Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 4

Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1978 on ABC



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    • (yelling out the window)
      : Hey, attention all you foxy chicks in Brooklyn!
      Juan: The boys are now centrally located!
      Arnold: And we're open 24 hours for your partying convenience!
      Beau: No reasonable offer refused!

    • (Vinnie brings down the ironing board as a dining table)
      : Must be great for pressed duck. (the boys groan)
      Freddie: You know, you been livin' with Mr. Kotter too long.

    • (the Sweathogs see Vinnie's apartment for the first time)
      : Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie, I'm at a loss for words... but crummy's close.
      Freddie: You know something, Vinnie man, this place you got here, it ain't so hard to look at... if you close one eye and don't look out the other.
      Arnold: Ooohhh... You know, with a fresh coat of paint this place could pass for a fleabag.

    • Vinnie: Boy, a gift for me, I can't believe it.
      Julie: Yeah, it's really for housewarming.
      Vinnie: Oh, thank you, but I already got a radiator.

    • Sally: (entering Vinnie's apartment) Boy, this is really, um, it's gonna be nice when you get moved in.
      Vinnie: I am moved in.

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  • Allusions

    • The episode title is a play on Mae West's famous quip that begins, "Why don't you come on up and see me sometime..."