Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 15

Barbarino's Baby

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Vinnie just gets into work in time. When assignments are handed out, Vinnie gets mop duty, aka 'tile hygiene.' When Vinnie asks for a different job, Nurse Bonney tells him that he gets confused changing the mop water. Later, he walks in on Woodman learning disco dancing. He asks Woodman to try and put in a good word for him with Nurse Bonney, but he refuses. The other Sweathogs are at the door and when Vinnie tells them, they decide to help him. Julie warns them not to do anything foolish. She goes down herself to talk to Nurse Bonney, but as she does, the boys come in claiming Vinnie helped Arnold recover the use of his arm after a bad accident. None of this impresses Nurse Bonney and she leavs. Julie tells them to use their heads, not their hearts. Then the nurse tells him to take a pregnant woman to their room. They all get in the elevator, but it gets stuck. Arnold gets scared, Juan can't think, and the woman starts having contractions. Vinnie rings the emergency alarm, but the woman, Mrs. Fishbein, says the baby is coming now. Freddie says they can't have the baby there because there is no hot water. Arnold panics again, and Vinnie calls on the emergency phone but gets a wrong number. He manages to call Nurse Bonney, and when he tells her the baby is coming, she says he may have to deliver the baby. Mr. Fishbein says that an elevator is not the worst place to deliver a baby. He says that their fourth child was born on the 50-yard line at Shea Stadium, so he's called Broadway Joe. He also has a brother called Muhammad born at ringside at the Ali-Frazier fight. 'Juan asks, 'What are you gonna name this kid, Otis?' Mrs. Fishbein says her husband usually takes off during birth. Juan says that he will not get out of it, but when she moans loudly, he faints. Vinnie says she has to take deep breaths to feel better, so everyone does. Vinnie asks the doctor on the phone if he has to take care of the 'religious stuff' if its a boy. He asks to talk to Mrs. Fishbein, so the boys move her gurney over. He asks her about the contractions, but Nurse Bonney breaks in to ask for her social security number. She gets another contraction, but Vinnie hangs up the phone. It rings and Arnold answers it, 'Maternity elevator.' Nurse Bonney asks what's going on, but when she hears a baby crying, she knows Vinnie has delivered it. The boys bring Mr. Fishbein out and the other orderlies take Mrs. Fishbein and baby away. Vinnie offers to help, but she tells him to go away. He gets upset, thinking this would get him out of 'tile hygiene' duty. Arnold tells him Mr. Fishbein is okay. Juan says the baby looks like a little Woodman. Freddie tells him the doctor says he could not have done a better job than Vinnie did. Vinnie says he feels ignored. Mr. Fishbein is happy; not about the baby, but that the Jets won. He wants to name the baby after Vinnie, so, because he used to play right field, he names the baby Reggie. Vinnie is upset that the baby is named after a candy bar. Freddie says the thing that matters will be how Nurse Bonney treats him. She runs Freddie and Beau out, then tells Vinnie he will be in the emergency room. He kisses her and she says if he did that before, she would have put him there sooner. Later, the boys wait to see the baby. Arnold talks about the miracle of birth, but the other boys razz him about how he panicked. Vinnie says the baby is cleaned up and they can go see him. They get in the elevator, but another pregnant woman gets on. All of them get off except Arnold, who leads her in breathing exercises.