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  • Soccer-mom Nancy sells marijuana after the death of her husband so she can continue her rich lifestyle.

    When I heard about this show, my interest was peaked. A drug-dealing soccer mom? original, for sure. But then I watched it. I say, How many shows can there be about the rich families and sexy rich mothers in upper-class Californian suburbs? You might say, oh, but this one sells marijuana. True, but the show is still based on the private on-goings and juicy affairs in each home. Desperate Housewives with a twist of marijuana? no thanks. I watched most of the first two seasons and came to the conclusion that I honestly don't care what happens to Nancy or the other characters. And I'm under the impression that the show is trying to be touching/moving much of the time- and to me the result is a group of unsympathetic, rich **** like in every other show. Am I supposed to connect with the sexy, widowed, soccer-mom who decided to sell drugs to keep her sons in their beautiful home? how unrealistic. I'm not saying it's complete garbage, a lot of people enjoy these "cutting edge dramas". bottom line: overrated.