Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 12

A Little Fright Music

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1978 on ABC



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    • Beau: You know why Woodman wouldn't go over to Freddie's apartment, you know, to sign the contracts? He chickened out.
      Juan: Yeah, he was afraid to go into Freddie's neighborhood.
      Freddie: So am I. I only go there to sleep.
      Julie: Well, why don't you just meet at Woodman's apartment? That's real safe. He's got a guard dog.
      Gabe: Yeah, Woodman looks really cute in his choke chain.

    • Freddie: I just want to do something for the school.
      Woodman: Try graduating.

    • Woodman: I didn't write 'Oh Buchanan, My Buchanan, Fair Buchanan, Oh Buchanan, My Fair' to be recorded by Gladys Knight and the Bee Gees!
      Gabe: He's getting better. It used to be Gladys Knight and the Sons of the Pioneers.

    • Freddie: The only thing musical about Mr. Woodman is that he's the same size as Paul Williams!

    • Woodman: There will be people singing that song fifty years after you're dead.
      Gabe: I hope so, Mr. Woodman. I hope they sing it at my funeral. I hope they sing it anywhere where I don't have to listen to it!

    • Woodman: What would parents' night be without the Buchanan school song? (everyone groans)
      Gabe: Enjoyable!

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