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  • ha ha lol

    i think this show is great.
    I grew up in a place like this.. lol
    I always thought my neighbor sold pot, just was never sure.... this proves it.

    im gonna love this show .. ill be pissed if it gets cancelled.

    love the content.. man they went to the line with that gay relationship.

    Ill write a better review after a couple eps.

  • Sucks.

    Plot please. Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.

    Suckers. Damn:
    Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.Plot please.
  • awesome show totally recommend it! it has everything! i hope this show stays on long long long long long time!!! a must show on any house !!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    awesome show totally recommend it! it has everything! i hope this show stays on long long long long long time!!! a must show on any house, its total uberness, the people on this show know how to act and i do dont know i just love it! i cant wait till the 2nd episode
  • great show good acting

    anyone who hasn't seen this please take a chance & watch it this is a great show with good actors and good up and coming actors.the show has a good mix of comedy and drama the storyline is enough to keep you wanting to come back for more each monday night
  • It's no Dead Like Me!

    It's no Dead Like Me! Yes, this show looks somewhat promosing. I can't, however, forget the fact that this is what replaced 'Dead Like Me'. DLM was much more original, quirky, and funny. Weeds looks like a true cookie-cutter drama, following the path of Desperate Housewives, just a bit more graphic. Don't get to use to this show, though. If it is a true hit, Showtime will soon cancel it- that's just what they do.
  • Heard good stuff, was good stuff, can't wait to see the rest...funny too!

    Well, I'd just like to preface this review with an announcement that I'm just used to reveiwing shows I have seen multiple episodes for - so this is a whole new concept/experience for me.

    And on to the episode reveiw...

    We had a great set up of the characters (who's names have not all sunk in so I will most likely refer to them as their role in the show).

    The main character (yes I can't remember her name) was played excently and I loved her whacky moral system that allowed her to swear in front of her kids but not want sex talk. Also her morals about drug dealing to kids.

    I also liked the supporting case in general - her two kids, the other drug dealer, the other guy who she sold pot to, and the bitchy soccer mum and her daughter. Each was excellently defined and added a extra dimension to the world of the show. The pot dealing characters were a bit harder to decipher and I didn't take an instant liking to them as I did the other characters but perhaps they will grow on me.

    Funny touches...

    Well I had to say the whole roof business - "Well technically we didn't have sex under your roof [camera pans up to the very lack of roof]"!

    Also the maids hail Mary when the two kids went of to their room for "fun and play".

    I thought the whole drug dealer being gay was funny as well [circumstance not subject matter].

    Other funnies including one of the drug dealers from the house (the girl) saying that having your dad drop dead on a run with you can "**** a kid up". [Yes TV.com is censored even though the show is not!]

    Some things I didn't find that funny included the whole Bear thing and most of the younger kids stuff. Maybe I just didn't get it because it was an American thing.

    That's about it I guess - because I don't really have to many comments to make about the general arc or characters as I'm not sure what direction the show will go with the characters - particularly as there appears to be at least 5-8 other characters whom the show may choose to focus on.

    Final thoughts...

    I thought it was an excellent start to a show that will no doubt be both challenging, controversial, entertaining and dramatic (funny's in there somewhere too!). Hopefully it will build up into bigger and better things as the arc of the show develops and I eageraly await the next installment.

    PS I just love the fact that they can swear and curse unlike most American shows (it's much more like real life!).

  • Delicious dramedy guaranteed to leave you with the munchies.

    While most in real life suburbia put on a show of how much they apparently have life in control, and how "normal" they are, this show satirically exposes that fallacy. Every character in the show has a flaw or a secret. If the rest of the series is as good as the pilot, it will be a definite hit.
  • No can do!

    Sorry, but this show is just too unrealistic. The acting is pretty good, and the look and feel of the show is nice, but the whole "weed" plot with the single "soccer"mom selling pot to everybody (except kids) which she acquires from a bundle of jolly african americans is just plain bad.

    Good looking young actors and a bunch of semifamiliar faces, isn't enough.
  • Not completely hilarious, but funny nonetheless.

    I just got finished watching the pilot of "Weeds", and I really don't know what to think. I enjoyed it, and it was funny, but I must disagree with the critics who say it's funnier than "Desperate Housewives". Sure, they use all the language they want and can be sexually explicit, and use illegal drugs, but it's still no funnier than the hot housewives.

