Season 1 Episode 1

You Can't Miss the Bear

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2005 on Showtime
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In the series debut, housewife Nancy Botwin struggles to deal with the sudden death of her husband, while her best friend and neighbor Celia Hodes learns a devastating secret when she tries to catch her daughter in the act with Nancy's son.

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  • Weeds

    Amazing cool fabulous my fav show
  • You Can't Miss the Bear

    The Good:

    -"You callin' black people stupid?" "And lazy, and they also steal."

    -"The guys who still have sex with their wives don't want to jinx it by saying anything out loud."

    The Bad:

    -Celia and some of the children, as well as Josh are awfully negative. Hopefully, the characters will balance each other out better as "Weeds" continues.
  • Go Green

    Weeds has started off with a weird start, it certainly has potential and offers laughs with its intriguing premise and likable characters it promises to be much fun if it keeps its suburban satire. Nancy has to convince a son of a friend and a lower level dealer of her branch of business not to sell to young kids. Her kids are likable and amoral which makes them that much more entertaining. But what's questionable is the show's racism or depiction of black people who supply Nancy with the marijuana. Sure the show's funny but it's full of stereotypes and it's like the characters are just walking parodies of what people see as black people rather than actual characters. Other than that it happens to be a promising series.moreless
  • marijuana glorified?!? nah...

    i have heard good stuff about this show but i was never really interested 'till today. so i buffered the pilot episode and watched. interesting. that's what i would describe it in one word. with the stories i heard, i thought it was just about a widow trying to make a living by selling weeds. well, its true, the plot revolves around her but the story goes beyond marijuana. with this first episode, i can see why the show is still running even after four years. there are different and countless sides and stories to explore. and i do hope that the succeeding episodes would be good. don't let the title fool you. the story is beyond weeds...moreless
  • At per usual we get to meet the majority of the main characters during the pilot episode and of course this is one of them, albeit, from the initial openings, you know that this has a comical approach to subject of everything.moreless

    The series gets to view a recently widowed mother of two, trying to cope to the best that the situation will allow, which she is bearly doing, so she improvises and starts selling a little bit of weed to the close friends of her and her deceased husband, but only to those people that she personally knows, that does a little from time to time.

    The series also shows you the behind the scenes of a closed community, such as Agrestic, where we find that there is more to this little community than the neatly kept and manicured gardens.

    There are good and sound arguements that are raised in the opening episode regarding the use of weed, but we also see the strong principles of Nancy, as even though she supplies weed to a high school kid, she tells him strongly that there is to be no selling of the stuff to kids!!!! So what was he ?? LOL

    The initial episode was great in humour, like the nanny-cam teddy bear that Nancy's best friend brings over, in order to prove that her son and her own daughter are sleeping together. But Nancy claims that the pair will not be doing anything under her roof ever, and they don't, they use the spare room and move the bed under the skylight, hence it wasn't under the roof !!! This was classic, especially when the girlfriend takes the nanny-cam and places it in the room where she knows that her father and his tennis coach instructor / lover will be making out, all in order to get back at her mother. Classic.moreless
Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin

Josh Wilson

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Clayton Rohner

Clayton Rohner

Coach Dad

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John Kelly

John Kelly

Hiram Wells

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Andy Milder

Andy Milder

Dean Hodes

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Tressa DiFiglia

Tressa DiFiglia


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The orange hat Shane wears is the same hat prop used for the actor in the 'Bear Hunter' show.

    • The overheard satellite picture shown in the title sequence is of Calabasas, California

    • During "Little Boxes", when the show cars passing by a sign that says Agrestic, it is actually a sign that says Stevenson Ranch and then on the computer they put in Agrestic.

    • When Josh is talking to Nancy by the minivan and calls her a hypocrite, her kids come up as Josh leaves yet they didn't seem to overhear that their mom is selling pot.

    • The planned community that Nancy Botwin lives in is called "Agrestic", which means "Pertaining to fields or the country; rural; rustic." Agrestic is a Greek word which is derived from the word agrestis, whose root is ager, meaning "field." It is also an anagram for "cigarets."

