Weird Science - Season 1

USA (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Sex Ed
    Episode 13
    Gary and Wyatt don't like the Sex Ed class that Farber High provides. No one will tell them about sex straight-out. As usual, Lisa tries to help solve the problem, by zapping something. This time she makes herself the teacher of Farber High's new and improved Sex Ed course. Gary ends up not enjoying this class as much as he thought. His lab project? Well, he needs to do an in class demonstration with his new lab partner.moreless
  • Killer Party
    Episode 12
    Gary wants to throw the party of all parties. So he does. Trouble is, he throws it in Wyatt's house while his parents are gone. Unexpectedly, Wyatt's parents return home. Trying to fix the situation, Lisa zaps Wayne and Marcia Donnelly's brains into the brains of sixteen year old party-goers, as well as zapping Emily and Al Wallace's brains. From then on, all heck breaks loose. Wyatt's mom hits on Gary due to his great set of buns and Gary's dad shows off his stomach. Later, Chett holds everyone hostage with a gun.moreless
  • Fatal Lisa
    Episode 11
    Gary, being the horn-dog that he is, wishes for Lisa to get the hots for him. The plan doesn't work out as Gary had hoped when Lisa instead falls in love with Wyatt. Lisa has turned into a monster- an obsessed, freaky monster. She's psycho for Wyatt and won't let anyone get in her way of winning him over.moreless
  • Mr. President
    Episode 10
    After wishing to be the president of the chess club, Lisa accidentally makes Wyatt the President of the United States. Wyatt ends up almost getting impeached and his rec room gets trashed by tobacco protestors.
  • Keeps on Tickin'
    Episode 9
    The boys both have a problem. Straight-laced Wyatt Donnelly does *not* like taking risks. Risk-taker Gary Wallace is afraid that he'll never get to, um...., with a girl. Lisa tries to help solve their problems by creating a magical watch for each guy. The watch that is given to Gary predicts that he'll have his dream come true in three days, while Wyatt's watch predicts that he'll live to be ninety-seven. However, 2 days after this, the boys realize that they have their watches switched. Wyatt only has a few minutes to live and Gary won't get to achieve his "goal" for over eighty more years.moreless
  • One Size Fits All
    Episode 8
    Wyatt's got a crush on a girl that spends almost all her time doing athletics and other physical fitness activities. The problem? She's never going to notice Wyatt. So, Lisa conjures up a muscle suit for Wyatt to wear to give him the body of a buff stud. After borrowing the suit, Gary puts in the dryer, which is a major don't. The suit shrinks and Wyatt's left once again without muscles.moreless
  • Party High, USA
    Episode 7
    Gary, unable to do as well as Wyatt in school, wishes that school could be a little more geared toward him. Lisa makes his wish a reality by creating new classes like: The History of the Bikini, the Literature of Supermarket Tabloids, How to Eat a Pizza, and Substitute Teacher Torture. Even with these easy classes, Gary still doesn't do as well as he hoped. - Wyatt's even worse off and isn't looking forward to a major in pizza-tology.moreless
  • Airball Kings
    Episode 6
    Gary and Wyatt want a spot on the basketball team. Unfortunately, neither of them has any ounce of athletic ability. Lisa decides to grant their wish by making Coach Armstrong believe they are the stars of the team. Unfortunately for Gary and Wyatt, they suck. The boys' awful playing leads to a downward spiral. Farber High can't win a game- making the other team members angry, as they realize that the guys don't have any game.moreless
  • 4/9/94
    Angry at Gary and Wyatt's sexism, Lisa transforms them both into girls. Gary enjoys it because of the free stuff that guys buy him and the fact that he can look at himself in the mirror. The downside? The guys get pinched and stared at everywhere that they go. In fact, Chett gets into a fight with a football player to determine who gets to see Gary naked.moreless
  • Magnifico Dad
    Episode 4
    As usual, Lisa's wish doesn't work exactly as it was supposed to. Gary's wish makes his father, Al, switch places with stud Magnifico, making Gary realize that having a studly dad isn't as great as it sounds.
  • Cyrano DeBrainiac
    Episode 3
    After not being able to get a date, Gary needs some help. Lisa conjures up the brain of Albert Einstein. Lisa ends up falling in love with the brain in the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket.
  • Universal Remote
    Episode 2
    Gary wishes that he could have a magical remote to skip the boring parts of his life. After Lisa grants his wish, Gary gets stuck in a loop of time and gets smacked in the face by a door over and over again.
  • She's Alive
    Episode 1
    Similar to the movie, best friends Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly use Wyatt's computer to create their perfect woman. Lisa is the woman/genie that they created- brought to life by a freak lightning storm. Lisa uses her magical powers to get the boys dates.