Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on Showtime
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Nancy tries out a new source but it doesn't go so well. Conrad and Nancy are having some good interplay. Heylia and Vaneeta like the new neighborhood. Celia is angry.

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  • Nancy gets a new supplier, Shane gets a new "friend", Celia and Heylia make friends

    I thought this episode was pretty much filler. I was not impressed in the slightest. So what? Nancy and Conrad are a couple now? I don't get it. I also don't understand the U-Turn tatoo she got, it's pretty weird I think. I did enjoy Celia this episode. Smashing up Sullivans office was pretty classic, as was her making friends with Heylia. Nancy is getting on my nerves because she makes so many bad decisions on the fly and survives by luck alone, its getting to be too much. I feel bad for Shane who is seeing ghosts which is pretty sad because Nancy is such a bad mother, even though she does love them she cant see that they need her. I hope next week is less disappointing.moreless
  • Consignment: A Nancy Botwin Story

    Andy brings Nancy into the fold on the biker chick and her brother and how they happen to know so much about her and her operation. Celia shows Sullivan what it means to be a woman scorned and wants in on the MILF operation. Vanita and Haylia start to plant stuff outside of her house to mask the powerful smell coming from Celia's house. Tara and the others get bad feedback from Chessy's free product. Sanjay begins to take responsibility as a father. Nancy gets a new tattoo in memory of U-Turn and Chessy isn't too happy about Nancy pulling out of their "business arrangement" and messes up Silas and she must take preventative measures to ensure the safety of her family.moreless
  • We have stolen church crosses, new biker suppliers, celia on the warpath and in need of some serious hrt patches, then we have Shane who needs some medicine or maybe even a bong to sort himself out, all go here.moreless

    The episode starts with Nancy walking into the house reading the local paper about a church cross being stolen, and then she walks in and finds a massive cross in her front room, then Nancy has to make some choice decisions about their supplies until the crop is ready once more, as she and her troops are only just really scraping by.

    She goes off to see the biker weed dude Ches, gets a pound of weed, but the word from her troops is that it is not very good, clients are starting to argue about it, wanting refunds. Sanjay complains that he has a scan in the morning and that stuff is real expensive.

    Celia getting even with Sullivan is classic, a baseball bat to the whole of his office, this was such a classic approach of a woman scorned etc, but then she tells Sullivan that for her sake, she hopes that him and Nancy used precautions as she would hate it if he replicated, this was said in front of some church types.

    Then she goes off to help out with the grow house, as she is wired, her help is in the form of going to the nursery and getting some plants for the front of the grow house to hide the smell of the weeds growing in the house. Celia and Heylia start bonding which could or could not be interesting.

    Shane's alarm system seems to be getting bugs in it, it goes off when Silas is explaining that the bikers did the damage to him, in retribution for Nancy saying that she would not be using their product anymore. Andy asks him three times how to turn it off, but he continues his conversation, when asked who he is talking too, he replies "Dad" he's sitting right there. Looks like the therapy is not working or he's become a ghost whisperer.moreless
  • Celia visits Sullivan

    Not really a filler episode, but almost.

    Nancy needs to made some decisions about what she wants with her life. She's been scraping by, mostly due to luck. I hope she and Conrad become a real couple, I like him, a lot more than I like Sullivan or Peter.

    Celia demolishing Sullivan's office was classic!! Such a great scene ans she obviously enjoyed herself. Her asking Conrad for more things to do was fun too, she was on such a high. Despite the downer of being asked to help with planting the outside garden, her bonding with Heylia was fun to watch.

    Why was Tara in this episode ?? Come to think of it, Andy and Doug were extremely underused too. Apart from the cross storyline, they didn't have much to do. Give them a proper storyline.

    Oh yeah, I thought the U-turn tattoo was silly.moreless
  • With Milf in low supply, Nancy checks out other options, Celia confronts Sullivan, Helia adjusts to suburban life, Andy continues to try to get laid, Shane has a new friend, Silas runs into some trouble, Doug hides a cross. - Alp1981moreless

    Pretty solid episode overall, although this 25 minute stuff has got to stop. I'd like a full hour, but at least give me the full half hour. Anyways...

    I like where they're going with the Heylia/Celia relationship. Anyone else see the Nancy/U-Turn/Marvin relationship throwback? Vaneeta works her ass off, then Heylia tells Vaneeta to "shut the F*ck up." Celia soon follows suit, although unlike Nancy she needs no prompting, and tells off Vaneeta. Will Celia continue her "thug" streak and become a major player in Agrestic's drug market? Will Vaneeta try to make a power play for the crop over Heylia? Unlikely, but it'd be a pretty interesting plot twist.

    I think the biker's beating up Silas wasn't really out of left field. I think the connection comes from Dean's injuries from Chester's bike gang (notice Chester was the lead biker who ran Dean off the road). These guys don't mess around when it comes to kicking ass. Which brings us to the protection from tres seis (3-6 for those who no hablo the espanol) I'm really excited to see Guillermo and his boys return. I'm wondering if he'll require anything more than just a brick dance this time, and if so will it lead to a split between Conrad and Nancy? Nancy is so bi-polar with her all-business alter-ego "Lacy LaPlant," (anyone else think she she start going by this name?) that she's starting to lose grip on her normal self. This is most evident with her relationship with her sons, but it's also starting to show in her relationship with Conrad. It seems much harder for him to separate business from personal life, which Nancy THINKS she's a pro at. Her self-destructive path is spiraling quickly out of control. Remember the words of advice from Tusk when asked if he missed his family: "I'd miss them a lot more if they were dead." With Silas getting his ass kicked, hopefully she'll remember these words of drug-lord wisdom and figure out how to turn it around.

    This leads up to Shane and his "visions" of Judah. Is this for real or is he faking to get his mom to move to Pittsburgh, away from the dope game she's now so deep in? It seems for real, as his first "talk" with him was when the alarm went off and he couldn't find anyone, so he goes to his natural protector, his dad. He did say, however, that he doesn't believe in miracles, he believes in Pittsburgh. It would take a miracle to get Nancy out of the mess she's gotten herself into and in Shane's mind this could equal getting her to move to Pittsburgh. Only time will tell, but with Weeds getting picked up for another season, I doubt they'll be out of Agrestic any time soon.

    Side notes:

    - Maybe this is me not paying attention to a previous episode but is it possible that the "other guy" in Tara's life was Sullivan? He said he was moving on now so that could explain why she told Silas he wouldn't have to share her anymore. A long shot but an interesting one at least.

    - Andy... oh Andy. You horny little hound dog. Conrad said U-Turn caused nothing but pain; seems more like Andy's m.o. I foresee a game of Risk deciding who stays and who goes in Agrestic... psych. I'm just a big Risk fan. But from the preview of next week's episode it seems like he grows (some, however small) balls and is starting to step up for the family.

    - Sanjay and Clinique... nothing to be said there. I love it for the humor interjected into what has become a fairly serious show. Nothing really plot-worthy but still, I wouldn't have him any other way.

    - Doug. God I love Doug. Like Sanjay another welcome dose of comedy to the show. His frat boy antics are what drew many, including myself, to this show. Keep up the good work.

    - What happened to the payments to Valerie Scottson? Who cares? Sorry if you disagree but that was a pretty boring part of the show. She gives more trouble to Nancy (as if she needed any) but other than that, I don't see Valerie as anything other than another (failing) effort by Nancy to retain her normal life as opposed to the thug-life she's now fallen into.

    Here's to hoping Andy kicks Chester's ass in a game of Risk for Agrestic domination.moreless
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