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Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 1 Episode 22

Father Vinnie

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1976 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Vinnie's grandmother's dying wish is for him to become a priest, and he takes the request seriously, until the strain of being holy becomes too much for him.

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  • You can't make yourself holy (which means separate from sin), only having Christ in you can really change you on the inside

    Barbarino shows very well how some people try to change, and may do so for a little while. But, one can only be holy - separate from sin - with Christ guiding them. This isn't a reflection against Catholics, as there are clearly some that have trust Christ as personal savior. But, it does say a lot about how some people try to make themselves better on the outside despite the fact they havne't allowed God to truly move them ont he inside.moreless

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    • Vinnie: You know, Mr. Kotter, prayer is good for you.
      Gabe: Oh, I know that, Vinnie, I know. I prayed all morning, the whole time I was on the subway comin' to work. I prayed that we'd get to my stop before the two guys who were kickin' the conductor noticed me.

    • Freddie: (to Vinnie) You got as much chance being a priest as I do gettin' the lead in the school production of Snow White.
      Juan: Yeah, and Freddie was the best one who read for the part. But, me and Horshack, see, we're still up for dwarfs.
      Arnold: Yeah. Guess who's gonna play (looks at Juan) Dopey!
      Gabe: If I was casting, I'd have a rough time choosing.

    • Kotter: Mr. Woodman, do you ever think about death?
      Mr. Woodman: Sure, every time I walk into your classroom.

    • (talking about Vinnie)
      Woodman: Of course, I'm sorry to hear about his grandmother. (squints eyes) Are you sure she's dead?
      Kotter: What kind of question is that? Of course, she's dead.
      Woodman: I'm sorry, Kotter. I had to ask. I haven't forgotten last semester. Epstein's grandmother died three times! I still remember the note that he turned in. "Violets are blue, roses are red, I'm sorry to announce my grandmother's dead."

    • Vinnie: The reason I'm here is to talk to about yesterday's quiz you flunked me in. I forgive you.
      Gabe: Don't forgive me, Vinnie, okay? Just study.
      Vinnie: Mr. Kotter, the Lord is my shepherd. Do sheep study?

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