!

    So she tries to overcome these obstacles with the opening of her own business, selling drugs through kids and her own bakery, mmmmm.

    The laughs soon come rolling in when she quickly discovers that everyone around her smokes, even her boss, he is the city council representative, and I bet he is very trustful.

    So if you own Tivo you just might want to throw that in the ball park, because if you miss an episode you won't be super lost, but you will be craving some sweet all natural comedy.
  • Great writing, great cast, great show

    Weeds presents a funny, controversial and satisfying dose of comedy and drama. The show has become increasingly funny as the fist season has gone on. The characters of Doug and Andy have steadily increased mainly because they have made the show that much funnier. My whole house waits excitedly every Monday night, watiting for the new Weeds to become available on the Internet (On account that we live in Canada and don't get the show here). Great show, I hope it never ends.
  • A recently bereaved mother turns to drugs for support - financial support.

    Nancy Botwin is a mother of two sons, and is busy trying to forget the death of her husband. She decides the way to make ends meet is to start dealing weed. Very quickly Nancy finds out that there's no Dealers Guidebook, all training is strictly on the job and can be hazardous to her health.

    Shane, the youngest son, turns to more and more extreme behaviour. He misses his farther, yet is unable to talk, his mum doesn't want to listen. Silas, the eldest, is just like any teen - lead by his hormones.

    This is a peek into the mad-mad-world of American suburbia. The Botwins aren't the only "nutters" in this comedy/drama - the whole town is full of them.
  • If Desperate Housewives weren't on network television it would be Weeds!

    This show has all the crazy, over the top characters and storylines of Desperate Housewives, but has the added freedom of being on SHO.

    Quite simply, if you like a show like Desperate Housewives and also enjoy a bit more 'adult' (or less watered down - depending on how you look ta it) entertainment, then this show is for you.

    All the same bases are covered. Little affluent neighborhood. Things aren't as simple and pretty as they seem on the surface. The character you root for, the ones you hate, the 'secrets' that slowly form and reveal - it's all there.
  • I really enjoy \"WEEDS\" on Showtime very much!! i watch it every Monday,Wednsday,& Friday at ten o\'clock central time!! Thou I have missed out on watching a few episodes but plan on getting all caught up very soon now since I have a way to access TV onl

    I think that \"WEEDS\" is a very Funny show to watch!! Its not all boring to watch & it makes me wonder what is going to happen next everytime it goes off!! I have missed out on a few differnt episodes,but I plan on reviewing them later after I start to understand how tv.com actually works!! The cast in \"weeds\" do a very good job casting in all of the rolls,& I bet they all laugh alot when there making it cuz I laugh so much watching it that they have got to think that its funny!! But Im looking forward to many new episodes in the future!!
  • Once you get past the first couple of episodes the show actually gets funny and pretty good. I did however think that the first episode or 2 was lame. I love the show now...funny

    Once you get past the first couple of episodes the show actually gets funny and pretty good. I did however think that the first episode or 2 was lame. I love the show now...funny. I also like the show entourage which has the same feel to it. Entourage rocks!! Check it out
  • Brilliant!

    Just watched the first 3 episodes and I have to say.. I'm glued to the show!
    I think it's brilliant, hilarious.. something new.. at least it has no dead bodies, for now!
    It sure breaks the trend.. fun comedy on a topic pretty elusive..
    The writing is perfect, the cast is into it and the characters are complementary to each other.
    Ms. Perkins is amazing as a socialite b*tch mother who has to deal with (oh god!) a fat girl (loved that moment) and the other.. who surely is no angel.
    Nancy is great and love the dealers.. man they are funny!

    I reccoment the show! Watch it, watch it.. be junkies, too! ..lol..
  • For Mary Louise Parker

    She is and will always be one of the great under-estimated actressess of our time. She can do it all, and now comedy.
    I am sure the show is trying to find it\'s legs, and I don\'t know how it stands on ratings, but when only one actress is holding it together, it\'s not a good sign. And will someone teach tv sons and daughters how to act, just because it is tv, doesn\'t mean you shouldn\'t try.
  • An original series worth watching!

    This show and its cast are absolutely fabulous! This is nothing like I have ever seen on TV before. I get so wrapped up in each character and each episode. Mary Louise-Parker is amazing as Nancy Botwin. I have always enjoyed seeing her in everything she has played, but this is definitely been her best role to date. She carries the show with such grace and conviction. I don’t think I could see anyone play the part better. Another great thing on this show is Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes. When she and Mary Louise Parker on the screen together it blows my mind how great their chemistry is and how well they play their parts. This is just a down right awesome and original show. Oh, and kudos on the coolest theme song ever!
  • One of the best comedies right now. Strictly for adults and those who can take a joke.

    Being on showtime, weeds can definately go a lot further in what can be said; and boy does it go as far as it can. It exploits and uses every racial stereotype it can, makes jokes in bad taste without regard for compassion or sensitivity; but most importantly it is very funny while doing so.

