Season 8 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Unfreeze

    A few moments here and there, but for the most part this episode proved that from Mary Louise Parker's phoned in acting to the odd career choices of her children, the show is tired and ready for the end.
  • Graduation

    Shane's graduation from the police academy leads to him having an awkward meeting with Alisha (his girlfriend's mother) while no one else is invited to his event because he didn't want to risk them not showing up. Doug's assets get frozen when he tries to buy a spacesuit of one of the original astronauts on the moon and he learns from the IRS that he has to prove that he is indeed running a homeless care facility that cares for sixty homeless people in his tiny office space. So he has a little less than a week to stage the ruse because he clearly never had that since he only got the tax exemption because of it being a "charity organization" so that should be entertaining. Nancy and Silas start their in jobs selling the synthetic weed drug to doctors and getting contracts signed. Nancy faces a challenge of getting a particularly difficult doctor to sign over but the office is quite rude and redirects her away from the office saying they don't take pharmaceutical reps. Nancy bypasses them by waiting for the doctor in the car with lunch from Boston Market and they have sex and he explains the troubles of the job she has. Silas meanwhile works in the lab working the botany side of things. Nancy's rivalry with her fellow other salesperson was given a bow of "screw you" when Maritore (the weed drug) is pronounced profitable because of Nancy's work. Andy gets a job by talking to the rabbi since he's attended rabbinical school before and is given the task of teaching a group of kids in Jewish school and though they are kinda mean at first his charm overwhelms their uncertainty about him and lets them get along. Andy is believably very good with kids and now that he has a direction in his life and all of the characters are now on financial paths to success Weeds is sure to close out its satirical roots with a lot more to say than most last seasons of shows like it tend to do.
  • Unfreeze

    Unfreeze was a perfect and entertaining episode of Weeds that seemed like any other day in the life of the characters though many important things happened. I really enjoyed watching as Andy looked for a job, Doug got caught up in is fake charity and might be facing some serious consequences, Shane graduates and is given a gig in the "inner circle" while Nancy and Silas start their new jobs. It was fun watching the stories unfold. I liked the ending when the whole family came together and Alpha Nancy said to the kids "Freeze" and then "Unfreeze" after a moment of contemplation. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!