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Weird or What?

Tuesday 8:00 PM on Premiered Apr 21, 2010 In Season


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Mind Control War
    • Personality Transplant
    • Human Popsicle
      Human Popsicle
      Episode 5
      Are the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights the ghost of Native Americans? A 13 month-old child in Edmonton, freezes in sub zero weather. She is pronounced dead but is miraculously revived 2 hours later. Is she living proof of human hibernation? Unexplainably ice has been forming into perfect circles, some so big they can be seen from space. What can be causing this event? In New Hampshire mysterious ruins are discovered, with ties to ancient pagan rituals. The site predates known European settlements in the New World. Did Pagans somehow find their way to the New World?moreless
    • Dolphin Saviours, Grim Reapers, Hysterical Strength
      Stories explored in this episode are a surfer saved from a shark, animals who seem to be able predict death at senior care homes and the possibility of time travel.
    • Grim Reapers
    • Cocaine Mummies
      Cocaine Mummies
      Episode 3
      Stories explored in this episode include archeologists discovering an unusual element in ancient mummies, a coded book found in Rome that has never been decoded and a Mexican tribe that can run hundreds of miles in a single day.
    • Ghost Ship
      Ghost Ship
      Episode 2
      This episode explores the reports of strange lights in a night sky over a Texas town, a mysterious sound from ocean depths and the unexplained fate of a missing California fishing trawler.
    • Strange Survival
      Strange Survival
      Episode 1
      Mystery of how a man in New York City survived a 400 foot fall. In Death Valley rocks are moving across the desert unaided. Severed feet are washing ashore in Vancouver; is this the work of Robert Picton or a new serial killer? All over the world there are reports of large ice balls falling from the sky, creating severe damage on impact.moreless
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