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Weird Science

Season 3 Episode 14

Fly Boy

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 22, 1995 on USA
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Episode Summary

Fly Boy
Lisa zaps Gary up a pair of flying shoes. When Gary is spotted as a UFO, two FBI agents, agent Scolder and agent Molly, arrive to investigate the spottings. They find a real case with Lisa, a magical genie.

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      • Agent Molly: The Java Man coffeehouse, originally opened in 1968 as Dr. Rainbow's Cosmic Muffin Hut, closed down by local authorities shortly afterwards.
        Agent Scolder: How come? Controversial brownie recipe?
        Agent Molly: No, a series of health code violations.
        Agent Scolder: Molly, I was making a joke.
        Agent Molly: Oh. We should have a signal for that.

      • Chett: How many guys have you, you know, taken out?
        Agent Scolder: Only one, but we went Dutch.

      • Agent Scolder: In 1959, three Soviet Georgian yak herders inexplicably burst into flame. In 1962, a glowing cloud of wood mites destroyed all the nylon in a northwestern fishing village. In 1974, a man the size of a walnut was captured and interrogated by South American freedom fighters.
        Agent Molly: What does this have to do with the UFO sightings?
        Agent Scolder: Damn, I had it a second ago. I hate it when that happens.

      • Chett: My head... electricity... my skull's flattening! My eyes rolling off the top of my head! Whoa, where'd Wyatt snag a set of curves like her? What's she doing now? My head, it's expanding like a balloon! No, wait, it's getting smaller, no bigger than a can of spackle! In the sky, what's that? Flying man! Can... Spam... Clam... Yam... I am what I am! I am a yam!

      • Gary: Nobody's poking around my brain. I want to talk to a lawyer! I want to talk to my Congressman! I want to talk to Connie Chung!

      • Agent Molly: Any luck?
        Agent Scolder: Not much. He just keeps repeating "A glowing swizzle stick tried to gut me."
        Agent Molly: It doesn't make any sense.
        Agent Scolder: Why does everything have to make sense? Can science explain why aliens abducted my Jack Russell terrier? Can science explain the mutant worm boy of Tacoma? The Scandinavian leech beavers? The vampires who crashed my Bar Mitzvah? A swizzle stick from the sky makes all the sense in the world, Molly.

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