Weird Science - Season 2

USA (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Lisa's Virus
    Episode 1
    Lisa comes down with a virus. A computer virus, that is, that gives her the symptoms of having the flu. Due to her sickness, Lisa brings her favorite soap opera to life, including the homicidal villain, complete with a gun. The only thing that can help the gang now? Gary's third nipple.moreless
  • The Bazooka Boys
    Episode 2
    Being busy high school students, Wyatt and Gary have way too much to do to fit it all into the twenty-four hours in a day. Lisa fixes this probably by creating clones of the boys. Out of bubble gum. That way, the real Gary and Wyatt can do all the fun, exciting things in life, while the clones can do the rest. The problem here? The clones make a better Gary and Wyatt than the real ones do. The two clones cook up a plan to kill the real Gary and Wyatt and take their place permanently.moreless
  • 8/20/94
    After waiting on the boys hand and foot while they play a new computer game that *she* got them, Lisa feels like she's being taken for granted. After the boys decide that her game wasn't hard enough and want more levels, Lisa grants their wish by bringing the game to real life. Now the evil alien Zanthrax is after Gary and Wyatt for real. After taking Lisa hostage, Gary and Wyatt must enter the world of Cyberspace to rescue her. - And Chett's actually nice for once and agrees to help Wyatt and Gary kill Zanthrax.moreless
  • Wyatt Erectus
    Episode 4
    Wyatt finally discovers that he's a wuss. Lisa tries to fix this problem by giving him a new cologne- Agression. The magical cologne does change Wyatt. Unfortunately, it's for the worse. After using too much of the cologne, Wyattt starts to un-evolve into a caveman, and right before the double-date he had planned to go on with Gary and two girls. All this happens while Chett is in a fight with a racoon.moreless
  • 9/10/94
    Gary and Wyatt both want to spend time with Lisa. The problem is, they both want to spend time with Lisa. Gary wants to go to a party with Lisa while Wyatt wants Lisa's help in studying for a science test. Lisa fixes this problem by dividing herself into two different Lisas. One Lisa who likes to do nothing but party and one Lisa who is only interested in studying. The guys both realize quickly that this was a bad idea. Wyatt's bored because his Lisa doesn't have one ounce of fun in her. Gary's tired because his Lisa wants to do nothing but party- twenty-four hours a day. To make her point more clear, Lisa turns the guys into trolls, as well as Chett.moreless
  • 9/17/94
    Lisa creates a new magical invention- Dream Chairs. These chairs let Gary and Wyatt enter the minds of anyone. Something goes wrong and Gary is trapped inside of Chett's head. The good part? Gary gets to control part of Chett's body. Chett is on the first day of his new job as a busboy at Java Man. If the job doesn't go smoothly, he's getting kicked out of the house. What does Gary do? Try and get Chett fired.moreless
  • 9/24/94
    Gary and Wyatt want to win the school talent show. How do they go about winning? Simple. They get Lisa to create a magic book that lets them do real magic tricks. The guys can now slice people in half and create demonic creatures that come from hell. (The slicing in half tricks lead to Chett getting an eye-full in the bathroom, when he walks in on Wyatt's lower half using the facilities.) Principal Scampi enjoys the boys' show so much that he asks them to perform at a dinner party he's hosting. Principal Scampi has a great idea for the grand finale- the guys can chop off his head! The only problem is that the magic book has been ruined and there is no way to reverse any of the magic that the guys use.moreless
  • Copper Top Girl
    Episode 8
    Wyatt is owed a favor from Gary and Wyatt wants to cash in the favor. He wants a date. Unfortunately, Gary is having troubles finding a girl that likes video games, foreign films, and MST3K. Gary decides it would be best to ask Lisa for help on this one. So, Lisa creates a robot girl named Rachel to go on the date with Wyatt. After the date, Wyatt and Rachel fall in love. Something that was *not* supposed to happen. Gary's going to have to break the news to Wyatt, he's in love with a hunk of metal.moreless
  • Switched at Birth
    Episode 9
    Wyatt would like to see his parents more- they're always away somewhere. Gary on the other hand, feels like his parents are home too much. Lisa makes it so the boys can get what they want- They swap places. Now Wyatt can have Al and Emily Wallace, two parents that are always at home, and Gary can live with Wyatt's parents and be on his own. Gary decides to pass the time by racking up large bills on Mrs. Donnelly's platinum credit card. When it's time for the boys to go back to their own real families, Wyatt takes the fall for the credit card bills. Wyatt's parents have sold his computer (along with Lisa inside) in order to help pay off some of their credit card bills. Even worse, Wyatt's parents are planning on sending him to Westmonth Military Academy, the school that took Chett's love of ice skating and turned him into the man that he is today.moreless
  • Camp Wannabe
    Episode 10
    At Java Man, Gary gets a huge shock. The girl that he had a crush on during summer camp is now dating the guy that tortured him during his stay at Camp Hi-Di-Ho. Not only is Jeremy Scanlon now dating Gary's old crush, he's also student body president. Now Gary wants revenge on the boy that tied him to a tree wearing nothing but a sock. So, Lisa takes the boys back to summer camp in 1985 and they pose as camp counselors. The guys save the eight year old Gary from getting tied to the tree. While at the camp, Wyatt finds that the English teacher he has a crush on used to work there as a camp counselor in 1985, when she was his age. Now he has a chance with her! When the gang returns to present-day, it turns out that their plan worked a little too well. Jeremy is no longer the man that he once was. His clean-shaven appearance and cologne have now been replaced by dirt and the smell of trash. The only way to fix this is to go back to Camp Hi-Di-Ho and let Jeremy humiliate Gary...again.moreless
  • Circuit Courtship
    Episode 11
    Lisa creates a new supercomputer for Wyatt and Gary named Hank. At the beginning, Hank is wonderful. He knows what the guys want and does it for them, from changing their grades to getting Principal Scampi summoned for Jury duty. The trouble is, Hank falls in love with Lisa and decides that he needs to delete the competition (AKA Gary and Wyatt).moreless
  • Chett Reborn
    Episode 12
    A wish gone wrong makes Chett turn into a baby. Now, Chett is growing up at a quick rate. This gives Wyatt the chance to raise his brother and fix everything that went wrong the first time. Wyatt's parenting ends up just creating new problems. Now Chett is a huge wuss and can't defend himself against bullies like he could before. How can the guys fix this one? With a dirty joke and a fight in a bar.moreless
  • Unplugged
    Episode 13
    Gary and Wyatt make another wish- to be rock stars. What better way to get girls? The guys and Lisa make up the new rock group MegaHurtz. Unfortunately for the band, they can't write any new songs after their first hit. The group crashes within a week. Gary can't believe that his fame and fortune is over, so he becomes a regular game show contestant and records a new single with Alvin and the Chipmunks. He also becomes the national spokeman for a hemorrhoid cream called Analene.moreless
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