    The pilot would have been better had it been longer, and if there was character development. We know very little about the main characters. All we know is that there is a mother who sells weed, doesn't care that her oldest son is having sex, and has a younger son who's considered a weirdo and likes to lick his own blood.

    I'll definitely watch a few more episodes at least, but if it doesn't get any better I'll stop and watch something else, because I like my shows to have interesting characters, not just humurous situations.
  • This could really turn out to be a great series.

    This show really captures me. The pilot was really nice indroducing a story that could be compared to a mixture of Desperate Housewifes and the funny movie How High. The cast is really good and so is the plot so far. Cant wait to see more of this. I really hope this dosent turn out to be one heavy problem drama in the end.

    If it just keeps he tempo and the ligth humor it got so far i will keep following this one for a long time.
  • The only thing wrong with this show is the opening credits...

    Weeds is a smart, funny and irreverent look at the upper-middle class neighborhoods that are not quite what he think they are.

    Mary-Louise Parker plays a recent widow who's husband may have appeared to be well-to-do, but, like most of the middle-class, was living just barely in his means, so when he drops dead while jogging with his teenage son, she is left with not enough money to support her family in the style in which they have been accustomed. The only way she can think of making a lot of money is to be the pot dealer for the soccer mom set.

    She does have rules, like no dealing to anyone under 18, and when a teenage dealer's connection leaves him without a product to push, she makes him promise not to deal to kids either - which he does anyway. Don't worry, she finds a way to control him. She's resourseful.

    All the characters, while smartly written and funny are not yet three dimentional, but that is normal with a pilot since pilots are much more full of exposition than normal series episodes.

    The only real problem I found was with the opening credits, which show the neighborhood as cookie-cutter with all the people dressed alike, and all driving the same, black SUV while the opening music drones on about how everything is the same in the suburbs. How disappointing that they had to use the same old convention they've been using for years in television and films to show that the exterior of the suburbs are all the same, while there is a seemy underbelly. Boring and hackneyed at best. A blemish on what really was a terrific opening episode.

  • From the Pilot I can say I like this show...

    At first it was like "ok, what's this about?" cause I couldn't relate a mother to the title of the show, then everything turned into a funny/posible situation which was really great, I love the 2 kids, and the older kid's girlfriend is really funny...
    I enjoy my time watching this, so I hope it gets really interesting, I'm beting on this show, so watch it!
  • A strong pilot episode leaves the door open for a great, darkly funny series. This is the show Desperate Housewives wishes it was...

    Mary-Louise Parker is certainly a hot talent.
    Following her critically acclaimed role in Angels in America and others in The West Wing to name but one, she takes centre stage as a recently widowed, pot selling mother.

    The setting is a picturesque suburban community a la Wysteria Lane. Except this time it's not a vehicle for the stars to get on the cover of Marie Claire or the like. This is the show Desperate Housewives wants to be, in fact, should be!

    Everyone has some meaty storyline or smart dialogue to spout. Even the young Alexander Gould, as Parker's young son, gets a great side plot. And as with Desperate Housewives, everyone has a secret which we'll likely see revealed over time.

    The story moves at a brisk, but not too fast, pace and instantly draws you in with interesting characters and controlled, not too flashy direction.

    Parker is quite irressistable as the slightly lost but very sharp mother, struggling to cope with the husbands sudden death.
    Elizabeth Perkins also puts in an excellent performance as the vain, child slimming neighbour Celia.
    The rest of the cast fill out nicely, working well with the fast moving script.
    I for one am instantly addicted(excuse the pun) and look forward to the series progressing.

    Great start though!
  • Been waiting for this..

    Okey, first of all.. Mary-Louise, I just love her.. she´s perfect in every way for this.

    The show is great and fun, and gives me hope that I would someday live in such a peaceful place, where those nice mom´s also is located ;)

    Our world needs more television ala "Saving Grace" ;) or atleast I do.

    Anyway.. great work, great topics, great show.

    Im out, need some sleep before 420 hits us again..
  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching Weeds. Some great characters and interesting "subplots". There's a lot going on and I only wish it was longer.

