Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Threshold

    I didn't really like the relationship with the rabbi, but they ended it pretty quickly. I guess they did not want the final hour of the show to be about that, which I agree with and can understand.

    The marriage for Andy is ridiculous though and reminds me of Season 8 of That 70's Show where Hyde married a stripper.
  • Commencement

    A lot happened in this episode of Weeds and there was a lot to digest. Nancy continues her relationship with rabbi Dave and goes to a dinner with all of his Jewish couple friends at his house. Nancy realizes, after having been asked to spend a weekend at one of their cabin's, that Dave's wife has only been dead 15 months and she just barely got over Judah so she doesn't think Dave is ready for a new relationship yet. She also adds that he needs to sort out his problems because he seems to only work on everybody else's. Andy learns many disparaging things about his new bride and she even says that she would marry him because it would be fun. Compile that with the diffculties that she is in her early twenties, doesn't want kids, thinks Twitter is a religion, and Andy has twenty years on her there isn't much he can do to fix it except get an annulment. Silas wants to go back to growing by himself and when he tries to steal his plants back he is caught and fired from Smith Johnson and Nancy resigns as well. Nancy develops a new plan by episode's end to start a new medical weed place in the form of a chef's special format like a sushi restaurant she heard of before which completely eliminates choice from the menu and allows the chef to choose it for you. Her business like mind has been something sorely missed in the past few seasons and her enterprising has largely been put to the side for her to be seen as a failing mother or a criminal. Doug continues to deal with the homeless in his care and checks them into a hotel room and they talk about their lives and when a hotel clerk comes up to complain about the noise Doug invites her in and she reluctantly complies. Shane and his girlfriend find the car where one of the guy's who stole it is "servicing" the other. Shane tazes one of them and gets them out of the car. When a girl comes up on the scene thinking Ice P is among them she gets pissed at the guys and throws a brick into the windshield. To top it all off when driving back to the impound lot Shane goes too fast on the highway and gets pulled over. Yup, they're screwed. Anyway, this episode was mildly enjoyable especially Andy's new wife's roommates who are clearly caricatures of college and post-college people close to my age. That doesn't bother me as much as the racial stereotypes portrayed in this as this show has always had image problems when it comes to people of color and African-Americans in general. I know the show is written by a white lady but it's like nobody stops in the writing room and thinks, "Isn't that a little offensive?" Or one of the actors would speak up and I get that it's a comedy but that stuff just reinforces racial inequality which really bothers me as a viewer even in an environment that's supposed to be a satire of modern American culture.
  • Threshold

    Threshold was a superb and very entertaining episode of Weeds. I really enjoyed watching as Shayne and his girlfriend recapture the stolen exotic car and get pulled over, Nancy meets Rabbi Davids friends, and Andy learns how incompatible his new wife is. It was also hilarious to see Doug and his shelter guests in the hotel. I liked how every thing played out and the characters seemed to be caught in various transitions. In the end Nancy, Silas and Andy seemed to come to decisions to change their current situations. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!