Season 5 Episode 4

Super Lucky Happy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Easily the best episode of seasons 4 and 5...

    If you try and recall how Weeds used to be uncontrollably funny during the first few seasons, and when the cast was new and the story was simple. The times when the drug mafia was still uncharted territory. The times when the goofiness of characters was fun to watch than the suspense and thrill of a mob-style story. Well, this episode just brings back some old school stuff.

    Ignacio, the new bodyguard fired a full magazine of outrageous funny stuff. Who could actually expect Roy Till's return the center of action to be a comedy sequence. Doug, Andy, Shane, and Silas did their best and gave their fair share of comedy. I would have given a 9, if the ending had not been a cliche walk-in-the-beach-pondering-about-future scene. But again, if this had been a full blow comedy, the show would have jumped the shark.

    Nice going Weeds.
  • Episode 504.

    Lately my reviews have discussed at length how this show is caught in the middle of genres right now, not wanting to be a full-blown comedy, but moving a little too close to the drama side, and not being able to master the mixture known as the "dramedy". This episode pretty much sealed the fate that this show should be classified as a half hour drama now as it offered very laughs outside of Doug, and the former cop getting an erection while fighting, but did have some emotional moments much like last week's installment. Weeds is starting to get a little too formulaic and uninspiring for my taste, but I must admit that it is a steady improvement from last year.