Season 1 Episode 9

The Punishment Lighter

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on Showtime

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  • A $14,000 Lesson: A Nancy Botwin Story

    Nancy gets jacked after meeting with Sanjay who is totally stoned, and gets her stash taken by a shady campus security guard and doesn't realize her mistake until Haylia and Conrad point it out to her. Business at the bakery starts with Andy consuming lots of muffins and Alejandro, who is now infatuated with Nancy, trying to buy her lingerie and other clothes/accessories and she rejects him. Shane starts a fire at school with Silas's lighter that Judah gave to him and he gets closer to Megan's family than he is with his own which is observed by Nancy who later gets her product returned to her for some unknown reason.
  • I don't know, I really don't. This is funny, but...

    I've said before that Weeds is possibly the best new show this season. It's smart, it's dark, it's funny and so on. I could go on and on. But this episode and the one preceeding it have left a little bit to be desired.

    This is a good episode. It's funny. It's well-written. It has good acting. But something is wrong... and it's the stuff about the rival drug dealer that seems to be the source.

    It's not in Nancy's nature to deal with him the way she does. It's really out of character. The BB gun to the penis thing, yes, that's her... but the sex? No, that's not her, especially considering she's having issues even kissing another guy.

    The next episode better be good, because Weeds, while still entertaining, seems to be losing that special something. It sucks because we know what this show can do.
  • Nancy's bakery opens, with some slight problems. Celia declares war on the PTA. Nancy learns an expensive lesson during her expansion program and the boys are having father issues during the diversity week

    Breadsticks and Scones opens, Nancy's bakery, opens but does not really start off to well, but Nancy has other issues more pressing, especially after she gets busted with $14,000 worth of stuff whilst on campus, awaiting to pass the stuff onto her employees. Eventually she gets released and she heads off to see her friend/dealer, who kindly explains what has actually happened and this teaches Nancy a streetwise move at the same time as she relays what has happened to Alejandro.

    Shane becomes a semi-arsonists this week, by adding some authenticity to a display, this he does by setting fire to it, using the lighter he stole from his brothers room, which turns out was a lighter than his dad gave to his brother. The lighter is confiscated and lost forever, to the annoyance of Silas, who then hits Shane, as he lost his most sentimental valued item that he had of his dad.

    Celia has obviously declared war on the pta and has been scheming on how to take back control of Chairperson of the PTA, she manages to do this on a technicality, but it demonstrates a far deeper issues, that competition does exist behind the closed gated community in Agrestic and no doubt country wide, the good intentions of people, their beliefs actually outweigh the gain of their actions, this was hinted at in the first episode when Nancy had done alot of research into soda drinks etc, only to have her findings overuled!!!
  • Nancy loses all her weed to a campus security guard

    Sometimes Nancy looks like a beginner on the weeds market...she is just discovering the ghost bussiness thing, she got in trouble with another dealer(now, other kind of trouble ahahah) and the fake cop! Although she was a little silly being with $14000 dollars of weed inside of her bag!
    The dealer hook up was good after all because she could get it back!
    And their children of hers are too problematic! Ok, their dad is dead but common! Shane bitting, burning and wanting to take drugs, Silas solving his problems with other people family!
    Andy and Doug are disgusting, I dont know how anybody can stand them!
    Celia is finelly becoming suportable! The relationship with her daughter is getting better and she is not that cruel!

    PS: I'm sorry about my english, today I think I made some mistakes, I'm a bit lazy! lol
  • Nancy gets in trouble with campus security

    Like the previous episode, this one felt odd and it's again because of Alejandro. It just doesn't feel like Nancy whereas Celia has never been more Celia than in this episode.

    I loved the way Celia handled the PTA and her competitor for the role of PTA president. Beaten by a technicality and don't expect any mercy on the way out. So very much like Celia. I loved it.

    Silas had obviously issued and in Megan's dad seems to have found a substitute father figure. Still, hitting your little brother like that was out of line, even if he did deserve something for stealing the lighter.
  • Drugs? A parents dilema

    Pre-teen terror Shane this week became a pyro. Wanting to add some authenticity he set fire to a display. He was considerate about it, there being sprinklers and a fire hose nearby but still he managed to get himself suspended and his Dad's lighter, swiped from brother Silas's room confiscated.

    Silas meanwhile seems to be getting on somewhat having intergrated himself with his girlfriends parent and judging by the car scene a surrogate father figure.

    Nancy's problems being hit on by Alejandro and having to deal with her coward seller who is oddly genuine and with the roundabout scene at the end when the campus security guard returns the drugs, I assume beaten up by Alejandro was funny. Celias subplot, getting her role as head of the PTA was nice, but the prejudice of the PTA due to Celias sickness was not very nice of them, showing how cut throat and fake the ladies of the PTA can be. Silas and Shane have problems when the former smacks his little brother for getting the lighter confiscated. Then upon finding him at his girlfriends house him being comforted by her parents was heartbrreaking especially for Nancy as a parent. Good, morally questionable fun.