Season 4 Episode 10

The Love Circle Overlap

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 18, 2008 on Showtime
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Nancy is shocked when she discovers another purpose of Esteban's tunnel. Celia's worried family intervenes and she is forced into rehab. Andy finds Doug's Mexican beauty Maria and brings her across the border. At home, Shane spends some time with his two new girlfriends.

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  • Nancy finds out more about the tunnel.

    If shows on the brink of mediorcrity is what you like then you are probably a fan of Weeds. Once revered as one of television's funniest and most innovative programs, it is now a generic sitcom with foul language thrown in for good measurement. The brilliant comedic timing of Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon gets lost in the shuffle because of the vexatious writing and acting courtesy Elizabeth Perkins. Just a few mere weeks ago I remarked how Mary Louise Parker was one of the funniest females on TV. While she still shines on this brutal show, she is clearly not as humorous as she once was. Whether that's her fault or the weak writing cannot be determined, but it's certainly not going to lead to her getting any Emmy awards in the near future.

    I'm an understanding guy and I have no problem with a filler episode here and there, but Season 4 of Weeds seems like it is nothing but these kind of installments. And even by filler standards this was a weak episode. I'm not even sure if there was a single funny line in the whole show. The storylines are absurd and outrageous, which is alright if they lead to quality laughs, but these do not. From Silas sleeping with an older woman to Shane having two women to Doug being obsessed with an illegal alien, I have to ask, who came up with this utter crap?

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.moreless
  • Just an average filler episode

    Seriously, oh my god.

    First of all whats the deal with the girl who Guillermo smuggles across the tunnel. There is absolutely no explanation as to why Nancy is disturbed by that. And why on earth does she have a blurred halo around her. And why is she visible to only Nancy in the beach.

    Well, this is a comedy series apparently, and honestly not a single line in the script made me even cringe my lips.

    And what is the drug/drink which Nancy and Esteban consume, and why on earth do we need a "Requiem for a Dream" visualization? Seriously, this is the worst filler episode ever and the worst season ever. I guess its time the writers smoke some weed and write some good s**t or overdose and Axe the show altogether.moreless
  • Nancy's sick. Shane got two girls. The Hodes family tries to solve a crisis. Silas babysits and Andy needs a girlfriend. What the hell is going on here? This isn't Seventh Heaven. Even Steve Carell is better and I don't like Steve Carell.moreless

    After this worst of the worst filler episodes, I'm lost for words.

    Momentarily I take back everything good I said about this season of Weeds. This is a Comedy and Drama show. Where was any of that? We have Nancy and Esteban drinking stuff from the Amazonas rainforest with a weird junkie to prevent Nancy's migraine, which was released by a girl just Nancy can see... What the heck?

    Moreover Shane and Silas are home alone. Oh, forgot to say that thirteen year old Shane got some girls in his room he was going to have sex with and Silas had to take care of Lisa's son. Provoking? Yes. Well performed? No(This word reminds me of Elizabeth Perkins)!!! This is not funny or exciting at all. This is sad!

    Andy and Doug's coyote business is at it's end when Doug's colleague finds out. Though these two characters are at least a bit funny ("Just give him the guy who hugged me - he's annoying.")- this isn't Weeds. As I said last week: Where's the Pott? Where's the stoned, at all times horny Andy? There's no esprit, but there's hope (No, not the gym girl of Doug's colleague) - I predict things will be looking up next time.


    in this episode nothing happened , , , ok nancy had a headache . . . and it was fixed with something that makes her feels like she was high or somethin , but thats it!! i mean no progress with her boyfriend or her drug dealing .. i mean come on !!!

    and with her boys , the scene where shane slept with the 2 **** , but again nothin happened or anythin that makes u feels like somethin gonna happened.

    the only thing that happened and deserve to talk about is when they let maria cross the boards to meet doug, but thats it nothin else happened!!moreless
  • Yet again, we saw 5 plots completely unrelated to each other - Silas babysits, Nancy has a migraine and it is taken care of by Esteban, Shane explores his options to have sex, Andy finds Maria and brings her to Doug and Celia's family has an intervention.moreless

    This season has offered me a lot of optimism in a FEW episodes but overall it has been wildly disappointing. Weeds used to be about the ensemble and right now there are five completely separate plots which have no relevance to each other. At the start of the season I kept saying to myself - it will come together, it will! But 10 of the 13 episodes have aired and the show has gone nowhere.

    In a way I am lost at who the main character is now! Each of the many characters seem to get four minutes on-screen time, and never are more than two regulars on at the same time. I love Doug and Andy but their plot this season has been thin and annoying (For Doug). Doug's character has developed.... in the wrong direction. Celia... it brings the occasional laugh as well as ABSOLUTELY nothing to the show. I hated the MILF from day 1 and I don't like Shane being the 'danger kid' but at least these plots have connected with Nancy in a way. Will this series revert to being about the ensemble rather than crazing each viewer with all of these different characters and plots? I find it amazing at how different the show is being written despite being the same people. Maybe at the end of the season they will surprise us???moreless
Julanne Chidi Hill

Julanne Chidi Hill


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Joey Wagner Luthman

Joey Wagner Luthman

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Hemky Madera

Hemky Madera


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Maulik Pancholy


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Guillermo Díaz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the opening scene where Celia is handcuffed to the bed the handcuff is not actually attached to the bed, just placed on top. She could easily have just raised her arm to free herself.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Doug: (to Maria) You're gonna love this country. The land of freedom and opportunity. And... (turns it on) air conditioning. Ah, do you like that? That's the cool breeze of freedom right there.

    • (Shane is having second thoughts about sleeping with two girls)
      Silas: If you don't wanna do it, you don't have to.
      Shane: I wanna do it.
      Silas: Then go do it!
      (As Shane walks off)
      Silas: Don't bring shame on the family!

    • Doug: (talking to a dead bird) Oh, yeah. I know just how you feel. Dead inside.

    • Harmony: I told my mom I was staying at your house.
      Simone: I told my mom I was staying at yours.
      Harmony: Awesome! Wait. Is my mom with your mom?
      Simone: My mom's doing her landmark forum summit at a hotel by the airport. It's like a self-improvement pyramid scheme.
      Harmony: My mom's in Borrego conducting a sound bath in a biospheric dome. It's like a sonic healing session.
      Shane: My mom's probably going on a date with a drug kingpin. He's like the mayor of Tijuana.

    • Nancy: I'm going out tonight. Can you make sure Shane and his two lab assistants don't trash the house?
      Silas: You mean do your job?
      Nancy: Yes, only better.

    • Nancy Why are you here?
      Rad: My mom is at a custody mediation in Ventura with my dad. He wants me weekends. They still love each other.
      Nancy Oh, no kidding. (to Silas) Did you hear that?
      Silas: Yeah, I heard.

    • Rad: (to Nancy) My mom says you dress like a prostitute.
      Silas: Shut up.
      Rad: That's what she said.

    • Sanjay: Did he just call my baby Satan? 'Cause I got to be honest, sometimes I have the same thought.
      Nancy: Your baby isn't Satan.
      Sanjay: He projectile vomits, and once, it was blue!

  • NOTES (3)