Season 7 Episode 7

Vehement v. Vigorous

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on Showtime

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    I thought I went into a time machine and was flashing back to Season 1 in 2005 of Weeds with this episode as it really was back to basics with Nancy selling at a local gathering. For that it was fun, it was different, but all too familiar at the same time, but still, the jokes were few and far between and to be honest the halfway house guy still annoys me to no end. Glad that we will be free of him soon, but as a whole this thing just gets a 6 out of 10 from me.

  • Vehement v. Vigorous

    Vehement v. Vigorous was a perfect episode of Weeds and brings the series closer to its roots. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Silas is back from CA and takes charge of the operation with an ambitious business plan, Shane continues to impress the Detective who spoke at his class and is asked to come work for him, and Nancy finds herself yet again in a complex web of intrigue. Nancy seems to always find a way to get involved with powerful men and bring them down. It was interesting to see Nancy caught with an unexpected visitor in the last scene! I like how every thing is intertwining and I look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds!!!!!!!
  • Hey remember when Weeds used to be an urban satire and good...well it's back

    Nancy goes to a company softball game to offload some of the new product to Doug's coworkers but Silas is keeping the MILF from her as he has his own business plan to work out. Shane meets with the cop guest speaker from last week and learns of the moral gray areas of law enforcement and he gets an internship from the cop after having told a prostitute about student loans and so she decides to go to college. Doug faces to downsides of steroids while at the game while Nancy faces the wrath of one of her halfway house supervisors after getting him his two weeks notice for drunkenness. Nancy also begins flirting with the CEO of the company and there seems to be a spark emerging there, while she discovers that the SCC (the federal agency against insider trading and bad business practices as such) is investigating the company. Silas goes a few rounds with other male models to get some messengers to run product in the city. Weeds has now placed many seeds and the events are now flowing as the satire of big business begins as well as the emergence of a new beautiful business I feel like Weeds has finally returned in a big way and it only took three seasons to fix.