    If you're the type that gets offended easily, then you should move on because nothing is sacred in this show. Anything and everything WILL be made fun of.

    Oh and Mary Louise Parker is brilliant as always.
  • I think in one of the last episodes, there was a quick 'driveby' while nancy was at 'BIG POOKIE'S.' Everyone dropped to the floor and popped back up with firearms themselves. Then they went back to what they were doing.(Pickin peas, and reading a magazi

    I think when in that kinda situation People like that would be planning on retaliation rather than reading, picking, and socializing. Cuz it sure looked as if that is what they would do, cuz even da pregnant lady had a cannon. Not even a peep through da window after. Other than that scene, Love da show...Keep it going!!!
  • Although I really love this show, it's not everyone's cup of tea. Despite the drug content, the show actually focuses more on the people themselves than on anything else. Excellently executed in my opinion.

    No, I'm not a pot-head, but I still love this show. I think you have to be a little open minded and be able to let some grim things slide to fully enjoy this show. But then again I don't know what you'd expect from Showtime. The acting is good and, I don't know what it is about this show that makes me want to see more all the time... but this is actually the only series currently that I actually wait for every week. I would recommend this show to everyone. If you don't like the first episode, you probably won't like the rest either though.
  • Not an especially alluring concept, but so far this is easily the best show of the season. Lost and House will have to offer good quality second helpings if they expect to beat this.

    When I first read the summary of Weeds, I was a little dubious. Still, TV.com were marketing it to death and the reviews didn't seem all that bad: I had to check it out.

    Within an episode I was hooked. The same cannot be said for Prison Break and Rome, despite the fact that they're both reasonably good shows.

    Weeds has the perfect blend of drama and dark humour. While it's obviously about drugs, it isn't especially over-the-top and in-your-face about them. This isn't Welsh's Trainspotting meets California.

    Those yet to see it may label it the first of the Desperate Housewives clones, but I beg to differ. This is what Housewives should have been and more. There's no silly mystery with an utterly bland solution, there's no half-dozen walking cliches.

    Do yourself a favour and check out Weeds. You won't regret it.
  • This is the best premium channel show that Showtime or any-other pay cable channel has to offer!

    I have never felt so attached to a show since Arrested Development. The comedy is so very unique and yet there still is a good portion of drama that makes you wonder and want to see it next week.The entire cast of the show is great but the one actor that stands out among the rest is Kevin Nealon playing Nancy's burned-out accountant. Episode 4 includes his funniest scene when he and Nancy meet at a Tandoori restaurant. This is a show that comes one in a year that cannot be missed. If your in the mood for a great comedy but with serious drama, watch this show!
  • Not "Just Another Desperate Housewives Clone"

    Weeds is a show about a mother, Nancy, her sons, Silus and Shane, her friend, Ceilia, her housekeeper, Lupita, and her dead husband's brother, Andy.

    Nancy, after having lost her husband, chose to maintain her lifestyle by selling Marijuana. The show centers around this and her other exploits.

    Weeds is very funny, shocking, and somewhat emotional. Nancy's kids miss their father alot, something she seems inept to deal with. And Ceilia's family is a hysterical mess. Her husband cheated on her with his tennis instructor, her daughter, showed her the video and got sent to boarding school, her other daughter hates her for trying to make her thin, and she has cancer.

    Recently, Nancy's brother-in-law Andy joined the mix offering to stick around and help Nancy with her "business." If the first three episodes were good, the next ones will be awesome.
  • Superb :). If you liked American Beauty, you'll love this.

    Seriously, it has kind of the same humour, but in a way more over the top, and it just pays off. The realness to it is also great, the cast plays it just fine. Now in the 4th episode however, a new face turns up, will have to wait how that turns out.

    So far, this show belongs to my favourites for sure.
  • This season's "must watch" show. Amazing plot , good acting and a premise that combines satire and a great idea.

    Nancy Botwin , the typical soccer mom , hides a big secret. Since her husband died she's been selling drugs to support her family. We get to enter they lives and see the adventures of a clueless suburban white middle aged woman entering the world of drug dealing. We follow Nancy around as she interacts with Celia Hodes , the neighbour obsessed with her youngest weight , her cheating husband and the daughter that seems to grow closer to having sex with Nancy's older son. We stand to watch Nancy struggle to achieve financial independence for her and her kids. A big must see for the season
  • hmmm... kind of unexpected show, with an unexpected theme... I only hope that it would be unexpectedly good (and so far, it almost has).

    The show's good, written and played very nice. Just your average family-drama mixed with a little bit of comedy, on a very unorthodox and non-average subject. This show can do great, and can go downhill VERY fast.

    Personally, I think this show is in for trouble. Wanna know why?

