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ABC (ended 1979)

Identfying an episode,

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    Can anyone ID this epsiode based on this one great scene that is forever etched in my mnd although I can't remember much of anything else from the time span, after all it was the 1970s :>) I want to get the correct DVD from Netflix with this eps

    Mr Kotter advises the class that they all must do a term paper and he then goes around the classroom asking the Sweat Hogs what will be the subject matter of their term paper, when it comes down to Freddie Boom Boom Washington Kotter says, okay okay I know, lemme guess, you're doing a term paper about playing the bass.

    An in advance heartfelt thank you and much respect to anyone who can ID this episode, you are a true Kotter-o'phile

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    i dont know the name of the episode, but if you type in welcome back kotter wikipedia, it lists every episode and the name and date of every episode. if that helps

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