Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 11

Frog Day Afternoon

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1978 on ABC

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  • Horshack had to have formed some values along the way - here we see how he handles real life

    This is a great example of how Horshack, a guy who just wants to get along with everyone, it seems, has to make a choice. A tough choice for him. The teacher understands, and is willing to give in toa point, tries to explain the frog won't suffer (which it makes sense coudl be a worry),a nd everything. But, Horshack stands his ground. It's tough to see little Arnold grow up, because in the back of our minds, we want to protect people like that, we want himt o not have to face such decisions. But, he does it with the moral resolve that makes him so lovable.