Weird Science

Season 1 Episode 2

Universal Remote

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 1994 on USA
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Gary wishes that he could have a magical remote to skip the boring parts of his life. After Lisa grants his wish, Gary gets stuck in a loop of time and gets smacked in the face by a door over and over again.

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  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I do love this show, and this just happens to be in my Top 10 of episodes for Weird Science. I know that probably sounds incredibly weird to a lot of you, but it is my favorite show, so it does mean something to me! In this episode, Lisa gives Gary and Wyatt the power to control time. But like every gift that seems perfect, both of the guys run into trouble. Now, I might hear people say, 'Why the heck didn't they go through time and pick the winning lottery numbers?!' Well, this is why it is a TV show, people!moreless
  • Gary & Wyatt have Lisa Zap up a remote control to fast forward past dull moments in life.

    Gary is bored with School and classes. He and Wyatt have Lisa zap up a remote control that can speed up time, reverse it, or stop it. First they zap past Chett\'s story, then they fast forward history class. Then they insult Chett and pause him. They then cover him with all kinds of food and leave the room. Then Gary uses the remote on alot of girls to pass up the talking. He finally get a girl to kiss him. He continues to fast forward the talking parts with her. Then at school she is mad because he forgot her birthday and she throws the remote and he is caught in a loop. He keeps playing out the same scene with her. Wyatt realizes it and catches the remote finally but makes Gary chase down the girl and apologize. It works and he learns his lesson.moreless
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    • Wyatt: Gary, it's illegal to go around freeze-framing women and taking off their clothes!

    • Gary: Life without the boring parts. I could get comfy with this!

    • Gary: Can I hold it? I need to feel its cool, dark metal on my skin.
      Wyatt: Remember what we used to say. This thing affects all the time, so use it sparingly. Only in extreme situations!
      Gary: Gotcha.
      (Gary presses the fast forward button to accelerate through History class)

    • Chet: (To Gary and Wyatt) Oh, good! You ladies are home! It's story time with big brother Chet!

    • Lisa: What can I do for you boys?
      Wyatt: Nothing!
      Gary: Great things! Here's the deal: we're tired of waiting through the lame parts of life just to get to the exciting stuff.

    • Wyatt: What's the point of complaining? It's not like we can do anything about it?
      Gary: True, there's nothing we can do about it. However…
      Wyatt: No! Gary, we don't understand her powers! She's way beyond our control. She's capable of anything!
      Gary: You're right. She, you know, could actually improve our lives?!

    • Wyatt: So what are you saying, you're bored with history?
      Gary: History, school, life, it's all so dull, Don't you wish we could just skip over all these boring parts and get to the fun?
      Wyatt: I don't know, I kinda like school.

    • Teacher: (In a boring monotone voice.) Europe, nineteen forty-four. The Second World War was now in its fourth year and the stage was set for one of the most exciting dramas...
      Gary: I can't take it, Wyatt. If something new doesn't happen now, I'm gonna open my skull up with a hacksaw and start playing with my brains.
      Wyatt: I'm sensing you're a bit perturbed.
      Gary: I'm going out of my mind! I know how the war ends. Let's just drop the bomb already and move on!

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