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  • DL has found his Footing

    Good Guests, Great Talk. DL is doing a real good job establishing himself in a highly competive field.This has the makings of a Classic Talk Show. On a personal note they should focus less on the celebrities and more on the Funny. One of my Favorite Episodes was Paul Scheer and Loni Love Give those 2 a sitcom! DL Comedy Central is luck to have you. Give this show a chance!
  • Take a pinch of some Politically Incorrect add D.L. Hughley and blend.

    Weekends at the D.L. is a mix of Hughleys comedy, guest interviews and group discussions on various topics. It all pretty much flows from Hughley himself who makes for an appealing host. The show will work better in the long run though, when D.L., who is a very funny guy, gets a better sense of when to throw in the one liner and when to let his guests be the star. Sometimes you get the feeling that he is in so much of a rush to get one-liners out that they don't get nearly as much out of the topics as they should. Also, it might not hurt to figure out what they want to focus on, entertainment topics and pop culture or politics. The former seems like a better fit, and I'm not sure mixing everything up in to a grab bag is that good of a fit. There is some promise, but there is also some things that should be done to tighten up the show and make the best use of the guests they have on.
  • Its a new take on the talk show format.

    From the minute the show begins you can tell it's not your usual talk show, D.L. walks out with a giant cigar in his hand and you think wow. It's definitely a fun and more laid back talk show. He drinks and smokes while interviewing guest its actually cool. I mean it’s great he doesn’t "interview" exactly he just talks with the celebs which is different. I just a fun laid back show. The skits are usually funny and his monologues are just about as funny as every one else. It is a great way to spend a half an hour of your weekend nights.
  • Each show begins with a funky rock and roll, tripping in the twilight zone theme. DL's monologues are short and always funny! The great guests engage in unrehearsed conversations about current events while smoking cigars and drinking wine. It's a fun show

    This is a funny show that brings the weekend in with a laugh! It is for sophisticated adults who don't have their head up their bums!
    The conversations flow and it has the feel of a fresher and hipper "Politically Incorrect". This show is not a Bill Maher copycat, it is pure D.L. It has his touch all over it and it's pretty cool! D.L. keeps things flowing as host and knows when to let his guests shine! This feels like Johnny Carson and Playboy After Dark combined! Check it out....you'll either get it or you won't.

    P.S. The house band is great!

    Marvin Ray
    Dallas, Tx
  • A pretty good show. Except for the format.

    D.L. is a great talent. When he is himself, he is one of the best. But in this show, they have him doing too many things out of his element. He is not Dave Chappelle or David Letterman. Cut out the skits. D.L. should not do a monologue. He should just go out there and be a comedian not a corny host. People watch late night talk shows for the guests. People Chappelle for the skits. People watch Bill Maher for commentary and New Rules. And people watch the Daily Show for news that is not taken too seriously. In standup, he says how he feels and looks comfortable doing it. On this show he is forcing things. Interview guests. He has great chemistry with people from all different walks of life. Do not become part of the problem of television. Be D.L. and the show will be original enough to survive the status quo.
  • Weekends at the DL takes an otherwise hilarious comedian and places him outside his enviornment and into the politcal realm. Picture all the partisan bashing of The Daily Show, minus the wit and forethought.

    D.L. Hughley is a talented comedian, but I must admit this show's first three episodes were rather tedious to sit through. I get the impression the jump to a more political venue is a bit out of D.L. Hughley's range. I liken this to Dennis Miller's undertaking as an analyst on Monday Night Football. Both are examples of very talented comedians that seem like fish out of water when adjusting their material to fit the subject matter of their respective shows.

    This show was Comedy Central's opportunity to pick up the weekend slack left by The Daily Show. And while it does a good job of carrying over the same disdain for the administration that Daily Show fans have come to know and love, it's classification is pretty accurate as unoriginal in my opinion. Insert the same insults, jokes, and wild accusations typical of entertainers involved in partisan politics and package it around a new set and host. That pretty much sums up Weekends at the DL thus far. I think it is important to note that only three episodes have aired at this point though, so I will be the first to admit that more episodes will provide a more adequate guage of the program's overall worth.

    My overall rating for this program is 3 at this point. D.L. Hughley is a hilarious comedian and I love this show's casual feel, but all the partisan attacks mixed in the conversation made me feel like I was at protest rally. (And far be it from me to suggest that some viewers tune into Comedy Central for the comedy.) I'm disappointed at what I've seen so far because I was really looking forward to tuning in to this program for great laughs. Unfortunately, unless you're anti-administration you won't be able to get much enjoyment out of the dialogue. This program will definitely get rave reviews from some viewers, but I think this program is so negative and polarizing from a political standpoint that I predict it will actually suffer in ratings as a result. In closing, if you're into politcal humor without all the facts getting in the way of the punch lines, then this could be the show for you.
  • When Jon Stewart takes the weekend off to plan his invasion of Canada, D.L. Hughley steps in as a temporary replacement. How does he fare?

    Well, to be frank, it's an enjoyable show. D.L. has a warm personality that you fall in love with. It's an enjoyable set and the guests are interesting. It's always interesting when you pick 3 random celebrities, place them with someone with a nice host like D.L., and have them talk about stuff.

    However, the show is not without flaws. For one, D.L. has a hideous laugh. In the first episode, when he interviewed Chris Rock, he could no stop LAUGHING and it got on your nerves a little. And another thing: when they try to pull of a scripted comedy scene, it falls flat. There's nothing scripted in the Daily Show, and there should be nothing scripted in the D.L. And, one last thing: 30 minutes seems a little too short.

    Think about it: D.L. has to give an opening monologue about today's news, interview a guy, and then interview three guys. It just doesn't fit in 30 minutes! 45 would be much more fitting, or, dare I say it: 60.

    However, it is a very enjoyable program and a joy to watch. I was skeptical at the Weekend Daily Show, but now I see that it works, but still needs a little fine-tuning. Worth a gander.
  • When its the weekdays you watch the Daily show with Jon Stewart. When its on the weekends you watch Weekends at the DL. With hilarious guests and good music it fills in for the Daily show but still not as good.

    When its the weekdays you watch the Daily show with Jon Stewart. When its on the weekends you watch Weekends at the DL. With hilarious guests and good music it fills in for the Daily show but still not as good. Side Note:Weekends at the DL is shown Fri, sat, and sunday aka the 3 day weekend.