    • Mike Massa and Christopher Noxon, who are the Stunt Coordinator and Music Consultant for the episode, respectively, play two of the bear hunters in the TV show clip from "Bear Hunt".

  • QUOTES (19)

  • NOTES (9)

    • Originally, Kevin Nealon (Doug) was only supposed to be a one time appearance and Justin Chatwin (Josh) was to be a recurring character/antagonist for Nancy. But when Justin became unavailable due to filming 'War of the Worlds' and Kevin tested well, the show was adjusted accordingly.

    • In the opening credits of this episode there is no credit for Jenji Kohan as creator of the series. From the next episode on, you can see the credit created by Jenji Kohan under the "Weeds" logo.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: April 4, 2007 on ProSieben

    • Jenji Kohan won the 2006 WGA Award (TV) for "Episodic Comedy" for this episode.

    • The weed used in the episode was an expensive pseudomarijuana. In later episodes they used glued together oregano and stems.

    • Josh mentions The Passion of the Christ in this episode and 3 episodes later the title is a parody of the film.

    • Crew for this episode with a missing name or unavailable credit:
      Supervising Producer: Mark A. Burley
      Associate Producer: Lisa I. Vinnecour
      Music: Joey Santiago
      Second Assistant Director: Dave Darmour
      Construction Designer: Richard McConnell
      Location Manager: Paul Boydston
      Transportation Coordinator: Malcolm Mazer
      Script Supervisor: Pam Leonte
      Production Accountant: Ladonna Conrad
      Assistant Editor: Ian Silverstein
      Visual Effets Supervisor: William Powloski
      Music Supervisor: Amine Ramer
      Music Editor: Wolfgang Amadeus
      Music Consultant: Christopher Noxon
      Final Colorist: George Manno

      Credited but not exactly right:
      Key Make-Up Artist: Lizbeth Williamson
      Key Hairstylist: Joy Zapata
      Special Effects Coordinator: Wayne Rose
      Sound Supervisors: David Beadle
      Sound Supervisors: John Kincade

      Should be added at the episode level:
      Executive Producer: Jenji Kohan
      Supervising Producer: Mark A. Burley
      Associate Producer: Lisa I. Vinnecour

    • Music Featured in Episode:
      "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds (Theme Song/Opening Credits)
      "Tuk Tuk" by The Black Seeds (During the soccer game)
      "David" by Nellie McKay (When Doug is getting high)
      "Singing In My Soul" by Fly My Pretties (Quinn and Nancy on the roof)
      "Don't Stop The Music" by Kava Kava (Boy Toy Party)
      "With Arms Outstretched" by Rilo Kiley (Nancy's Breakdown/Celia's Discovery)
      "A Doodlin Song" by Peggy Lee (Closing Credits)

    • Canadian Original Air Date - October 12th, 2005

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • Nancy: I believe my brother-in-law's exact words were, "Dude, meet the finest jit with the finest s***.

      Jit: "Short for jitterburg. Prison slang meaning one who is figuratively always in motion, or dancing around. A scammer. An operator. Jit." By Kevin Nealon from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Eyeballing Weed: "Well basically it's a way of assessing the weight of marijuana of any given quality, just by looking at it without a scale. That's all. You gotta be good if you want to eyeball." By Tonye Patano from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

      Heylia: I can eyeball an ounce from outer space with my glasses cracked.
      Conrad: You never question Heylia's eyeballin'. That's the Rainman of weed right there.

    • Conrad: You never question Heylia's eyeballing. That's the Rain Man of weed right there.

      Rain Man is a 1998 film with Dustin Hoffman who plays Raymond Babbitt, an autistic who has an astonishing memory for the phone book, baseball statistics, and the ability to count cards.

    • Jit: "Short for jitterburg. Prison slang meaning one who is figuratively always in motion, or dancing around. A scammer. An operator. Jit." By Kevin Nealon from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the Sho.com website.
                                                                    ~as in~
      Nancy: I believe my brother-in-law's exact words were, "Dude, meet the finest jit with the finest ."

