Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 17

Come Back, Little Arnold

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Arnold is nervous about a date with Mary Johnson for an upcoming party, so he asks his friends for advice, but they just make fun of him. Carvelli notices and offers him a bottle of whiskey to help with his courage. In school the next day, however, they all talk about how Arnold was acting different. In Mrs. Tremaine's class, he arrives late, then yells at her for asking for a tarty excuse. When he tries to read his poetry assignment, he reads a smutty limerick. When she tells him to sit down, he refuses, and when the other Sweathogs try to get him to comply, he says they are making fun of him. Mary tries to tell him they aren't but he tells her he will be taking her to the prom on Saturday and leaves. As he gets out of the class, he takes a swig from a bottle. The next day, Juan asks him for the advance tickets for the prom he had promised him and Beau but he says they are sold out. Beau says that now they have to pay full price at the door. Beau asks how he could forget as it was two days before. Arnold accuses him of lying, and Juan says anyone would remember promises to friends. Arnold infers that they aren't friends and Juan and Beau leave. Arnold goes to his locker, just around the corner, to get another drink but leaves the door to the school store open and money on the counter. Freddie comes up and sees this and when Arnold comes back, tells him he can't do that. Arnold gets mad and throws the money box on the floor. Freddie goes to pick it up and Arnold yells at him and goes back to his locker. Mrs. Tremaine comes up and tries to talk to Arnold but he says to leave him alone. He leaves and she finds the bottle in his locker. She tries to talk to Woodman about it, but doesn't mention the name of who she is concerned about it and he thinks she is talking about herself. She then goes to the Sweathogs, Carvelli and Murray and tell them about Arnold's drinking problem. She shows them the bottle and Carvelli tells them about his selling a bottle to him since, and he hasn't paid for the one he bought. Mrs. Tremaine asks them to help him, but he sneaks in and finds out about the meeting, telling them that he doesn't want their help and yells at her for going into his locker. They try to get the bottle from him but he takes it and leaves. She follows him and tells him if he brings another bottle into school he will be tossed out. He yells at her to stay out of his life and leaves. Woodman comes down and sees the bottle that she took from Arnold and thinks its hers. At the prom, the boys tell Mrs. Tremaine they will try to help. Arnold arrives with Mary after them and they get him away from her and try to get him to stop drinking. He pulls out a bottle, and they try to get it away from her, but he resists and a fight starts. Juan gets the bottle and Arnold goes to punch him, but instead punches Mary in the face, knocking her out. He takes her in his arms and she wakes up, saying she doesn't go that far on the second date. On the bench, Arnold apologizes and says he was only drinking to impress her. She says the real him is what she is impressed with. He says, 'Who needs liquor? I got love.' Then he kisses her. Everyone watches and Freddie starts crying. Beau notices and asks him what's wrong; he says he has something in his eye and grabs a kerchief on Juan's belt.

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