Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 14

Bride and Gloom

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Vinnie is making out with his girlfriend Sally when Juan interrupts. He calls in a big favor from childhood and asks Vinnie to marry his cousin Angelina, who needs to get a husband so she can stay in the country. Vinnie gets Sally to leave and brings Angelina up, but she seems more interested in his television. At school, Juan shows Vinnie the ring he wants him to give Angelina, but Vinnie insists he doesn't tell the other Sweathogs. Juan lets it slip, however and Vinnie winds up in Woodman's office where he and Julie argue over whether Vinnie is ready for marriage. Later, Angelina eats up most of Vinnie's food while Juan makes the final arrangements for the wedding. Vinnie doesn't want to get dressed up and doesn't want a reception. Angelina gets upset at no guacamole; eventually they decide on nine hot dishes and a marimba player. The other Sweathogs come over for a bachelor party and Vinnie hides Juan and Angelina in the kitchen. Freddie manages to go in and gets very dazed at Vinnie's bride. Juan then explains everything but Angelina says she wished Vinnie looked more like Freddie Fender. On the wedding night, everyone is over, even Sally, who says she thinks what Vinnie is doing is noble. The marimba player is late, and Angelina wants to wait for him but the priest says he as another wedding to do. Eventually the marimba player shows up and the ceremony starts. Arnold starts crying, which makes Beau and Freddie cry too. The marimba player starts playing 'Hava Nagila' which makes Juan dance, then he plays the 'Wedding March.' Angelina then says she doesn't want to marry Vinnie because she is in love with the marimba player because he looks like Freddie Fender. Boom Boom puts it best: 'You been dumped!' Vinnie gives the marimba player a hug. Later, Vinnie, Julie and Woodman have coffee. Woodman says he knows how Vinnie feels; at 19 he was in love with 22-year-old lady aviator. They were to be married in mid-air but she ran off with a farm hand. He says they found her goggles, leather jacket and white scarf scattered in a cornfield. He finishes by saying, 'I'll never go near Iowa again.

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