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  • People!!!! Do you ever grow up?

    Geehs ... these people write a great comedy series; the actors are just about hand picked and do a fantastic job; and, after laughting all the way to the last episode you have the crapy idea to sheet on it? C'mon, just rave it and pray they continue the fantastic job they've done so far.

    Kudos to the entire cast and all the people behind it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • its confusing.

    I have never liked a show so much, while hating it so much at the same time. This show is undeniably hilarious but I hate all the characters. None of them are very sympathetic.
    Why are all the grownups so crazy? They are the worst role models in television. All the children are precocious annoying brats. I spent a weekend watching the entire show. Its deadly funny, yes, but wow are the Botwin clan and friends a bunch of idiots. The never ending drama of really bad decisions and insane life choices gives me, in equal parts, frustration and entertainment.
  • A financially strapped single mom starts selling weed to support her family after the sudden death of her husband.

    I was kind of into Weeds and its quirky, unexpectedly dark humor, in the beginning - I thought it would be more like a druggie version of Desperate Housewives or a druggier version of Six Feet Under - but I wasn't too crazy about its the overreliance on toilet humor. It's a bit out of place most of the time and works against the show's smarter moments. I didn't truly fall for the series until the roller coaster of laughs and thrills that was the 2nd Season. Andy's (Justin Kirk) masturbation speech to Nancy's youngest son, Shane (Alexander Gould) might be one of the funniest monologues in a sitcom, ever. It was so good that it spawned a spin-off through the University of Andy web series. However, since then, Weeds has become stuck in a pattern of raising the steaks only to blithely blow off some of the seriousness of the many screwed up complications that arise as perpetual hard-luck case, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), digs herself deeper into the criminal underworld. This, in effect, renders many of the show's turning points meaningless, particularly the precarious situations that Nancy and her family frequently find themselves in. Still, Weeds is nothing if not daring. Some of the bolder changes that followed the end of Season 3 were welcome and could have worked beautifully to streamline the story, but the show stagnated by keeping stale plotlines that served little to move the main story forward - i.e. the never-ending shenanigans of Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) and Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon). Yes, these characters do have their moments, but they mostly come off as needless filler.

    What made the first two season so good was its solid grounding in reality as seen through the seedy underbelly of the drug trade and how, whether it's acknowledged or not, that trade can effect the seemingly cloistered world of suburbia. Back then, the mix of shocking drama and dark humor worked well to keep viewers engaged and on their toes. You had no idea what to expect, but in the subsequent seasons, the show almost felt like it was parodying itself with more and more outlandish story lines without the same sense of impending doom, during Nancy's struggles, or breathtaking highs during her successes. After a while found myself caring less and less what happened to the characters because it became clear that they would find no footing out of the hole they and the writers have dug themselves into. Will I keep watching? Probably, because despite all its problems, Weeds remains a fairly entertaining ride, but I'm not as vested in what happens as I used to be because everything that left me craving to see what comes next has gradually gone by the wayside throughout its (as of this writing) 5-year run.
  • Season 8 ep 12

    ok I have loved the entire Show Weeds but I felt that the last episode ever. Season 8 Ep 12 was sloppy clumped together pulled out of the bum crap. I mean it had a few good points but it was just such a dissapointing ending : ( and I loved Weeds So bummed : (
  • What an unbelievable ride this was!

    Thank you for one of the best shows ever!
  • I have only watched season one since I dont have Showtime I missed season two. Luckily my video rental store had season one and it was great.

    The show could have contained more violence and I am glad that it didn\'t. The drug dealing world even at the weed level can be pretty agressive. There are some really good laughs in this show and although I dont laugh out loud I sure had some good internal feel good laughs. I am not sure what HBO has but Showtime is a real contender with this series! Does anyone know when they are releasing season two on DVD or where I might be able to find someone who recorded season two who might be willing to send it to me for a reasonable cost? If so email me please!

  • Doug for President!!!

