Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 17

Come Back, Little Arnold

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1979 on ABC



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    • Woodman: What's a booty?
      Mrs. Tremaine: Why do you ask?
      Woodman: I want to make sure I'm shaking the right thing.
      Mrs. Tremaine: Don't worry about it, Mr. Woodman. If you shake it, you'll know it!

    • Mrs. Tremaine: With Arnold, it's a personality change.
      Juan: Are you accusing Arnold Horshack of having a personality?

    • Beau: That ain't Ovaltine. This is Louisiana stumpblower.
      Carvelli: I beg to differ with you, Beau. This is the finest Kentucky whiskey you can buy for $1.37.
      Murray: Yeah, he says 'high-class rot-gut.'

    • Mrs. Tremaine: Arnold's got a drinking problem.
      Beau: You mean he has trouble swallowing?

    • Mrs. Tremaine: You wouldn't happen to have a tardy excuse on you, would you?
      Arnold: You want a tardy excuse? I'll give you a tardy excuse. I'm tardy! Excuse me!

    • Arnold: This is the worst thing ever happened to me.
      Beau: Don't tell me! You wore out a foot in your Doctor Dentons.
      Arnold: Will you come on? This is serious!
      Freddie: Oh, you wore out both foots.

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