    • Shane: The shot where near his optimum kill zone!

      Optimum Kill Zone: "When hunting, it's like the part of the body of this prey that you're hunting, that, when it's shot with a rifle, this will most likely kill the animal. And it also ignites certain hormonal feelings in young males." By Justin Kirk from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Quinn: This is a woman who put one of those stuffed teddy bear nanny cams in the pantry so she could see when Isabelle was sneaking food.

      Teddy Bear Nanny Cam: "They are covert surveillance devices consisting of semi-medium sized stuffed toy bears in pink, I think, and green and they contain hidden video cameras." By Justin Kirk from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • Audience Mother: I think she got a little botie between the eyes.

      'Botie' is a slang term for botox. Botulin toxin or botox is increasingly being used for cosmetic purposes like controlling wrinkles, usually between the eyes and in the forehead area.
      Botie Between The Eyes: "Mmm hmm. That's injecting Botox. Yeah, it's a substance, a toxin, a poison. You put it between your eyes. So your eyes don't move. No expression." By Tonye Patano from the "Weeds Dictionary" on the show's official website.

    • The end of the opening credits features the title of the show with a shadow of a growing weed on the sidewalk. The shadow is that of a marijuana leaf. This is obviously a play on the term "weed", a popular slang term for marijuana.

    • Josh: I just sold him shake.

      Shake is cheap, low-quality marijuana.

    • Josh: It's a straight up snuff film.

      A snuff film is a film that claims to show actual homicides for the purpose of profitable entertainment. The actual existence of such film is more of an urban legend than proven fact.

    • Nancy: People got stoned for The Passion of the Christ?

      The Passion of the Christ is a 2004 Mel Gibson film about the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ. The film's dialogue was in Latin, Hebrew, and Aramaic. It was considered to be a very graphic and gory film.

    • Josh: They've been playing Winged Migration at the Plex for the midnight show all week.

      Winged Migration is a 2001 film about the migratory patterns of birds. It's was originally released in France under the title Le Peuple Migrateur with narration and them the narration was redone in English when it was released in the United States. The film was shown mostly at film festivals and can also be found under the title The Travelling Birds.

    • Somebody's been watching a lot of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer lately....

      After talking about the TV show Silas and Quinn have this exchange:
      Silas: Think of the time this would save us on foreplay. You just whisper "shoot me in the optimum kill zone" and I'd be good to go.
      Quinn: I could whisper linoleum and you'd be good to go.

      In another episode of Buffy, Xander and Cordelia are trying to sneak into a military base in order to steal a bazooka. When confronted by a guard Xander pretends to be a soldier and convinces the guard that he just needs a few minutes in the storage room to have sex with Cordelia. He implies that he's going into the strage room because looking at guns makes women want to have sex. After they get past the guard and into the storage room they have this conversation:
      Cordelia: So, does looking at guns really make girls wanna have sex? That's scary.
      Xander: Yeah, I guess.
      Cordelia: Well, does looking at guns make you wanna have sex?
      Xander: I'm seventeen. Looking at linoleum makes me wanna have sex.

    • Somebody's been watching a lot of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer lately....

      After Shane licks his blood and Deven makes fun of them they have this conversation.
      Deven: Don't even talk to me weirdo.
      Shane: Why? I was just trying to help.
      Deven: I don't need you're help lipstick.
      Shane: Lipstick?
      Deven: Your fruit punch lipstick. Fruit punch! It's perfect. Fruit for the fruit. Or are you just pretending it's blood? Because we all know how much you love the taste of blood. Is that it? Vampire!
      Shane: Ok, I'm confused. Am I weirdo, lipstick, fruit punch, or vampire? You really need to pick an insulting nickname and stick to it.
      Deven: How bout orphan boy?

      In "Prophecy Girl," Buffy faces off against The Master. The Master was a really really old vampire who with an otherwise completely pale body, for lack of sun, had a red discoloration about his mouth, probably from sucking blood for a thousand years or more. Right before Buffy slays him she says:
      Buffy: You have fruit punch mouth.