    This show is so addicting. I didn't start watching untill 3 years after its series premier. I spent a whole day watching seasons 1-3 on DVD. I am addicted and can't get enough of Doug and Andy. The writing in this show is quick and witty. Acting is good, though I do find Nancy a bit essentric with her clothes and decisions. I can't wait for what the upcoming seasons will bring. I hope this show won't be a show that will fizzle out because of bad story lines. Please keep up the good luck, and thanks for all the laughs.
  • Great Plot, Great Characters/Actors, Great Producers, Great Everything.

    Awesome show! Weeds has just kept getting better from day one, It hooks you in, I am so glad that more seasons have been confirmed. If you're going to start watching this show, i recommend that you begin from Season one. Weeds has so much depth, it would be a shame to only scratch the surface by not watching the initial plot develop. I believe that this show will stay on the air until it's kicked off, there is a massive fan base that will stay behind it until the end. I can not wait to see the remainder of season six and the episodes of the future.
  • the right-wing religious nuts are gonna be all over this trying to get it banned. bank on it.

    the right-wing religious nuts are gonna be all over this trying to get it banned. bank on it.

    it looks great and very cool to see kevin nealon again. also Elizabeth Perkins and Mary-Louise Parker. i can hardly wait for this show to begin! it will be \"sssssmokinnnnn'\" oh yeah!!
  • Miss you!

    Thanks for the great show. :)

  • A hilarious show about an amateur family of drug dealers living in suburbia.

    This show was first introduced to me in college and I have been a fan of it ever since. It is full of humor and drama to keep everyone in the audience interested in the show. Andy (Nancy's brother in law) comes to stay with Nancy and her family as she is now selling weed in the suburbs where she lives after her husband died. Andy, for the most part is the comic relief of the show and never ceases to amaze. The rest of the cast provides humor and drama mixed into the show to keep it intriguing and amusing.
  • Goodbye, Weeds crew!

    Thank you, all. I really did enjoy the series. A special shout-out to Justin Kirk ( Andy Botwin), you really made the show. Your monologues were great since the beginning. I have to say that the first 3 seasons were magical, although, not every episode can be a winner. Thanks again for the good times. little boxes on the hillside.
  • I freaking love Weeds!

    I've been watching it for almost 2 weeks now and I'm on the 12th episode of season 5!! MUST SEE
  • Hilarious, clever, entertaining and sometimes a little sad.. thats just a few words to describe this awesome show..

    Okay..weeds must be the most clever, funny and entertaining show out there.. I've been watching it from the start and i must say..with the exeption of maybe one season..the show is just getting better and better.. I must honestly say that i thought the fifth season would be the starting of the end..but after watching the first 9 episodes, its like i said just getting better.. Ofcourse, as it most often is..the first couple of seasons was the best..in particular the second..and thanks to some incredible writers, it seems to they never run out of good ideas and plot twists..I really hope they continue the show for many seasons..
  • Hilarious, classic and well addictive...

    Where to begin something you enjoy every little bit of? From the characters to the acting to the brilliant writing staff. But I really think i should start with a regular feeling i have once i enjoy something close to perfect, when will it end? Or how will it be destroyed? Usually new and original idea shows ruin themselves with trying to recreate the first buzz the show gave, in our case conrad or peter the d.e.a agent or Agrestic. Not this show, it takes all the risks and pulls them off, they don't wait for the character to be "over used" with the same kind of situations they get rid of him at his highest point, not leaving room for a crash like prison break did. I think that's what every show should learn from weeds. Secondary the acting is perfect i really feel like the right expressions is on every character face at every moment through out the show. Especially Nancy's acting, it just makes you feel like she improvises everything, every decision she makes and the way she faces the downs to each of them. The comedy is more than funny, i love the andy doug situations especially. I want to go on but really i'll let the writers do the work. To sum up it fulfills its tittle WEEDS, for what they aimed at they hit a bulls eye.
    Watching Tv shows doesn't kill people canceling them does!
  • weeds ALL

    Bloody great !! kind of makes you feel like your not the only one this buzz out off life. lol

  • They sure know how to make a guy keep coming back for more!