    The best thing for me, personally, is Mary Louise Parker. That said, this is one kind of program that I enjoy. The storyline covers many situations that can arise in a neighborhood and shows the serious as well as the funny aspects of those situations. I'm sure if she was selling Mary Kay it probably wouldn't be as funny and entertaining but we do get to look at ourselves as well as our neighbors and how we act in these various situations. We see hypocritical behaviour as well as real honesty from these characters. No one is completely good or completely bad. I look forward to seeing some of these characters develop and I know the series will get better and better.
  • Weeds is a delightfully dark and funny show. I hate to generalize it this way but think of Wisteria Lane, only the desperate housewife is dealing drugs.

    Nancy Botwin is a recently widowed wife raising 2 young boys in a rich, mundane LA suburb. She's a soccer mom, involved in the PTA, and to support her family she deals drugs. Talk about a curveball?

    That's what makes Mary-Louise Parker's character so great. She's everything a mother should be with this completely uncharacteristic quirk that she is in fact a drug dealer to the rich, recreational drug users that live in her safe gated community. In the pilot episode she deals with a "rival" dealer and actually sells him some but she has rules. She doesn't want him selling to kids...would most drug dealers impose that rule? I thought you try to widen your buying audience for better business?

    Rounding off the cast are Kevin Nealon and Elizbeth Perkins who are just as perfectly cast as Mary-Louise Parker is. Nealon plays a "client" of Parker's and offers the comedy you expect from a SNL alum. Perkins is the traditional "prude" surbuban mom which is just an absolute great contrast to the character of Nancy Botwin.

    The kids are also great on the show. Both Botwin boys really ground Nancy and it makes you not hate the fact that she is a drug dealer because she's doing it for her kids. The two boys offer a lightness and innocence from the dark humor. But not all the kids are innocent. There is a bit darkness laced in with Perkins young teenage daughter Quinn who is the typical rebelious teen that wants to have sex and what not.

    I absolutely love these shows. Call it a sitcom or a single camera comedy but the thing is, it blurs the line of comedy and drama. You don't know where things go. One second you're laughing your brains out and yet it's something as serious as wife finding out that her daughter just told her to "f*** off" and a few seconds before that saw her husband screwing his tennis instructor and sticking a tennis racket up his ass.

    Another great thing about the show that I love is they seem to take a tiny, inconsequential detail and turn it into something more. Take for example in the pilot. Mom comes home and theres a giant hole in the roof. Later in the episode the teenage daughter I mentioned earlier asks Nancy if she can have sex with her boyfriend(who is Nancy's older teenage son) in their house. Nancy isn't exactly on board but isn't off the idea completely. Later in the episode Nancy and Celia(Perkins) are talking and Celia tells Nancy that under any circumstances she won't let the two have sex under her roof. After a long day of dealing drugs and being a mother she comes home to find her son and his girlfriend having sex. She broke her promise to Celia but technically she didn't because the two had sex underneath the giant hole in the roof, not exactly under the roof. I love that sort of writing!

    This show is great, it goes in the line of other great comedy/dramas like Scrubs and Entourage. Definately worth watching.
  • What an interesting premise for a show...

    Take a cast, including Kevin Nealon as an out-of-it councilman, Elizabeth Perkins as the over-involved in everyone else’s life neighbor, and Mary-Louise Parker as the typical over-involved neighbor. Add a Stepford-esque community where Parker's character, Nancy Botwin, deals with life and business and you've got a great dark comedy on your hands.

    Such is the case for Weeds, Showtime’s latest late-night offering. Nancy Botwin’s struggle with her family life and making ends meet takes a fresh spin on a much-used idea with the help of her new side-business. Kevin Nealon provides a great comic relief as a city councilman who isn’t all there. As well as the crew Nancy goes to for the goods, including Indigo, who plays the part well.

    Not to mention that while tackling the lead issue, it also takes on many other aspects of society in a darkly comedic way. This is a show to keep your eye on, I don’t think Showtime is going to be letting this one go any time soon.
  • the right-wing religious nuts are gonna be all over this trying to get it banned. bank on it.

    the right-wing religious nuts are gonna be all over this trying to get it banned. bank on it.

    it looks great and very cool to see kevin nealon again. also Elizabeth Perkins and Mary-Louise Parker. i can hardly wait for this show to begin! it will be \"sssssmokinnnnn'\" oh yeah!!
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