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  • This show is so good your going to hate it.


    I love this series, watch every episode. But its more of the hate that I love. I love to hate this show. I like the stuff about "weed" and the cartel part of the series was really awesome. But I have some major major problems with this series. Throughout the whole show (iv seen every episode, so I know), Nancy ends up ruining everything by having sex with the wrong person. Any drug dealer knows not to be making all these mistakes she continues to make. If that couldnt get any worse, she passed it on to Sylis. He starts making the same obviously retarded mistakes no one in real life would consider even making. Basically this whole series makes you hate the characters, and the ignorance of people in general. You will want to watch every episode, but the whole time you'll be yelling at your TV. A series shouldnt be this predictable either. From just seeing the first five minutes of an episode you can accurately describe the rest of the episode without having seen it. Show has potential, they just seem to make such rookie mistakes.