    Weeds is a great show, always introducing new conflicts each and every episode and ramping up the tension. This is what good TV shows must do, and Weeds does it quite excellently. Nancy Botwin, a recently-widowed mother of two, is the protagonist who begins dealing marijuana to make ends meet. The plot thickens with each successive episode and , if you're like me, your curiosity will be piqued from episode number one. In short, give it a try from the first episode, as you won't be able to get involved with the characters and really connect with them unless you know the story from the bottom up. Netflix has the first five seasons on demand, and Showtime currently airs the show on Monday nights.
  • Not to shabby

    The show is about a single mother struggling to make some money, after her husband passes away. I never thought a show about a single mom, selling marijuana to make a better life for her family would be so good. Every season in this show has never been disappointing to me, and the way season five ended, with her youngest son, Shane killing Pilar with a croquet mallet, I can't wait to see what season six has in store for us. I have seen the first episode early thanks to the internet and it is looking to be a good season.

    For a forty plus year old women Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is F ing HOT.
  • Season six of 'Weeds' completely reinvents the show and it's characters while sticking to the same cooky stories that engage the fans.

    When Shane killed Pilar at the end of season five it left viewers hanging with the countless directions in which the show could go. The sixth batch of episodes about the Botwin's never failed to put it's characters into compromising and seemingly impossible situations to get out of. Starting off with a handful of cast members to join the on the road adventures that were ahead. We left Alanis Morisette in the house, Pilar in the pool and Esteban without a son. As if 'Weeds' tried really hard to never stick too long to one concept, the Botwins and the viewers were now travelling. From Seattle to Minnesota, every couple of episodes we were introduced to new characters who did their very best to pin the family down, only to have them escape when things got tough. It forced Shane to become Stevie's caretaker, Nancy to try and recapture her drugdealing days (along with the same disaster that idea always brings) and Sylas to long for a normal life which he found in the college experience. Andy and Doug didn't make too much progress except that it has become clear that Andy will always choose for Nancy and her sons and that Doug is an odd character to have stick around for as long as he does. In any way, every week it was a new surprise to where the story would go and every week new problems arose that gave the idea of running away such a claustrofobic experience you'd come to think as if Nancy and her men would never really escape from any thing. It is only fitting that the season ended exactly in that respect. Nancy can never escape, her men (and it's safe to say that if one of your sons is a cold-blooded killer, the youngest one a baby from a Mexican drug lord and the oldest one from a father he didn't know he had up until a week before, who are being escorded by your brother-in-law who has nowhere to go but with you, they are her men) can. So the season six finale gives you the same sort of feeling as the finale before that, only this time, it forced it's characters in such ways that viewers are left hanging, completely clueless as to where the story could possibly go now. In that respect, I disagree with anyone who says the show is no longer worth watching. Because it jumps the shark so many times, I personally can't wait to see how it manages to land this time.

    The show is moving along quite slowly in the development of it's current season's plot.
    If you are a Weeds fan, you can clearly see where the show is going this season...but the wait is quite a bore.
    I love Weeds, but please, get us out of Cali, and into Mexico if that's where the excitement begans.
    In addition, that set at the father in-laws is quite depressing...add in the mom whose about to die at any moment, and you'd wished that you had never turned to Showtime to watch the show.
    Weeds is just too much of a classic to be weighed down with this boring, depressing stuff.
    Come on...the writers can do better than this...or please, replace them. My friends and I look forward to watching the show, but it's got to get better.
    Cut to the Chase, and get us there fast, or you might lose waaaaay to many fans.
  • Do we really need another season......

    I have to say I am not a fan of the show, i like the theme initally (I mean who doesn't like lots of drugs and lots of sex). But after three seasons, I am not looking forward for another one cause I think the loop is just not funny anymore - first there is money problem, then they find a new cash flow, then some horrible **** happen and they are out of money again, then somehow they find a new way of making cash again and so on.

    And I am not quite happy with the romance line of the show: after nancy has finally made out with all the unrelated men on the show, i just do not see more twist they can put on the love line unless they go for inbreeding...... I do enjoy the first season, and I think they should just put an end to the show at that. To overrun so much is a disrespect for audience time and patience. Now if someone asked me if they should start watching the show on DVD, i would certainly say no cause he would need to waste time watching two more season of the same stuff.
  • The Best!

