Season 1 Episode 8

The Punishment Light

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on Showtime
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Uncle Andy acts foolish at a ceremony for Judah. Shane gets in trouble again. Celia and Dean duke it out. Nancy finds out who it is that has been "delivering" pennies onto her car and fountain and she deals with them. Andy and Doug team up to bring more trouble into Nancy's home while trying to flush out the infestation of a rat. Nancy turns down an interested single father. And yet again Uncle Andy exposes too much of himself.moreless

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  • This episode sees the grief attention that Shane is displaying reach its pinnacle. Also, we see one of the funniest escapades of the first series, that of Doug and Andy, with the peanut butter traps !!!!moreless

    Shanes' grief which has led him to believe that he is an outcast, a weird, comes to a head, when during the karate competition, when he sees the size of his opponent, he decides to bite his foot instead of a disciplined fight. This obviously leads Nancy to talk to the boys father, whom we discover is seperated, there is a serious twinkle in someone's eye for sure. One of Shane's best lines comes in this episode, when the parents are talking about their children, when they are stood right there, they find out that both boys are in the same age class, Shane comes out and says that as he's a big lad for that age class, was he held back !!! The look on the lads face was priceless.

    Doug and Andy have there own little problem, after getting high, they spot a mouse, the scenes around this are absolutely classic and goes to prove that when high, even the slightest thing can feel like the world is coming to an end, but also proves that some things are supposed to be left to the experts.

    Nancy settles two birds with one stone, that of the problem with a fellow dealer in the form of Alejandro and that of her built up sexual tension, in an alley and on the hood of the car, she sorts out both in one go, knowing that she now has control over him, I just hope she took precautions !!!!

    Meanwhile, we also see that Celia and hubby are having a massive heart to heart regarding everything in both of their lives, I think that airing these troubles to one another have been very long overdue and will give both of them a piece of mind regarding lots of things.

    Then there is the phone call at the end, from Peter to Nancy, was a nice human touch, he comes across as a nice guy at the moment, but this is bound to change at some point, well he is seperated for one thing, so he's not going to be a pushover, lets hope it doesnt come to that.moreless
  • Nancy has intercourse with a dirty mexican drug dealer. In an alley way. Everything else gets the volume turned down.

    I have been watching this show from episode 1 and I have been very pleased with the chracter development and plot progression. Unfortunately, the writer decides to have Nancy have sex with some ugly, crusty, did I say ugly drug dealer. Also, her character is further diminished when she is already courting "Alex" on the same day she unveiled her dead husbands grave stone. The writing and the writer is of poor quality to put it nicely. I am tempted to not watch anymore just because of this one episode. What is the writer trying to do? Does he or she understand how to make believable story? This episode made everything before it lack continuity. Garbage, utter garbage. They should have fired the writer after this!moreless
  • Nancy is stalked by a rival dealer and menaced by penny attacks until she is finally forced to confront him in order to protect her turf.

    Horrible episode. Can't believe the writers made Nancy have sex with the Mexican drug dealer to keep her turf. Really? Is that the best they could come up with? Completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the plot or cohesion of the story. Not to mention that it is degrading towards women. I really hope that this doesn't become a common theme of the show. Having Nancy sleep with men to hold her own. Somebody in charge of writing off on these things should use a little more discretion. Up until this episode Weeds has been a really enjoyable series. I hope that it is able to recover from this.moreless
  • Foot Bite: A Shane Botwin Story

    As Judah unveiling of his tombstone at the Jewish cemetery Shane and the Botwin Bunch all go to his karate tournament where he bites another kid in the foot after saying, "Sham-ma Israel!" Nancy befriends the other kid's father Peter Scottsen whom she takes a liking to. Afterwards Nancy is paid a visit by the Penny Gangster who thinks that she is on his turf and she tries a new tactic to get him to back off, meanwhile Andy and Doug get high and hut a rat in the walls of the house with a BB gun and Peanut Butter.moreless
  • Shane bites a kit during a karate tournament and Andy trashes the house fighting a rat.

    Hmmm, this was an odd episode because of one particular scene.

    The scenes at the home with the two men smoking weed and behaving like kids were hilarious. I never knew rats liked peanut butterbut it's obvious that grown men like their toys as much as little boys.

    Celia and her hubby finally talk about their relationship, properly talk instead of fight and it brings some much needed love back into their relationship.

    Hmm, Nancy and Peter really hit it off even though Nance is not ready to get intimate, she ways. This despite the previous scene which I felt was totally out of character. I understant that it was probably meant to show her lack of control but still... Not my favourite storyline.moreless
Daryl Sabara

Daryl Sabara

Tim Scottson

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Jules Mandel

Jules Mandel


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Guest Star

Renée Victor

Renée Victor


Recurring Role

Andy Milder

Andy Milder

Dean Hodes

Recurring Role

Martin Donovan

Martin Donovan

Peter Scottson

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Andy: Do you think there is rat spit in here? Like plague rat spit. Are we smoking plague.
      Doug: No, no, fire beats plague. As soon as we lit it up it was safe, sterilized.

