Season 8 Episode 3

See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on Showtime

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  • See Blue And Smell Cheese And Die

    The third episode of the final season, but it was nothing special. The scenes with Andy are usual the highlight of every episode, but this was a disappointing effort on his part. Andy does not have chemistry with the kids and it led to a lot of boring moments on tonight's episodes.

    Hopefully this was just a one week setback for Weeds.
  • Scared Straight

    Andy becomes the coach of Jill's daughters' roller derby team and fails when he is is not permissive of their "win at all costs" dirty fighting attempt to win. Scott tries to one up Andy for his family's validation but Jill still seems to favor Andy. Nancy goes after the now missing Shane finding out that he went after Scottson Junior. Nancy wants to stop Shane from presumably killing Tim before she can get to him for answers. They reach his house in Pennsylvania and find his weirdo hippie girlfriend who tells them that he works at Subway and when they tell her Tim shot Nancy in the head she punches a hole in the wall surprisingly. Nancy intimidates Tim at his Subway job while he makes her a sandwich and has the whole "just saw a ghost impression." After trying to scare Tim straight and to go back to California or disappear but Shane shows up with a sheriff and his cop mentor from last season and arrests Tim for Nancy's attempted murder. For Nancy it is a little sad that she couldn't stop another troubled kid that she helped create from going down the wrong path even though Shane is showcased as having gone down a good path even though being neglected by Nancy. It was a good episode that closed the door on the shooter arc and also cleared out the Jill/Andy thing to a "they're together for now" sort of conclusion which means that they can make Season 8 its own thing without the lingering stuff from last season hanging over it. Also Doug's getting fired with his pal from the SEC and getting his hedge-fund sold to China by the government was a totally great comment on the economy as it is now and the Doug Wilson charity organization is a whole new sleaze than we've seen Doug as capable of since he peaked at Nancy's breasts in the season premiere maybe even a new gag or subplot.