Weirdsister College

ITV (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • The Gate of Power
      The Gate of Power
      Episode 13
      An old friend of Shaky's Guy De Malfeasance has been trapped in the wall of Weirdsister for 500 years. He has been nurturing a hatred for Shaky who he feels betrayed him to his fate. He tries, with Hobbs help, to force a way through the gates of power to a world of Negative magic. Is Hobbs truly evil? Is this the end of Weirdsister and the world as we know it?moreless
    • The Whisperer
      The Whisperer
      Episode 12
      With the help of Hobbs Starfinder has created the Accumulator - A machine which captures and stores negative magical energy inside special eggs. Hobbs has another cunning plan and with Ethels help they secretly create 12 eggs to continue the research of Misgone Magic. As the power from the eggs surges forth a ghostly specre of a man emerges from the wall and sucks away Hobbs's will. Is this the end for Nick Hobbs?moreless
    • Shaky Foundations
      Shaky Foundations
      Episode 11
      Shaky looses touch with reality in this episode. He explains to Milly that he is close to finding a way to travel back in time. Together they find the solution and travel back to the 15th century to find themselves amongst the guests at Shakys engagement party. Milly tries to stop the young Shaky from taking an Elixir of life - which has been keeping him going for the last 537 years. Will she succeed in changing History and what will happen to the Professor if she does? Also what does Hobbs picks up ?moreless
    • Good Friends
      Good Friends
      Episode 10
      As part of an ancient ritual all first year students have to donate a much loved item and Milly is forced to donate Tabby, the one thing that appears to be holding her together. Enid, an old friend from Cackles, arrives (she looks different !) and reveals she has been kicked out of her college. She pleads with Milly to go with her and travel the world. Milly, faced with separation from Tabby and desperately unhappy warms to the idea. Will Milly leave Weirdsister and her troubles behind for good?moreless
    • Golden Cauldron
      Golden Cauldron
      Episode 9
      The students celebrate the founders day of the College. The witches take on the wizards at the Agony games. Who will win ? Hobbs is back to his old tricks. And he and Ethel clash. Is this the end of their friendship ?
    • The Seventh Sense
      Mildred is distraught when a spell used to freeze her cat causes him to fall ill. Ben also finds out Milly's true identity and finds it all a bit to much after a near death experience.
    • Dr. Foster, I presume?
      The students are informed of the Fosters Effect. This rule, discovered by Doctor Foster, prevents magic being used for selfish or trivial reasons. Mayhem ensues as the 'missing' Doctor Foster contacts the college after having gotten caught in a spot of bother.
    • Dreamcatcher
      Episode 6
      Hobbes experiments with his new dream catching invention and makes Milly wake up with a crush on him. And here I thought Cas Crowfeather was French Canadian. (She tells Tim and Azmat this in episode 1)It seems she's now an 'American Indian'. Who'd have thought it!
    • All That Jazz
      All That Jazz
      Episode 5
      Millie receives special powers because of Ethel and causes chaos when she decides to attend a jazz concert at Misery's.
    • The End of Miserys
      Money worries abound and all the students are in trouble as the college tries to fund a new time-traveling project.
    • The Gargoyle
      The Gargoyle
      Episode 3
      Hobbes makes a stone Gargoyle change into a little man in a rubber Gargoyle suit. Ethel dresses well though. The Gargoyle will do what you tell it not to do. Leading to a scene where Ethel and Millie do sort of an 'Abbot and Costello' 'Who's on First?' routine... Or something....moreless
    • Never on Friday
      Never on Friday
      Episode 2
      Millie looks ....different. A new teacher arrives at Weirdsisters, American Dr. Andy Starfinder. A machine that stores up all the 'Dr.FosterEffect' (see episode 7)created by the school during the week goes haywire. I'm still not exactly sure what the plot was about in this one.
    • The All-Seeing Eye
      Mildred Hubble is now at Weirdsister College. To her dismay she finds her new roommate is none other then Ethel Hallow. She meets a cad named Hobbes but finds a new friend in Cas Crowfeather. Millie sheds some excess hair. No uniforms and boys.
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