    • Peter: Is this a bad time?
      Nancy: Is this a bad time?
      Peter: Where are you?
      Nancy: I'm in my car, at the punishment light.
      Peter: Punishment light?
      Nancy: It's this street. It's a light, if you don't make it, you sit forever.
      Peter: Ah.
      Nancy: It makes absolutely no sense. There's no cars, no one's trying to cross. It's just put there to make you fucking miserable.

    • Shane: Are you married?
      Peter: No.
      Shane: How come?
      Nancy: Shane.
      Peter: It's a long story.
      Shane: Are you a fag?

    • Peter: So, Silas, is that one of those, uh, Sidekick... pagers?
      Silas: Uh huh.
      Nancy: Silas has a, a hottie back home.
      Peter: Remarkable machines. Little zeros and ones, vibrating, through the air, beamed back and forth by satellite. An age of wonder.
      Silas: (As Peter is talking, in a text message on his phone to Megan) "This guy totally wants 2 bone my mom"

    • Dean: So what are you doing today?
      Celia: Straightening up around the house.
      Dean: Where's Blanca?
      Celia: Saturday, Dean.
      Dean: Oh.
      Celia: What about you?
      Dean: Golf.
      Celia: Oh.
      Dean: Where's Isabelle?
      Celia: Camping, with her friend Peggy.
      Dean: That right?
      Celia: Mmhmm. (Pauses) I fucked a black man.

    • Doug: (Referring to a wall the rodent is in) Must be lonely inside here.
      Andy: In the wall?
      Doug: Yeah, it's gotta be dark in there. Deep space. Friendless, like an empty train tunnel.
      Andy: Rats don't need light, man. They got radar.
      Doug: Man, I used to love trains. I always wanted to be the train conductor, with the little hat and all. But somewhere, I don't know where, I got derailed and ended up at Bean Counter, with no hat. No hat... No hat...

    • Andy: Hey, Lupita, order some pizzas from Amici's.
      Lupita: Do I look like his fucking maid?
      Doug: Pepperoni.

    • Celia: Look up.
      Dean: What?
      Celia: Look up.
      Dean: (Looking up) Fine. So what.
      Celia: There's no roof.
      Dean: It's an atrium, its supposed to bring in light.
      Celia: When its raining, Dean, and I'm in the bedroom and I want a cup of tea I have to put on rubber boots so my slippers don't get wet on the way to the kitchen. When the Santa Anna's come over the hill in the afternoon and our neighbors are all outside feeling the wind in their hair, do you know what I do? I open the dining room door, I open the living room door, I then open the bathroom praying that my husband isn't sitting there taking one of his monster shits. I do this so that the air-conditioning can fake the sensation of flowing oxygen into our stuffy, claustrophobic, open-air atrium. A room where plants come to die. This is the dumbest fucking room ever built.

    • Nancy: Ok Tim, what grade are you?
      Tim: I'm in fourth grade.
      Nancy: Oh, same as Shane.
      Shane: You look a little big for fourth grade. Were you held back?

    • Andy: How did it go at the tournament?
      Shane: I brought shame to my elders.
      Andy: Well, that happens.

    • Nancy: I know, you're thinking "she doesn't look Jewish". I come from Welsh stock, actually. Lotta coal-miners in Wales, not a lot of Jews.

    • Andy: You want to smoke up?
      Doug: Is the Pope Polish?
      Andy: German.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Martin Donovan and Mary-Louise Parker previously starred together in the 2004 Comedy Saved!

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: May 23, 2007 on ProSieben

    • Crew not listed because of various problems with submission form:
      Assistant Producer: Lisa I. Vinnecour
      Construction Coordinator: Mark Powell
      Location Manager: Paul Boydston
      A Camera Operator: Gregory Bubb
      B Camera Operator: Dale Myrand
      Chief Lighting Technician: David Lee
      Digital Imaging Technician: Ryan Sheridan
      Costume Supervisor: Michael Chapman
      Production Accountant: Ladonna Conard
      Transportation Coordinator: Joel Renfro
      Special Effects Coordinator: Wayne Rose
      Assistant Editor: Karen Castañeda
      Music Supervisor: Christopher Noxon
      Executive Music Producer: Ralph Sall
      Sound Supervisor: John Kincade
      Final Colorist: Ted Brady

    • Music Featured In The Episode:
      "Cotton" by The Mountain Goats
      "Carino Mio" by Casolando


    • Shane and Tim's karate tournament is displayed with a sign that reads: Lawrence and Larusso presents the Inter-Valley Karate Tournament.

      Lawrence and Larusso were the last names of Johnny and Daniel in the movie The Karate Kid. Johnny and Daniel faced off against each other for the title, which was won by Daniel with the crane kick.