Weekends at the D.L.

Comedy Central (ended 2005)


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  • Take a pinch of some Politically Incorrect add D.L. Hughley and blend.

    Weekends at the D.L. is a mix of Hughleys comedy, guest interviews and group discussions on various topics. It all pretty much flows from Hughley himself who makes for an appealing host. The show will work better in the long run though, when D.L., who is a very funny guy, gets a better sense of when to throw in the one liner and when to let his guests be the star. Sometimes you get the feeling that he is in so much of a rush to get one-liners out that they don't get nearly as much out of the topics as they should. Also, it might not hurt to figure out what they want to focus on, entertainment topics and pop culture or politics. The former seems like a better fit, and I'm not sure mixing everything up in to a grab bag is that good of a fit. There is some promise, but there is also some things that should be done to tighten up the show and make the best use of the guests they have on.