Weird Science

Season 3 Episode 8

Bikini Camp Slasher

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 1995 on USA
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Bikini Camp Slasher
After watching a movie entitled Bikini Camp Slasher, Lisa thinks it would be lots of fun if they all were zapped into the movie to experience it for themselves. After they enter the movie, they are chased around by Mittface, a murderer with a sickle. The only thing that they have to protect them is all of the rules that Gary knows about teen horror movies. Not only can they get killed by Mittface, but they are also in danger of getting taped over.moreless

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  • Hands down, my favorite episode.

    Inside a seemingly peaceful summer camp's cabin, a guy and a girl are making out. All seems to be going well, until a noise is heard outside. This is all a mere prelude to the arrival of a maniac killer named Mittface (cue the piercing scream). This would certainly be quite terrifying in real life, but this is just a scene from "Bikini Camp Slasher VIII". Wyatt, Gary and Lisa are spending their night watching this slasher flick, at least until Gary starts talking about the slasher movie rules and how he could beat a character like Mittface. He gets his chance thanks to Lisa, thus getting the trio mixed up in some slasher movie mayhem. (Uh-oh.) Back at the Donnelly house, meanwhile, Chett tries to score with Sharon (via claiming to be a high ranking soldier named Billy that is about to go off to fight in the war with Canada) and this inadvertently adds to the trio's troubles near the end. (Again, uh-oh.)

    "Bikini Camp Slasher" is another solid, funny episode from "Weird Science." I taped this episode way back around the time it first aired, and it still makes for a great viewing after all of these years. And, yes, this really is my favorite episode. I don't believe I saw that many (if any) horror/slasher-type movies back in the day, but the episode still seemed enjoyable back then. However, I have seen a number of those movies (some that even get directly referenced during the episode) in the years since and that only adds to the fun. Some of those movies have been good (the first "Halloween" and some of the sequels, "The Evil Dead", "Evil Dead II"), while others have been bad ("Halloween 5"). For the record, "Halloween" is my favorite of the genre; with "The Evil Dead" probably a close second. But enough of my going somewhat off topic (at least, in this paragraph). This episode (to varying degrees) gleefully takes on the various, notable clichés seen in a number of horror/slasher movies, among which are:

    1) Teenagers act (at best) naively.

    2) Girls always wear high heels that end up breaking while running (which Lisa finds out for herself).

    3) Cops die fairly quickly.

    4) A healthy sex drive brings the killer calling.

    5) Spooky music is always a tip-off.

    6) The killer is never dead when you think he/she is.


    - The aforementioned use of clichés. These all pretty much worked very well. My favorite is when Wyatt and Gary are forced to act, um, responsibly around Brittany and Tiffany, while Mittface lurks around outside the cabin. (Wyatt: "You mean to tell me that we're trapped in a cabin with two beautiful, scantily-clad, totally willing girls, and we can't close the deal?")

    - I also liked the references to other horror/slasher flicks. Besides the obvious nods to the "Friday the 13th" series (How could you not see it?), there are nods to "Halloween", "Poltergeist", "Evil Dead II", "Silent Night, Deadly Night", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Night of the Living Dead". I think my favorite was the first "Evil Dead II" reference, which comes when Wyatt gets a chainsaw out of the closet. It was (as he put it) "groovy."

    - After entering the movie, we see the trio on the Donnelly TV for a bit. During this, Gary walks right into the screen (aka the fourth wall). I also liked the transition effect that was used, as we pass through the TV screen to go from the Donnelly living room right into the movie. The static/taped over effects later on are neat, too.

    - Wyatt and Gary's terrified reaction upon finding one of the dead movie characters, screaming and hugging before regaining some composure. Wyatt remains a bit shaken up ("Lisa, he's dead... really dead!"), while Gary and Lisa think (at least initially) that this could be a fun experience. (Wyatt: "This is your idea of fun; being stalked by a homicidal, kill crazy maniac?")

    - The acknowledgment that the two different cabins in "Bikini Camp Slasher VIII" look alike. (Gary: "It's a low budget movie. They just keep reusing the same cabin.") I assume that TPTB behind the show didn't wanna go to the expense of building another cabin set. The joke might've been a bit self-referential.

