Season 5 Episode 7

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Another weak episode.

    These past two episodes have not exactly been of high quality, and that is especially odd considering Weeds plans to have a booth at Comic Con this year, so you would expect them to head into the annual event with some stellar programming.

    There really was nothing to laugh at here and the storylines, while progressing, do not seem to be moving in an entertaining direction and the fact that Celia hasn't been killed off yet still leaves me baffled. I guess people like her though as Elizabeth Perkins is up for an Emmy award for supporting actress (yeah, the category is really that thin this year).
  • Not a lot of comedy, but had good well paced storyline.

    First of all, I must mention this. Weed's getting nominated for a Emmy? And that too for best comedy series? You gotta be kidding me!!

    Season 4 was possibly the worst season ever. It was a time when the show was struggling to choose sides between a drama and a comedy genre. Season 5 has more or less made it sure that Weeds is gonna be more of drug drama. While we did have occasional bursts of humor, this episode has made it clear that we will be getting a good share of thrilling moments with things getting darker. The ongoing rift between Estaban and Nancy is just one of the many that depicts the this trend. The medical marijuana business was one source of comedy, but again it was getting stale with Doug being high all the time. Andy needs to get back into his old shoes - and this means he needs a shave. And of course, Celia..It is high time the writers do something about her.
  • mrs. Esteban Reyes

    There's a new love in Nancy's life,season 5 wouldn't have expected all this to happen when I started the pilot. Great show!