Season 4 Episode 4

The Three Coolers

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 07, 2008 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The Hebrew letter over 'DAY FIVE' is supposed to be 'Hé' (ה), the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet (its numerical value is 5). Instead, the letter shown is 'Het' (ח), the eighth letter (numerical value: 8). Both letters look similar, except that the upper left corner of 'Hé' is open.

    • The letters over the title cards 'DAY TWO', 'DAY THREE', etc in the day titles, are Hebrew letters, which represnt numerical values (like all hebrew letters). For instance, the letter over 'DAY TWO' is the second letter in the hebrew alphabet and represents the number 2, and so on.

    • 'Shiva' is Hebrew for 'seven'. In Jewish tradition, the grieving family (1st degree) sits in the house for seven days, starting right after the burial of their late loved one. During the 'Shiva', people come to console them.
      The mourners are not allowed to eat their own food in the first meal after the burial, so their friends and neighbours provide food for them.

  • Quotes

    • Lenny: Listen, genocide can happen again if we're not vigilant. It must never happen again.
      Shane: It has happened again.
      Lenny: What are you talking about?
      Shane: Genocide. In Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia.
      Lenny: No, no. To Jews. It must never happen again to Jews. What do I give a shit about the other places.

    • (Nancy steps into Andy's smoky van)
      Nancy: Sorry, I hate to interrupt this think tank. Andy I need your help.
      Andy: I'm toasted.
      Nancy: That's okay, there's no math involved.

    • (About the marijuana he gave them)
      Silas: So what do you guys think?
      Andy: Awesome.
      Doug: Legendary.
      Andy: I can't feel my left...anything.

    • Andy: Are we gonna die tonight?
      Nancy: Probably not.
      Andy: Still, we could. Let's say thoughtful things about each other.
      Nancy: You're a good person. You've really stepped up for the kids. You make me laugh. I'm glad you're part of the family.
      Andy: I miss Yael.
      Nancy: Thank you, Andy. That's very sweet.

    • (Lenny lights a candle)
      Shane: Isn't that a fire hazard?
      Lenny: It's on a dish.
      Shane: What if there's an earthquake?
      Lenny: Well, I think the odds are in your favor that the two houses you live in won't burn down... although your mother is a wild card.

    • Shane: I want to stay. I'm not leaving.
      Len: Fine. It'll add to the value of the house. Three bedrooms, two baths, and a little boy. I can sell it to a priest.

    • Guillermo: I had to smother a guy with a pillow once, too. My arms got tired. You?
      Nancy: Not so much. It was Tempur Pedic. Conformed to her face.

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