Season 3 Episode 12

The Dark Time

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Here comes the Fire Marshal

    The fire marshal is going to inspect the Aguatecture property so they have to move the crop. Nancy threatens Celia's life after she attempts to extort money from her. Andy tries to pick up a biker chick at a handicapped game and takes Dean along as a pretense pick her up. Doug plots revenge on Sullivan and takes a cross off of the top of a church and Sullivan tries to reclaim it. The biker chick isn't all she turns out to be and many familiar faces from Weeds' past show up to help move the crop into a replacement house. Overall a good episode, but I don't like the biker story right now.
  • Celia decides that the world owes her for her bad luck and therefore Nancy will pay. An unexpected things occurs and the entire grow house needs to be moved to a new location. Doug's frat house pranks get Sullivan mad. Conrad and Nancy get it on at last.

    Celia comes around to Nancy's, semi drunk and has a lot of built up tension, she threatens Nancy with all sorts of what if's, but after she confesses that watched her have sex with her boyfriend, it pushes Nancy over the edge and she gets her by the neck on top of her kitchen counter, now Celia knows how committed Nancy is, perhaps she'll ease up, but she did say that she wanted in on the action.

    Heylia is having coffee with the owner of the units where she is looking after the grow house, discuss how his retirement is going, when he drops the bombshell that there is a fire marshall's inspection first thing the following morning. She blames Conrad for not telling her about this little dilemma.

    Nancy gets a phone call regarding this, shane wants to come, but Nancy explains about their little dark time in their life, that at some point they will be able to do those nice little family things, like the other regular folks do.

    The grow crew only have 8 hours to find a place and get the operation set back up before all the plants start to die. Nancy has one idea and she goes to see Celia regarding this aspect, who wants in and gets bribed heavily into them using the dummy corporation house, as expected she gives them the okay and the guys start moving stuff in straight away.

    Doug asks Andy's help, who is a bit reluctant to get involved with Doug's revenge plans on Suliivan, but he grabs Dean and they both go off to some wheelchair killer ball game, in order for Andy to get closer to Denise who he has met there. He gets her address and a date promise, but when he turns up, he basically gets told that he's to tell Nancy about their stuff.

    During the move, when all parties are there, the girl that u-turn got to check to see if Sanjay was gay is helping, she's pregnant and its sanjay's - tff, we know where this will lead for sure. But she just wants money.

    Conrad and Nancy get it on at last, well it's been brewing for 2 and 1/2 seasons.
  • A fire check is heating things up

    Nancy is at her adventurous best in this episode. Conrad finally gets some time on his own with nancy. Andy hits on a new chich and he comes with a plan. Things are not as good as it seems. There is also trouble in paradise suff needs to be moved so nancy might need Celia's help. This episode has its character developments at its sadistic best bringing a really beautiful performance from Mary Louis. Her son is still learning from conrad so things are really heating up. Doug sinks really low and brings some of the shows best laughs. Watch out for him.
  • Due to a fire inspection, the growhouse and the plants in it have to be moved and Andy gets into trouble.

    Well, it took almost three seasons but Nancy and Conrad get together. In all of these episodes they only ever had one kiss, if I remember correctly, but this time they go beyond kissing.
    I don't usually approve of Nancy's choice of partners, but this time I do. Conrad has liked her since day one and contrary to her sleeping with, say, Sullivan, I can actually see this developing into a relationship. I'm not saying the writers will take this road and Heylia will probably disapprove, but I would like for them to be together. This scene alone earned the episode such a high rating.

    Nancy threatening Celia was classic and Shane's question afterwards was terribly funny and sad at the same time. At least Celia is now in the fold. I've got a feeling Doug will try and pin the grow house on Sullivan, though what the effects of such an action may be I don't know...
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