Season 1 Episode 9

The Punishment Lighter

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Silas is on the phone, yelling at some catalogue company for sending mail to Judah, who is dead. Nancy walks in and Silas let her know that he's going to Megan's house for the night. Nancy asks if Megan's father is ok with that, and Silas says he is pretty cool and teaching him how to box. Nancy insists he just wants Silas to know he could beat him up. Lupita hands Nancy a gift from Alejandro, lingerie. Shane is going through Silas' drawers and finds a book of sexual positions. He puts it down after flipping through it and keeps looking through the drawers. He find a lighter and puts it in his pocket when Silas then walks in and catches him. Silas shoes him out of the room, unaware Shane has the lighter.

The bakery is opening that day. Andy and Nancy discuss the day ahead in the kitchen. Nancy wants to put Shane on anti-depressants, but Andy is against it. Shane walks in and says that he wants to be on anti-depressants. Celia, with no hair, is in the waiting room to get treatment for her cancer. Dean is with her, but has to leave for work. Celia gets frustrated as all the doctors do is talk about reality shows and ignore her, so she gets up and walks off.

At the university, Nancy is waiting for Sanjay, who finally comes. He was late because he was getting high. He tries to kiss Nancy and tells her how pretty she is. Nancy is upset that Sanjay started smoking weed, but Sanjay says it's good. Suddenly a campus cop comes up, and Sanjay runs. The cop takes Nancy's bag, which is full of drugs. She gets in the back of the car and says it was just a one time thing. He has surveillance tapes that say differently. He notes that the weed is quality, and lets Nancy go but keeps the weed, supposedly letting her go for the sake of her kids. He tells her to never come back, and she agrees, even though she needed that marijuana to pay her bills.

Celia walks into a PTA meeting with a wig. Meg is running the meeting, because they say they need a reliable and healthy leader. Celia takes her seat as Meg goes on to try and say they should get rid of the gym teacher because he's gay. Celia thinks that is ridiculous, but Meg tells her that her time to lead is over and goes on. Celia leaves, saying "like hell my time is up." Heylia is doing a puzzle when Nancy shows up saying how much trouble she's in and that she needs more marijuana, and tells them about her encounter with the campus security man. Conrad and Heylia tell her that he wasn't really a cop, because no cop would let her off with a warning for dealing, and that he was just a dealer in disguise who didn't want Nancy in his territory. Nancy wants her weed back, but Conrad and Heylia won't help her. Nancy gets a call from another Botwin in trouble.

It turns out that Shane had started a fire at school. During diversity week someone was doing "Moses and the burning bush", and Shane thought it should be more authentic. The principal confiscates the lighter and suspends Shane, and he asks if he can have anti-depressants now. They walk home and see Silas driving with Megan's dad, who is teaching Silas to drive a stick-shift. Andy is baking at the bakery, which has only made seventeen dollars. Nancy is freaked out, convinced that they need the bakery to actually work as a bakery to financially save them. Dean compliments Celia's haircut, and she points out that it is a wig. She asks him about the legalities of the golf course and if the houses on it are still technically part of Agrestic.

At the bakery, Doug tries to talk to Nancy about giving up on making it with just a bakery. Doug wants weed, but Nancy still has none. He and Andy go to smoke the remaining pot in his car. Sanjay stops by the bakery to apologize and say he loves Nancy. At the PTA meeting, Celia brings up how the houses on the golf course, including that they are not part of Agrestic anymore and her children can't go to Agrestic schools and she can't be on the PTA anymore. Celia takes back her place as President of the PTA. Alejandro shows up at the bakery offering her connections and saying he needs her quality product in return.

Silas packs a suitcase to go leave and finds out that Shane took the lighter and it got confiscated. It was Judah's lighter, so Silas is very upset. He hits Shane. Nancy is driving home and sees Silas through a window venting to Megan's family. As she gets home, the campus cop shows up beaten and bruised and tosses her bag of marijuana to her, apologizing and saying he didn't know who she was. He offers to help her out if she ever needs it, or if she needs more connections. Nancy gets her weed back and stares out, wondering who could have prompted the campus cop's turn-around.
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