Season 3 Episode 4

Sh*t Highway

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Nancy gets a job and becomes overly paranoid. Silas takes charge and Andy finds himself in a scary situation.

    I just have one thing to say. I love Doug. Watching him take over the council again and in essence move Celia right out was classic to his character. He is absolutely hilarious. I also was going crazy when that guy was killed with Andy! That was insane. I can't wait to see how he gets out of that one. I am glad that Nancy finally is getting a job but I just don't see how that is going to get her out of her current situation with U-Turn. That situation is becoming really crazy. I am also disappointed that Conrad has left Nancy out to dry the way he has. I thought he was better than that but I guess they are making this his true colors. I am curious to see how they have everything play out this season.
  • Nancy going clean? Silas becoming the dealer? Will U-turn ever leave Nancy alone?

    There is no where else this show can go but up! I think the plot of this episode was a very exciting but also important to the plot of what Nancy is going to do to get her money back to U-turn. Silas is starting to get in to the dealing business, that could be trouble! I am very proud of Nancy that she is trying to go straight and make real money, but Silas could be taking the business to the Community Service, which could be nothing but trouble
    ! It will be exciting to see what this season brings!
  • love a drug dealin' gansta wearing a cross...

    So I really am not sure about the whole majestic versus agrestic thing – nothing but trouble for some people. But we know the good religious people like their pot so it could be a good thing for some people. I do not understand why Celia seems to be helping Nancy out – maybe to hold it over her head in the future. I like that Doug is back on the council. He and Celia have such a good love and hate relationship. Silas selling pot while he is doing his probation work, hmmm. Nancy's boss totally sexually harassing her and her just dealing with it, hmm. And Conrad not talking to Nancy, sad.
  • Andy's buddy in the army unexpectedly dies, Silas plans on dealing and Nancy gets a job.

    I thought the Doug storyline was great. He's a councilman again and the council, including Celia, now have to decide what to do about Majestic's offer to be its sewer system. I'm sure there's money to be had, especially given the attitude of Majestic's councilman towards Celia.

    Silas'community service leads to opportunities to seel weed, at least that's what he thinks and Nancy cannot stop him. Shane writes a CV for Nancy and she does get a job in Majestic, even though the man who hires sees through the fake CV.

    Andy's not-so-desk-job aka boot camp turns sour when he and his buddy goof around while waiting for a drone to take pictures. His buddy is killed and Andy runs...
  • Nancy has to deal with Peters DEA partner, she also gets a job with the aid of a fake cv. Sila's community service comes in handy. Doug gets back onto the council with a technicality. Andy's bootcamp partner dies on him when they were goofing around.

    Nancy is probed some more regarding the sudden disappearance of Peter, by his DEA partner. This is not going to just go away, especially as there has to be an official report on the matter. Nancy does happen to get a job for the Majestic's projects, But on the other hand she is trying to make the debt to u-turn smaller, but she ends going to use the campus security person to sell some, but her paranai gets to her and she imagines that there are alot of dea agents about.

    Andy has a shock as he is boot camped around the military training base, so much for his desk job, but then him and his bootcamp buddy get selected for a task, which ends in them two messing about, which stops the moment his buddy gets hit by a drone in the chest.

    Doug gets himself back on the council, as a member leaves and they vote him on as an intrim member, this is so that they can milk the situation that Majestic projects is proposing, leaving the head of the projects to hire Nancy, on Celia's recommendation, and then use Nancy's knowledge to work in his favour.
  • Toilet Bowl and the Comeback of Doug: An Agrestic Chronicle

    A proposition from a zoner of the neighboring town of Majestic goes in front of the city council and asks if they can dump part of their sewage through Agrestic and in exchange will let them have part in all of their community. Silas starts his community service and finds it's better than he thought it would be. Nancy is paranoid after a visit from Peter's DEA partner and has her looking every which way. She gets job with the zoning guy, Sullivan, from Majestic from a recommendation from none other than Celia who gets hit on by Sullivan. Doug gets reelected City Council through a bylaw to overlook the zoning of Agrestic as they will make a huge profit on this deal. Nancy meanwhile tries to move U-Turn's brick of weed that he gave her and gets assistance from the Campus Security guy who jacked her in Season 1. Silas may turn to dealing and Nancy says that she doesn't want it for him and it is quite tragic that she can't even hold a conversation with her own son for very long but a good balanced episode with the threat of U-Turn still lingering wondering what happens next is nerve wracking, especially with his devil may care attitude towards the DEA in particular he is definitely one psychotic dealer.
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