    First of all, shows about women - especially independent, unique women, are quite a trend lately (Not only "desperate housewives", or "Grey's Anatomy", or even "Veronica Mars", we've got even the 4 season-old "Crossing Jordan", for instance). Now, "Weeds" should be VERY VERY good to compete in this category, even when it's written good, and acted, er, in a decent way.

    If you want to add to that the fact that the show is about illegal stuff, and, well, some people would not approve of their family watching this show (as great as it can be), or even authorities wanting to cancel the show - - well, I might say there are barriers ahead. On the other hand, I guess the show's producers thought of that matter already, or at least I hope so.

    Anyway, I just hope the show survives its first episodes for the time being. Sorry for the skepticism, but I really think someone ought to have thought it through some more...
  • really bad show about some white chick in the suburbs, whose nose moves when she talks, that deals pot. stupid, stupid, stupid.

    really, really bad. the characters are horrible, the stories and plots are even worse. if you enjoy HBO shows, stick with them, this show is garbage, every time i watch it, i fall asleep, i have given this show so many chances, and it fails every time. please do not waste your time, skip this show.
  • A very suburban widow turns to dealing pot to help pay the bills. The show is about her and her struggle with keeping this business out of her family’s lives.


    This is a better show than I had anticipated, I clicked it on expecting a drug-fueled farce and all the comic entanglements therein, however; I found a alluring tale of the plight of a widowed mother, making ends meet and trying to keep her lifestyle, with a small pot dealing business.
    The mother Mary-Louise Parker, is conflicted about her new business, yet not unfamiliar with it, there are many allusions that she has had extensive experience with pot throughout the show. Yet, Ms. Parker’s performance is excellent as she portrays a woman walking the razors edge of hypocrisy and familial duty.
    Great show, some good comedy, some evil satire, and overall a good watch.
  • To unreal? Guess again

    This is the the part of society we don't talk about. I know people even worse than this. I can't see this appealing to the masses. To compare to Desperate Housewives would take away its realness. Desperate Housewives is very campy this is reality shot campy way to lure viewers.
  • Sister Kohan Delivers the Goods

    Jenji Kohan, creator/co-executive producer of WEEDS, might just have the next "IT" show on TV. If that first name doesn't ring any bells, then the last name most certainly should. Jenji is the sister of David Kohan, creator and executive producer of the NBC hit series, "Will and Grace." Like her brother, writing and producing shows is in her blood. Arguably, Jenji has a laundry list of industry work; she's written scripts for HBO's "Sex and the City" and even WB's "Gilmore Girls." However, WEEDS is where she finally gets a chance to strike off on her own. And thus far, her experience and talent shows she is much more than a copycat of her brother.

    WEEDS is a quick-witted tour de force that brings togther smart dialogue, great pacing, and quirkly characters.

    Thanks to a great cast led by Mary Louise-Parker (Angels in America, Fried Green Tomatoes), WEEDS holds together well in spite of its hackneyed theme of corrupt suburban life. True to her background, the show has an undeniably WB feel to it. In fact, if you've watched an episode of "Gilmore Girls," you might do a doubletake on how similar Louise-Parker's character feels to Laura Graham's. But for the similarities, WEEDS is NOT Gilmore Girls, or is it "Desparate Housewives" as some posters have suggested.

    Remarkably, the script and story stand on its own merits, and the result is an original comedy of the likes unseen on cable or network TV. WEEDS is that unique series that pushes buttons but also starkly keeps within traditional norms. It's that odd imbalance that makes the show click, illustrating Kohan's special talent to keep us intrigued.

    WEEDS is a show that can help grow a network and draw in new viewers. It's edgy, but not egregious -- smart but not erudite-only. It is a big win for SHOWTIME, and should help it stand in line with HBO's best.

    If you haven't caught WEEDS yet, make sure you do. You don't see quality programming like this everyday, and it's important to tell networks we're much smarter than the "Fear-Factor" masses. WEEDS deserves attention, and to Ms. Kohan, welcome to the big leagues.

  • What "Desperate Housewives" would be if it was on Showtime...

    The only main reason that I watched the pilot to "weeds" was because my timer on "queer as folk" ran over an hour. And let me tell you, I am so glad that it did. "Weeds" is a very dark comedy that looks at the life of a widowed suburban housewife and her kids.

    But beneath the fasade of their picture perfect suburan home, lies a world similar to David Lynch's' "Blue Velvet." Ever since the widow's husband passed she has been selling grass to the local citizens (the mayor is her best customer), to make ends meet. Her Biggest competition is a 16 year old boy, that is having a fling with the rich guy around the corner. Her best friends is easily the most neraotic control freak. And these are the only the character that introduced in the pilot.

    The family that supplies her "weed" is one of the highlites of the show, you can't help but crack up whenever they are on screen. But beyond all these plot points, there is a satire that shows that no matter where people lives and how much money they have human nature, will screw every one up.

    Since I don't have Showtime anymore, all i can say is that Lion Gates cannot get theses DVD's out fast enough...
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