Season 6 Episode 9

To Moscow, and Quickly

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on Showtime
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When the color of baby Stevie's poo alarms Nancy, she and Andy take a risk and consult a pediatrician. Meanwhile, Silas and Shane sell hash at a concert for kids.

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  • "I Can't Taste My Beer Anymore": A Newman Cash Cow

    As the gang stops at a kid's concert to gather money for gas and to sell some product Andy and Nancy go to a pediatrician to see if Stevie is OK after discovering some bad colors. This episode showed some great dramatic promise as Nancy and Andy duke it out over where they stand as a...whatever they are together and Silas testing Shane to reclaim money that he never really lost and the family depending on him was sad but also funny as he siphons gas out of someone's car. To know that Shane, like Doug, has no goals beyond the immediate is rather scary and makes Silas, Andy, and Nancy who dream for better seem more normal than fictitious at times. Still don't understand exactly why she called the missing persons hotline or how they can immediately tell that it's her on the other end but the fact that they're going to Detroit, as a former native myself and it's where HBO's Hung is set, as well as that Heylia's sister lives there as established in Season 2 maybe this may be the road to settling down.moreless
  • 609

    It is hard to believe that there are only four episodes left in this season of Weeds. It has not been a great year, but I have to say that it has been a step up from season five and tonight they actually showed a little bit of why they are on the road: because there is an amber alert out for Nancy. While there was nothing that great about this episode, there were some funny parts and it was a necessary step toward seeing some resolution later this year. We can only hope that resolution is them finding some stability.moreless
  • To Moscow, and Quickly

    To Moscow, and Quickly was an ok episode of Weeds. It was entertaining and funny but I feel like it was missing some thing. The feel of it was just off. There were some really cool scenes, like Dougs Tent with Animal Friends. There were some turns in fate once again for the crew and after a little ordeal they decide its time to move on further than they ever thought they would. I wonder what everyone will decide to do. There was a little bit of foreshadowing near the end of the episode so maybe we will see more linked to those scenes as well. I hope the next episode is a little better.moreless
  • Better than last week's

    Looking back on the review I wrote for last week's episode, perhaps I was a bit harsh on it. I just grew a little frustrated with Nancy's antics. I've always expected her to be a good character, but she just does things that make it difficult to see her as a likable person. Last night's episode was great though, giving us more Nancy/Andy scenes, which have some great dialogue and really open these characters up. And after an entire season of aimlessness and driving around America, it appears there may finally be a mini-plot to end the season and may point where the show will end.

    Once again, the episode was split into two sections: what Nancy, Andy, Silas and Shane do and the weird messed up things that Doug does by himself. I enjoyed both Nancy and Andy's plot, where they discover that Stevie's poop is a strange color. They go to a pediatrician, and it's here that Andy reveals he wants to be a part of this family for life and be a part of Stevie's life and that he wants to move to Copenhagen. It appears that Shane's love for Pittsburgh has been replaced with Andy's need for Copenhagen. It also allows Nancy to see that maybe she hasn't been a good mother. This leads to her believing that she needs to make one last big sale of drugs in order to go to Copenhagen with everybody. To do this, apparently, she thinks she has to go to her hometown. It's an interesting place that we're being left off and makes me curious where the rest of this season is going.

    As for Silas and Shane, ever since the move to Mexico, it feels as if the two brothers have been very distant. This was a nice way to show that Silas really is perhaps the smartest person in the family, along with Andy, and that Shane is still a little kid at heart. There were some good lines and scenes here, including Shane siphoning gas from a car and his pitiful attempts at drug dealing.

    Doug continues to have little to do, and I feel like for a character who I've loved so much in this show, it's very disappointing that he hasn't had any opportunity like he used to to shine. In fact, this season has made me realize that Celia brought some kind of tension to the show that it's been lacking now between characters. And don't even get me started on Romany Malco's old character.. he was amazing, one of the better parts of the show, and it's a huge disappointment that he ever left.

    But the show is still holding steady, and with just a few episodes left, it should be interesting to see how Jenji Kohan and co. decide to end season six.moreless
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