Season 8 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Saplings

    This had comedy, some intrigue, some over the top zany is more like what we have come to expect from Weeds. The show jumps around a lot with characters and time, but this has never been a show that sticks by a certain formula.
  • Jacked

    Silas gets an offer from a Southern Tobacco company to manufacture weed cigarettes for them under the table and Nancy goes with him to be sure that everything is on the level. But when she learns that the company isn't officially acknowledging the growing until Weed is legal Silas would be on his own if he were to ever get caught. Silas's speech about not being ok with growing a drug and only seeing it reduced to a medical purpose rather than its recreational usage that he likes to see it used for. Shane gets a drug dealer's car out of impound and picks up girlfriend for a little joyride but friends of the drug dealer see it as their friends car and jack it from them meaning that Shane will either have to track the car down or just be fired cuz things ain't looking too good for him. Andy, with Jill having gone back to Sacramento after her pregnancy fake-out, is lost and learns that the rabbi is sleeping with Nancy and his thoughts over her not having loved anyone since Judah died is a significant insight into her psyche. Presumably lost and seemingly compatible with a waitress he seems willing to take a major risk with her, uh oh. Doug gets visits with overflow from other homeless shelters and since he's a fraud he doesn't actually have any food or amenities so he has to improvise with meeting their needs. Silas takes the job against Nancy's advice with a spit and a handshake with his Deep South North Carolina Good Ol' Boy employer. Good episode, hope more to come on the selling angle but not as good as the past few installments have been but seeing Silas truly fly out of the nest for real and Andy willing to take risks now take us to a dynamic that we haven't exactly seen before. This being the final season hopefully nothing gets thrown away as we move closer to the series finale.
  • Saplings

    Saplings was another perfectly entertaining episode of Weeds. It was interesting to see Silas be approached by big tobacco in a bid to jump the shark on the possibility of recreational marijuana being legalized. Nancy trying to protect him was nice and I liked the scene where she met the guy's father and they discussed Saplings aka their children. Shane and his girlfriend going for a joy ride and getting steamy was fun. It was funny what happened to them and I wonder what trouble will come about. Doug dealing with his new clients was hilarious and their requests were funny! Andy bonding with the Rabbi was fun and it was intriguing to see him help the Rabbi with Nancy as he was looking at his own future of love. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!