Season 2 Episode 11

Yeah. Like Tomatoes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on Showtime
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Peter isn't happy about the nickname "Agent Wonderbread" and he lets Nancy and Conrad know so with a convincing threat. Nancy looks to other people in the business for help. Kat's got a secret and Shane's girlfriend doesn't like her. Heylia has a plan.

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  • Peter's true intentions become known. Doug and Celia's passions grow stronger for one another. Silas does not act his age and Shane acts alot older than his age. Nancy does some serious thinking regarding everything.moreless

    Agent Wonderbread, aka Peter, shows his anger to Nancy and Conrad, but also delivers his blackmailing threat, that when they sell the harvest, all the money will be delivered to him immediately. Hmmm, so he has shown his true colours at last.

    Doug and Celia are getting along so well, that they decide to tell their partners about the affair and ask for a divorce. Celia tells Dean but Doug does not tell Dana - Celia goes back to hating Doug and asks for Dean's forgiveness only to be thrown out of the house.

    Nancy who had previously arranged a time and place for the handover of the weeds money, now realises that it is on Shanes graduation, in which he is practising a speech, a very appropriate and grown up speech. Meanwhile Silas is acting more like Shanes age and goes to sulk in his room, only to be followed, where in his room is discovered the stolen signs and camera's in his room - oh dear silas.

    The end of the episode sees Heylia visiting the Armenian drug baron in jail, which is for what reason.

    All these little things are not going to be divulged until the finale of the last episode in the series.moreless
  • Nancy considers fleeing Agrestic.

    So many storylines come together in this episode, which clearly sets up next week's season finale.

    Celia and Doug's affair comes to a climax when they decide to divorce their respective partners. Celia tells Dean, who's shocked. Doug however, doesn't tell Dana and Celia reverts back to hating him. When she comes home and tries to reason with Dean, he kicks Celia out of the house.

    Peter attacks Conrad and tells Nancy and Conrad to sell the entire harvest and hand the money over to him: blackmail.

    They arrange a time to handover the money and later on Nancy realises it's Shane's graduation day and speech. Worst - Mother - Ever!

    In the confusion about what to do, Conrad and Nancy kiss.

    Nancy talks to the kids and Andy about leaving Agrestic. When an angry Silas goes to him room, Nancy breaks down the door only to discover all the stolen security cameras and 'drug free zone" signs.

    Heylia has a plan involving the Armenian... Cant'wait for next week.moreless
  • This is just the prelude to the finale... and what a finale it looks like being!

    Wow. Basicly Peter is a full-blown pscyho who is just out for bloody revenge. Agree? You should if you saw this episode! Conrad & Nancy finally kiss, which is a long time overdue... which may or maynot have had something to do with the fact she was married. Celia gets herself f*cked over by f*cking Doug and telling Dean. Whoops. Can anyone say mistake? This episode was just setting up all the key elements for the finale which is shaping up to be a classic drug war with (more) betrayal, guns, sex and death. Who is going to die? Peter hopefully... but who is to say it wont be more/others. The title of this episode was by far my favorite part, well when tied in with Shane's comment. Perfect. Oh, and also Silas' anti-drug stash... we all knew he had been taking it, but seing it was nice & touching. Poor Nancy, your pretty much a drug whore with a rich white family, but we love you anyways...

    The next episode is going to be fantastic if it is anything like this episode predicts. All the storylines are going to clash and resolve like an episode of Seinfeld. Well, hopefully. Goodluck Nancy, you'll need it.moreless
  • This episode was chockfilled off outed secrets.

    I really enjoyed this episode and how many of the unknowns were reveled. We find out that Syalis is the one taking down all of the cameras and \\\"Drug Free Zone\\\" signs. Him and Nancy are always butting heads and this showed how much he really cares about her and the family. Another secret that was revealed was when Shane found out that Nancy is really a drug dealer. Her explanation was classic. She said growing marijuana was just like growing tomatoes. The third secret revelead is when Celia tells her husband that she has been sleeping with Doug. I\\\'m not sure how this scandelous affair will tie in to the finale but it\\\'ll be great to find out.moreless
  • so much is going on and it all going to come crashing down...

    I loved Cat in this episode - she is a whole new level of crazy. I liked Nancy comment that even though they were crazy and she was crazy that didn’t make them family. I kinda feel sorry for Celia because Doug didn't leave his wife for her. They actually seemed to have something for each other and we know both of their marriages sucked so why not. So happy that Nancy and Conrad kissed. About d*mn time that they expressed their feelings for each other. What was up with Peter - he has sooo gone of the deep end. I am scared by him and what he is going to do. I find it funny that Silas was the one stealing the signs. Totally supporting his mother. Poor Shane, he is really getting screwed here. What was Haylia doing w/ the enemy – either she is setting Nancy up to be screwed big time or she is saving their *sses. I can’t wait for next week, but I will also be sad as it is the last episode for a while.moreless
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Arthur Darbinyan

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Zooey Deschanel

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Nancy and Conrad are kissing both of his hands are close to the table. When the shot angle switches one of Conrad's hands has "magically" moved to the side of Nancy's head.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Gretchen: Will you stop hitting on my boyfriend?
      Kat: Hold him too tight and he'll turn to dust.
      Gretchen: Bite me.
      Kat Okay. Gloves off. You want a piece of me? (clawing and making feline sounds)

    • Shane: Hi, Kat!
      Kat: Hi. (They hug)
      Gretchen: (Looking jealous) I'm Shane's girlfriend.
      Kat: Oh, lucky you!
      Gretchen: It's our one week anniversary.
      Kat: Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you guys. The first week is so hard. But if you haven't slept with someone else by now, it's a pretty good sign. (Winks)

    • Dean: Where were you?
      Celia: Fucking Doug.
      Dean: What the hell did he do now?
      Celia: Me.

    • Kat: Are you attracting lesbian vampires?
      Nancy: What?
      Kat: Pussy cat having a nose bleed?...Big Red?...Shark week?...Aunt Ruby in town?
      Nancy: Are you asking if I'm having my period?
      Kat: We're cycling together, isn't that cool?

    • Shane: You are a drug dealer
      Nancy: Yes Shane, I grow and sell marijuana. It's organic, it's theurapeutic, it's off the Earth... Like tomatoes
      Shane: Yeah, like tomatoes

    • Kat: I'm a part of this family !
      Nancy: Just because you are crazy, and we are crazy doesn't mean we're related

    • Sanjay: Did you know that there are amazing opportunities to be had in the exploitation of emerging third-world countries?
      Conrad: (To Sanjay) There's 300 billionaires in this country and 40 million people living below the poverty line. Wake up 7-Eleven; this is the fucking third world.
      (Nancy and Conrad leave room)
      Nancy: How do you know all that stuff?
      Conrad: The Daily Show.

  • NOTES (2)


    • One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
      When Nancy mails the marriage certificate (and during the episode), Abumchuk, a large, Native American-type man, stares at her while the theme for 'the Chief' from the Oscar-winning film plays.

    • Nancy: Worst mother ever.

      The way Nancy delivers this line (with slight pauses between each word) is similar to the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, whose catchphrase is the declaration "Worst. [Noun]. Ever."