    Keeps you wanting more and more. The best series I have ever seen! A great cast also!!
  • A breath of fresh air!

    I started watching Weeds waaaay too late. I knew it was good, and I've had it for years, but when I started watching, I couldn't get my eyes of it.

    I have very little of bad things to say about the show, and a lot of truly great ones. Let's start with the plot, which is refreshing and hilarious at the same time. The very idea of the show itself is interesting: a single, white and still young widow has to put the food on the table and support her family, so she gets into the pot business. Intriguing. And that's not all.
    Mary-Louise Parker is excellent. She's real, she's dead on, she's believable, she's tough and fragile at the same time. She deals with the same dramas all mothers go through every day, plus, she's a pot dealer. Elizabeth Parkins is also amazing; I have to say I was never a big fan of hers, but she delivers, and boy, she delivers big. The dialogues are top-notch. It's not very hard to make a viewer laugh, but to make them laugh until they cry, yeah, that's a challenge. And Weeds will make you cry. The plot somehow always makes sense, and with the amount of charm attached to the show, you can forgive the occasional plot-holes. What's also important, is that the show is being actually quite open-minded and liberal about politics, religion and world in general - even if you lay the marijuana plot aside. It's very refreshing.
    Right of the bat, Weeds has become one of my favorites....just don't watch it with your Catholic grandma.
  • This show knows how to renew itself and rejuvenate without leaving the viewer lost and dazed. Weeds is sure to keep you hooked and surprize you from the beginning to the end.

    The popular misconception about the show is that Weeds deals with weed and the consumption of the drug (reference to the obvious title), making a lot of people's first contact with the show cold and distant (I'm especially thinking of overprotective parents that do not like the idea of a show about drugs). The truth is that it goes beyond the drug and the dealing, it goes deep into the soul of the people who deal and the relationship they try to keep with the morally and ethically "upright" society that surrounds them. But every society is meant to break at some point. We witness Nancy's struggle as she tries to keep herself sane and her family healthy but also her failure, especially recognizable starting from the move to Ren Mar in season 4, affecting those she loves dangerously. We have the long awaited drama that makes its appearance and completes the shows appeal. The greatest thing about the show is, in my opinion, the absurd details that sneak in the plotline (a gangster getting priuses for his gang? glorious) and the incredible acting performance of all the cast. It's truly a show not to be missed but beware its highly addictive rate once you get hooked.
  • A review + how to get free weeds DVD box set here: http://reviewcommunity.org/

    First of all I have a gift for you guys, you can get weeds DVD box set here: http://reviewcommunity.org/
    Free Weeds I really liked "weeds" tv shows because I could see everything in it. dram, comedy etc. That's great, not all tv shows have it. They never say lie about marijuana, it's very dangerous and harmful that you can't even imagine. if you search for it you will find out. So it's a duty to aware other people about this harmful material which weeds has done it very good. I like the way this movie was made. Thanks all for for reading. don't forget to get your free DVD ;)
  • Weeds is like a box of chocolates . . . you never know what you're going to get.

    I understand why many say the show "jumped the shark" this season - changing settings, dropping major players and introducing a whole new world - but I disagree. Weeds is very much like life, especially when lived in the fast lane of the the drug culture and her environs. People age, change and sometimes grow. They also stagnate and regress. Such is the tone of Weeds at her very best. Sending Celia off the deep end into drug addiction, intervention and recovery is funny. The trafficing of women across the border, not so much. I adore having a bit of violence cut the humor of the show and it is in the dichotomy that I find the heart of this program. Mary Louise Parker is a miracle actress who never makes a false move. Hunter Parrish has grown into a fine young actor. Eizabeth Perkins and Justin Kirk deserve every supporting entertainment award in the book for their work. Albert Brooks added a bit of spice to the cast this season. I miss Agrestic and Thaylea and Matthew Modine and the soccer mom culture, but I relish the possibilities of the new life they have injected into the program.
  • I tell you why - because its AwesomE!!!!!

