Season 3 Episode 10

Roy Till Called

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Nancy gets something of Peter's and it has consequences

    I thought this was a great episode. I am not loving this season as a whole, its a little too weird for me, but I thought this episode was good. Celia having to take care of Dean was pretty funny, although the whole thing with his diaper was too much information. I totally called that Nancy was going to wind up with Peter's insurance money... I don't know why she had to go ahead and be friends with Valerie because she could have just kept the money with no consequences then but now she has weird guilt feelings and I don't know why cause I really don't like Valerie or her weirdo son. Doug was stellar as usual again. I knew that Nancy sleeping with Sullivan was going to cause trouble. I wonder who it is that winds up sending the PI after her. It could totally be Celia but I also feel like that might be too obvious. I personally think it might wind up being someone else. Can't wait for that storyline to begin.
  • Nancy receives Peter's life insurance money

    A filler episode in which not too much happened. As another reviewer wrote, I don't really understand the whole Valerie storyline. Without it Nancy could have just cashed the life insurance money, but now there's this awkward feeling of guilt. I guess the writers felt there needed to be complications.

    I'm surprised Silas and Conrad seem to be working well together. I hadn't expected Silas to listen, but it looks like he did and actually learnt some things.

    Doug's a crook but a funny crook though I didn't understand why Nancy would support him in his embezzlement scheme. I would've thought she'd want some security, relative security at least.

    Andy was just around, no storyline for him...
  • nancy is left with a choice after getting some money.

    Nancy shouts out loud about peter's death. She is left to deciede on who to give some money she just recieved. As usual by the end of it she gets desperate and some interesting things happen. Doug almost goes to jail that part was really hilarious. Celia realizes somethings about her lover she didnt want to know. This episode went almost nowhere but was still very interesting. But most of jokes in this one were driven from the previous episode. So try not to miss the last two episodes. I hope it doesnt become the end of the train and writers build up from here. Keep up the good work.
  • Financial Problems: A Nancy Botwin Story

    Doug is in trouble as the Majestic/Agrestic union means that they will looks at Majestic financial books and he needs to get the money back which they've already invested in more product. Nancy has her solution as she receives Peter's pension check with many more to come which totals six figures. She plans to give it to Valerie after it is remade in the business but she quickly becomes infuriated by Valerie's impatience for the money. Celia and Sullivan continue their relationship but when he stumbles upon Dean hidden when they are in the middle of an "encounter" he leaves and Celia later sees him having sex with Nancy at the office. Oh Weeds, you sure do know how to make our heartstrings pluck!
  • Nancys products is selling itself and her troops are happy. Dean is recovering slowly from the ops after the motorbike accident. Valerie starts to ask alot, especially after Nancy pops down to the DEA for a meeting.

    Nancy is busy having her troops selling the weed, it seems to be coming in nicely, so she takes some of the money to Doug, to repay some of the 50k that was borrowed from the Agrestic council funds, but Doug says that its best to save the capital until it is time to definately time to repay it, so Nancy goes and buys more bricks.

    Nancy has to go and see Captain Roy Till of the DEA, Andy took the call but was not told what it was about, she fears the worst but goes down, in the end she is pleased to find out that all Peters pension checks will be going to her and then she gets a cheque for his life insurance monies.

    Valerie and Nancy go crazy golfing where there is a heated debate regarding the money and the fact that Nancy didn't tell Val that she had married Peter, but more importantly Valerie wants the money that is owed her, as she did live with him for 11 years.

    Silas gets more instructions from Conrad and the skills and knowledge seems to be working out as he gets it right, although not overly quickly and that is noticeable, perhaps he's been doing some of his own product!!

    Nancy and Valerie come to verbal blows when Nancy turns up with only $4500 instead of 120k, but she couldn't really say to her that she's a drug dealer and that Doug needed the money back immediately or that he would face jail, so she tells her that she would have more for her at the end of the month.

    Sullivan goes to see Celia, who places Dean in the laundry room, so that she can have company in private, Sullivan discovers this and says perhaps they should cool it for a while, but later she goes back to see him at the office, only to find him and Nancy making out. Poor Celia - nah, not after she did Conrad outside the club months before.