Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 1 Episode 13

Arrividerci, Arnold

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1975 on ABC

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  • A lesson on labelling others hidden inside - Arnold may have been more Forrest Gumpp than tough guy

    Not everyone in a class like this really belongs there. Some kids don't want to learn, some don't know how to learn...and some, like Arnold, may not be that good at it but may be the best of them all at certain things. This last fits Horshack to a T, it seems - never the kind to really instigate fights and such, Horshack seems more learning disabled than class tough guy.
    And yet, this is where he's wound up - and he likes his friends, he's comfortable here. One gets the sense that he just takes life a little more carefree than most, like a 1970s Forrest Gumpp. And, int he end, he realizes he's where he belongs.
    That may well be the reason some kids wind up witht he wrong crowd - they haven't been made to feel welcome because there's only smart kids and not so smart ones. And, sometimes, the not-so-smart aren't there because they don't want to learn. They're just a little handicapped, like Horshack, like Gumpp. But, they still need that most important ingredient - that of love.
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