    Its funny, it has good scripts and most of all - it has uncle Andy!!! Now seriusly, Andy and Doug is ThE most funny characters there is. I L0VE Justin Kirk, he is a great actor [its not easy to play stoned that well] and I just think his good at it..
    Kevin Nealon is hillarios***. He plays a perfect Doug.

    And - of curse - Mary Louise Parker, I saw her playing lots of differnt roles, and in each and every one of them she was putting her heart in. I could actoally relate to the role she was playing.

    This show may not be the best at setting examples for life, or aducationally, But it sure is Fun to watch!
    So, right, Nancy is a Drug-dealer; and so what if she is? it brings us this awesome show - than who are we to say its wrong? ;) [you do know I'm kidding, right? I do not approve of drugs or dealing them, but it is a great show..]
  • "...And the people in the houses all went to the university where they were put in boxes and they're all made of ticky-tacky and they came out all the same..."

    For those out there that love shows on HBO and "Desperate Housewives"-like shows will enjoy this little Showtime series entitled "Weeds". The show is flawless in every way and delivers both comedy and dramatic plots which I just love. Plus the ensemble cast is fantastic. Mary Louise Parker fresh off her recurring role as Amy Gardener on the Aaron Sorkin drama, "The West Wing" now stars in her own show as Nancy Botwin, a suburban mom who is left widowed after her husband Judah (the cursed Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has had characters that have died on other shows he has recurred on, *hint hint* Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy. ) Without a salary coming in every week, what else is a mother do to provide money for her children? Sell weed of course. Other characters include the woman I hate to love Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins), who is my favorite character on the show because of her sassy and domineering attitude. Andy, Judah's freeloading brother who comes back in town shortly after Judah's death to live with Nancy and the kids. Lupita, Nancy's long-time Latin housekeeper who really doesn't do any cleaning. Doug Wilson, the town councilman and CPA for Nancy who is also one of her regular pot clients. Heylia, Nancy's dealer who has a very matronly personality and will tell you if you're out of line or take what you have if you owe her-- I mean she is running a business. Heylia's partner in crime, Conrad, who has a ongoing flirtation with Nancy in addition to looking out for her. Also are Silas and Shane, Nancy's sons. Silas is a sex-crazed 15 year old and dated (later impregnating) the neighborhood deaf girl. Shane is somewhat of a misfit who is often ostracized for being different from his other classmates, although he does exhibit some strange behaviors.

    Each week, Weeds explores life in suburbia much like Desperate Housewives but much more raunchier and actually better. But hello, this is the world of premium cable where the writers can explore much more broader and controversial issues without having network and advertising executives breathing down their necks. And of course what cable show wouldn't be complete without the occasional profanities, sex, violence and major drug use. I like that Weeds has that sitcom feel that its only about 27 minutes in length but feels like a mini-drama to me. I get so into the show that I lose complete track of time when I watching. By the time it really begins getting interesting, the credits appear. Every season seems to get better and hopefully an extended season 3 will even be better.

    HBO watch out, between Dexter, The Tudors and this show, Showtime is slowly becoming the network to watch due to its decisions to greenlight quality and entertaining programs for adults to watch. Thank you! Season 3 cannot come sooner!
  • Intriguing interesting show, 10 thumbs up!

    Weeds is a very intereting, funny, entertaining show. The way the show is written is like watching people in reality. It\'s a down to earth show that shows you the inside workings of how people would behave in a situation like that. The intereaction between characters and the way they talk is exactly how normal people would talk in real life. Its exact opposite of shows like soap operas where you know they are acting. The show makes you want to watch the next episode just to see how they get themselves out of the situation they are in. I hooked on the show. Cant wait to see what happens next.Hurry up season 3!!!!!!
  • Ohh my Frkn God!

    This is the most original show there is out there and the most ballsy and gutsy show! Yeah it has controversy sorrounding it but the writting is just awesome. It just gets better every week, every episode topps the last one. Who would of thought a show about a milf making money by selling weed would have been this great!!But what makes this show the best is the cast. I just cant picture this show being what it is with someone else playing nancy or celia. All we can just hope for is that the writting and ideas keep getting better (along with the ratings) so we can have more and more of this phenomenon!!
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