    - I thought Brittany and Tiffany were pretty funny. They were obvious take-offs on the token sexy girls often found in horror/slasher movies. I think they worked well overall. I really thought it was funny when they rejected Wyatt and Gary when Rod and other guys from the movie showed up at the cabin. (Wyatt: "Oh man, dumped by a fictional character.") I also liked Lisa berating Brittany and Tiffany, and then teaching them about female pride. Unfortunately for Wyatt and Gary, this leads to the two girls completely rejecting them and leaving the cabin.

    - Rod's lame come-on ("Well, you know, a babe like you-- a stud like me; I was thinkin' we could do a little... parallel parking."), which gets derided by Lisa. ("I'm sorry, but you could only hear a line like that in a bad movie.") Unsurprisingly and hilariously, Chett uses the same come-on to Sharon.

    - Lisa messing with Rod and the other guys, and feigning ignorance over what they obviously want (which leads to attempts to find the correct wording).

    - Chett's plan to impress Sharon into having sex with him is laughingly filled with holes. Even more hilarious is how the whole thing completely backfires on him. Believing his lies, Sharon ends up falling for Chett and can't bring herself to take things further since she's certain that she'll never see him again. Chett gets left hanging, but it gets even worse. It turns out that she really wouldn't have had a problem being with the kind of person that Chett actually is. The resulting expression on Chett's face is priceless.

    - The trio's plan to draw Mittface out of hiding so that they can end the movie and avoid being taped over by the static. Said plan involves two engaging in a make-out session, while the remaining person waits to get the drop on Mittface with a pickax. Seems to make sense, though it's not properly explained right away.

    Gary: "I know. We'll have sex."

    Lisa: "Don't you ever give up? No means no."

    Funny stuff. Anyway, though Lisa is perfectly willing to use the pickax herself, Wyatt and Gary think a boy/girl pairing would work better. Lisa then picks Wyatt to make-out with, leaving an increasingly disgruntled Gary on pickax detail. Needless to say, this plan doesn't exactly work out as expected.

    - Gary's impassioned "There's nothing left!" after Mittface is finally vanquished (via the static), only to then have the movie's end credits begin rolling. Naturally, they don't roll fast enough and the trio get engulfed by the static.

    - The ending with Wyatt, Gary and Lisa winding up in a whole different movie on cable (something about dinosaurs in a park). I wonder if Mittface and other characters from "Bikini Camp Slasher VIII" wound up in this movie, by the way.


    - What happened to the chainsaw? It's used by Wyatt to fend off Mittface, but it practically disappears afterwards. Was it damaged in the clash with Mittface? Did they just opt to put it back in the closet where Wyatt got it from and not bother with it? You'd think Wyatt, Gary and company would keep it on hand to help defend themselves.

    - Maybe it's me, but the static seemed to take longer to get anywhere near the trio than it should've.

    - It's mentioned near the end of the episode that Lisa can't use her magic while in the movie. I don't so much mind that in general, as it helps prevent a quick fix when danger arises. My problem is that this little tidbit of information comes almost at the end of the episode. Maybe it was obvious to others, but the whole thing seemed like something specifically worth mentioning early on (like after the first bout of danger). To be fair, Lisa says almost immediately that they're stuck in the move until it's over, but that just doesn't seem the same as saying she's powerless.


    And so our story ends with the trio stuck in another movie and Chett most likely kicking himself. "Bikini Camp Slasher" really is a solid outing. The main story offers the best material, but I thought the sub-plot with Chett and Sharon was pretty good, too. This episode really is my numero uno favorite. It also makes for an ideal viewing around Halloween time with other Halloween-type fare (like "Duckman"'s "Duckman and Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers'"). All right, that was a bit forced, but still...

    Speaking of Halloween, I do know that I'm posting this on the release date of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake. I had wanted to get this review up before the end of August, but I don't think I realized until earlier today that it was working out this way. I probably would've gotten this review posted a lot sooner if I hadn't been so lazy (it was mostly done for weeks). Oh well.moreless
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