Season 7 Episode 10

System Overhead

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 29, 2011 on Showtime

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    "System Overload" was another solid episode of the show with a nice twist ending as we saw Nancy do everything to put the opposition in trouble only for Silas to make a deal with them. Clever writing to do that, and of course Andy had some funny lines as well tonight, but frankly this was just an average episode by this season's standards. Season 7 has been pretty fun thus far, but I just do not know if they have built up an arc to end the finale in a big way; today's episode certainly did not indicate that.

  • Problem Solving 101


    In the wake of last week's upside down ending Silas and Andy look to set things right. Demetri tells Nancy that if she doesn't handle the problem with Pouncy House he will bring in some muscle to do it for her. Nancy learns of Shane's incarceration and goes to the station and talks to Cop to get him out while realizing how much her children are lost as people. Andy and Silas confront Emma at Columbia University campus and Andy, taking the turning his bike shop upside down personally, takes Emma hostage with a nail-gun and tries to get her to set things right while trying to figure out why his life is so blighted since they stole the Copenhagen wheels. Doug gets watched by an SEC rep who goes through their books in the wake of the CEO's disappearance last week and they need to keep cash flow moving to keep the pensions safe and stuff. Nancy and Silas go about different ways of solving the Pouncy House problem Nancy by getting Cop to arrest Emma and the rest for dealing and possession and Silas by trying to join forces which creates a definite conflict of interest. Solid episode that gives us a great lift off into the last three episodes of the newly resurrected Weeds.

  • System Overhead


    System Overhead was a perfect episode of Weeds and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story lines all crossed and overlapped and came together in the usual fashion of this series. I thought it was great how Detective Betz was looking out for Shane. Andy went a little crazy and Silas still couldn't think with his brain and made some important decisions but not before Nancy made some of her own. There was some great humor, lots of character and plot development as well as intrigue. I look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds to see what will happen next!!!!!!!!!