Season 6 Episode 11

Viking Pride

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2010 on Showtime

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  • viking pride

    The 11th episode of the show's sixth season, we are really starting to reach the home stretch of this show, and you have to hope that the show finally starts to get really good, but the signs for that explosion are just not there. Having the mysterious guy as a writer and not someone working for the police was a huge disappointment as you had the potential to spice this show up right then and there.

    The episode had few laughs as well. Andy Botwin had a few good zingers, and he really is the lone consistently good thing about this show.
  • Nancy meets a journalist and begins telling her story, while everybody else is finally given interesting side-plots!

    Finally, with just two episodes left, Weeds feels as if it has found its footing. With this episode, just about every character is given something to do that is interesting, and for once this season, Nancy, Andy and the others seem to have found a single plot to focus on: getting to Copenhagen. However, something tells me that they won't make it that far and that something will get in the way.

    One of the most interesting things for me is when Nancy discovers that Ellis Tate is actually an independent journalist named Vaughn Coleman. Vaughn claims he has been interviewing people, trying to learn as much as possible about her, and has been trying to figure out her story. He claims he'll come out with the story either way, and in a surprising turn of events, Nancy claims that she'll give him an interview as long as he uses it to attempt to get the people after her put away for a long time. I'm intrigued by this new relationship and I'm interested to see if Nancy can somehow escape capture and return to some sort of a normal life.

    Meanwhile, Silas continues to visit the man who he believes is his true dad and they begin to bond t ha little bit. Andy is forced to get the passports to Copenhagen, but his plan is ruined after the man in charge of it claims the only way he can get it is if he kills "Humen Jackan" or something similar to this... who just happens to be the same guy that Nancy is dealing her new alcohol/drug to. Shane really has nothing to do this episode, but he does stay with Nancy's old teacher and watches him freak out as he tries some of Nancy's drink. Doug decides to head back to Agrestic in order to get his passport. For some reason, I'm really excited to see the return of Agrestic. The show needs to somehow return to its roots or else it'll be so far away from what it used to be that it'll be a different show.

    Right now, there's a lot going right for the show.. everybody is doing something interesting, and with Nancy meeting Vaughn and telling her story to him, things should be interesting. And Andy, as usual, steals the show with his unique, quirky and random humor.
  • Viking Pride

    Viking Pride was a great episode of Weeds. I enjoyed watching this episode. There was lots of interweaving plot lines where each of the characters were sort of off on their own adventures to move the families goals forward. It was fun to watch the story unfold and figure out who the guy from Nancy's past in High School really is. I'm wondering where little Stevie was because we didn't see him at all. Warren got into the special drinks and was having a good old time, while Shane was stuck babysitting again, which was kinda funny. The end of the episode made things really interesting, and I can't wait to find out what happens in the next epiosde!!!!
  • Andy Walks Into a Bar Or "The One of Me Eating Cheesecake Off a Stick": A Newman Questioning

    Nancy become suspicious of this "Ellis Tate" and seeks to track him down having figured out that Ellis was actually a girl and not a man. Nancy sends Andy to their new passport contact courtesy of the bar owner only for Andy to get asked to kill the bar owner in a twisted conversation. Meanwhile, the delusional Mr. Schiff gets loopy off the gang's new beverage and threatens to kill himself should Nancy ever leave him. Doug sets out to get his own passport in order to join them in Copenhagen and Silas bonds with his would be father over beer. Another great episode but I wish that I could see where it was all going, are they finally going to be able to get away from it all and disappear? Or will the Newmans get caught by these "bad guys" chasing them forever? The only problem that I really have with this season isn't the moving around it's the lack of focus on the narrative and how they can just wander without a goal for so long. But hopefully the end of the season will prove to be them getting away at last and nobody will have to kill anybody.
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