Season 5 Episode 1

Wonderful Wonderful

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2009 on Showtime
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Following the events of her bombshell announcement, the fifth season begins as Nancy digs deeper into the drug world and finds comfort in an unlikely family member.

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  • I wanted more from the Season Premiere.

    So basically, this show has lost most of it's beginning appeal, and the show should be re-named from Weeds, since the role of actual weed has hugely diminished over certainly the last season, and it looks like more so in this season.

    The writers are looking for something to make this show run longer, so for this season, Nancy will be pregnant. Not really my choice of storyline, but I'll see how it goes.

    I will agree with everyone that the bit they had going on with Celia for the ransom was pretty funny.

    But as for a season beginner, this show was pretty slow paced and weak. It actually felt more like mid-season filler.moreless
  • The season is off to a good start

    So like other reviewers I would agree that weeds has lost a lot of what made it so funny since it moved out of Agrestic. Since then it has struggled between juggling the comedy and drama within the series. One of the things that disappoints me now is really how screwed up Nancy has let her family become. her family is following apart and she knows it but really I am going to give the writers credit and say that this actually part of there plan. (Hopefully)

    I think they are really tearing her life apart and bringing Nancy down to a real low so that she can pick herself up again and pull her family together by at least the end of season 6 (for those who don't know the show has already been renewed for a sixth season but it will also most likely be its last)

    I am not a fan of the baby either but I think the thing that made this episode work is that it was like yes this baby is a bad thing no one wants the baby except Esteban. I will be very surprised if nancy ever gives birth to this baby because really the baby is being used as a way to keep Nancy and her family alive. They aren't trying to squeeze in any omg your pregnant how cute. (thank god) Another thing I like about the episode was that they aren't kidding around with Esteban anymore. He is a cruel man and while he may love Nancy they don't sugar coat the fact that he was going to kill her and still will if she doesn't have his baby (a boy at that). Last season they tried to have him play with the boundaries of good guy, bad guy but it never really worked for me. In fact I would say the one constant weakness in the show is a love interest for Nancy. I haven't liked a single one of them (including andy, i still think its weird altough i'm sure many will disagree with me) Anyways I like how this episode set up the season arcs for all the characters silas stepping up his growing business i think will be great, while shane getting into the pot business i think is interesting even tough I'm not sold on it especially the whole badass act but as long as he doesn't go back to looking at his mom's naked picture I'll be happy (that was just to screwed up last season) Andy being all pouty about nancy having a baby is funny and im interested to see how this whole situation with Nancy's sister goes.

    Finally the phone calls for Celia's abduction was one of the best parts of the episode. It was hilarious. In fact another reason why I liked this episode a lot was because it was actually really funny and all felt very natural. From Nancy's response to not getting killed all the way to Silas and Shane fighting felt realistic (which is a rarity these days on weeds) Overall this episode really balanced the humor and drama aspects for me. If they can keep this going then I think this season is looking pretty good. P.S. I absolutely LOVED the flash mob scene as the end. I happen to think flash mobs are the coolest things ever and i think it was a really great way to end the episode with Nancy being happy about such a small thing in the world while she has all these HUGE problems facing her.moreless
  • Season 5 Premiere.

    I have been critical of Weeds at times, with my disdain for Elisabeth Perkins well-documented, but this was a pretty strong premiere. I still am not sold on the cast being in Mexico, or Nancy being pregnant, but there were some really solid one-liners here from Doug and Andy, and even Celia's situation was pretty funny with nobody wanting to pay her ransom.

    Why I think this show is on the decline is because the writers are not sure if they want to be a drama or comedy. It's okay to have a mix of both, but the main storyline (Nancy being in trouble with the "Mexican Mafia") is not something that can be laughed at. They need to find that middle ground or otherwise the show will not last much longer.moreless
  • Weeds is back!!

    It feels so good to write a review after a really really long time. So the first episode of the summer shows kicked off with a rather slow episode.

    Weeds has rather transitioned from a full blown dark comedy to more of a drama with some teeny bits of comedy between. Ever since the focus has shifted from Agrestic to Renmar and Mexico the characters have become a lot more annoying. This episode of what might be the penultimate season provides what can be the focal point of this season - Nancy's pregnancy. So, now that Andy is in love with Nancy, I don't expect him to deliver any good laughs. Doug may provide some crude humor which can only be classified as different arrangements of the f-word with some slang derivative of some body part. Some parts were somewhat funny, like -the calls which Rudolfo makes to Celia's ex husband, Doug, and Nancy. Overall, a dull opener. Not sure if it will get any better.moreless
Hannah Marks

Hannah Marks


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Jillian Rose Reed

Jillian Rose Reed


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Todd Robert Anderson

Mr. Sundasky

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Maulik Pancholy


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Jack Stehlin

Jack Stehlin

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Demian Bichir

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    • Andy: (To Nancy, while she is pulling a gallon jug of juice from the fridge and drinking straight from it) I've been thinking. Just because you've been a slutty, irresponsible, slutty, slut who had unprotected sex with a Mexican gangster, that doesn't mean that we can't be friends.

    • (Shane's teacher, Mr. Sandusky shows up when Shane is dealing pot in the school's library)
      Mr. Sandusky: Hello Shane. Doing your reading?
      Shane: Mister Sandusky, er, did you actually read the Kiterunner before you assigned it?
      Mr. Sandusky: I did, I thought you guys can handle it. Can you handle it, Shane? 'Cause it seems like you can handle a lot. You're such a multi-tasker.
      Shane: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Mr. Sandusky: Sure you do.
      Shane: No, I don't.
      Mr. Sandusky: Shane, I have 23 papers to grade tonight, they're all on Anne Frank. Do you know how depressing that is?

    • Isabelle: Who was on the phone?
      Dean: Someone's kidnapped your mother.
      Isabelle: Seriously?
      Dean: Who knows? Another game?
      Isabelle: Sure.

    • Celia: That was humiliating.
      Rudolfo: I know. I'm sorry, I could not untie you.
      Celia: You're supposed to wipe front to back.

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    • Episode Title: "Wonderful Wonderful"

      The episode's title refers to the song "Wonderful! Wonderful" written by Sherman Edwards. This song features themes of the beach and a twisted symbol of peace, describing Nancy's life currently.